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Petnet SmartFeeder - Automatic Pet Feeding with your iPhone Review
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  • Portion sizes are between 1/16 to1+1/2 cups, capacity of hopper is 5-7 lbs, and the machine works best with round kibble
  • Helps you manage everything from portion sizes, feeding times, ingredients, and even delivery
  • This device requires iPhone iOS 8 or above
  • Android currently not supported
  • Connects with 2.4 Ghz WiFi
  • Package includes: Charging cable, user guide, and the SmartFeeder itself
  • App features include: Portion management, food delivery notifications, and feedings scheduled by remote
  • Not recommended for large dogs (over 50 lbs)
  • SmartFeeder has a food capacity of 5-7 lbs, food hopper and stainless steel bowl are machine washable, and the backup battery is rechargeable as well

Concerns for pet owners when it comes to feeding include determining the portion size, feeding them when away, and supplying food with right ingredients and nutrients.  The Petnet SmartFeeder is a smart product which claims to provide solutions to these and similar problems when it comes to pet’s feeding.  Based on our research, we are here to provide a thorough analysis of the Petnet Smartfeeder, in order to give you a clear image of it before purchasing it.

Short Description Of The Petnet SmartFeeder

Petnet SmartFeeder Review

With this smart device, you will be able to feed your pet even when you are not home through an app on your iPhone running iOS 8, or iPad.  This device doesn’t support Android, so this can be seen as a drawback of the product, since except for an iOS device, you can’t manage it on a bigger screen as it doesn’t work on PC and laptop.  Still, as most people use their phones these days, a lot of people aren’t going to consider this a very big hurdle.

You can remotely choose portions of food, program feeding schedule, select feeding times, and the speed at which the meal will be dispensed.  The portions and feeding schedule are completely customizable, so you can choose any portion size from 0.5 Oz (1/16 cup) up to 12 oz (1  ½ cups) at a time, as well as the time and number meals.

Or, you can choose to set it up automatically, and to never have to worry about the time or portion sizes again, except for occasional check in to make sure the device is doing its job.

The Petnet SmartFeeder software accurately calculates the right portion size for your pet, and recommends the best food for your pet according to its weight, age, breed, and physical activity. As we said, this is a smart device and it is programmed to understand the needs of pets.

Moreover, this smart device can control the food inventory in the hopper and send alerts to let you know when your food is running low.  In such cases, you can order the recommended food from Petnet through the app, and they will deliver it to your doorstep.  To those who had no idea that devices like this were out there, the Petnet will seem like it was sent from the future.


Petnet SmartFeeder Review

The Petnet SmartFeeder comes in very well protected tall box with foam and some have said its a bit of a pain to get it out of the box, but this does add to its over protection during shipping. It’s quite large as it can hold food for up to 2 weeks.

However, its modern and stylish design makes it fit perfectly in any home, without being too bulky or taking up too much space.  It comes in 5 pieces: the bowl, lid, hopper, steel dish, and main unit, along with 8 inch USB chew-proof cable (now there’s a good idea!), and a user’s manual.

The pieces are simple to assemble, so you won’t have any problem with that. The whole device weighs 7 lbs. The lid is very heavy duty and not easily removable as it has 2 little latches on the top so that only you could open the lid, and your pet will not be able to get at its contents (unless they grow opposable thumbs).

Setting Up the Device And The Petnet App

Setting up the Petnet SmartFeeder is quick and simple if you follow the instructions. First, you need to turn on the power by pressing the button on the back of the bowl, and you should see green light flashing on the front. Then download and install the PetNet app, and sign up for an account.

Follow the 3 simple steps: scanning the barcode on the bottom of the bowl, set up your
pet’s profile (name, image, age, size, physical activity, etc) so that your app can tell you what the right amount of food your pet should be eating is.

Then, add the nutritional information for the food you give to your pet by scanning the barcode of the food package, and enter information like how full the bag is.  If the food brand you use is not in the Petnet database, it will be added later, after that bar code is added.Petnet SmartFeeder Review 5

Adjust the feeding times, and choose whether you like it to be manual or automatic.

Based on all the provided information, the app will calculate your pet’s proper daily calorie budget.  (I’m actually starting to think that I could use one of these things to control my own diet!)

The last part is to connect the bowl to your app. For this, you need to set your phone right on top of the bowl (as shown in the image) and after you see some flashing, the connection was successful.

After that, put the dish inside the bowl (the bottom part), slide them together, and the light on top should flash to indicate you have done it right. Add the top, pour the food, and your Petnet SmartFeeder is ready to do its job.

Check out the video below to see this setting up process.

How Does It Work?

Petnet SmartFeeder Review 2

With the help of sensors, the Petnet SmartFeeder detects if your pet is consuming the right portions of food and knows if the hopper is low in food. Its software makes charts of the feeding activity of your pet so you can keep track. The Petnet app recommends you the proper food for your pet according to the input data, as it has access to the large pet food database stored on the cloud.

You can set up a feeding schedule using the Petnet App, which will be dispensed automatically.  The programming of the feeding schedule is based on 1-day setup. In other words, you should set up the feeding schedule for one day, which will automatically repeat every day. Of course, you can change the feeding schedule at any time, via your smartphone.

There are some users who noted that a kibble can sometimes stick up inside the device, causing the feeder to jam. But to prevent this, you should clean the bowl at least once weekly to avoid kibble jams like this.

What You Can Do Through the Petnet App

Petnet SmartFeeder Review 61. The main function of this device, which is programming the feeding schedule. For this, you should select how many meals you pet should have daily, the feeding times, the portion size (which can be different for every meal), and the dispensing speed (useful for animals which eat all the food at once, and then vomit).

2. You can feed your pet whenever you like, even outside of the schedule, through the “One-Off Feed” on the app.

3. You can check notifications and alerts, as the Petnet App sends you notifications of the scheduled meal times, served meals, the amount of food in the inventory, as well as the battery life.

4. There’s an option on the App that shows the feeding insights, or a chart which shows if your pet has eaten  “Too Little”, “Too Much”, or “Just Right”. This is possible after you set up your pet’s profile on the app, like we explained above in the “Setting Up the Device and the Petnet App” section.

5. Through the Petnet app, you can order more pet food when you run out of food.  Petnet will make sure the food is delivered right to your door. We must admit this is rather convenient feature coming from a product with such a good price.

Battery Backup

This intelligent device works simultaneously with AC adapter and battery. The built-in battery functions as a backup when there are power outrages or accidental unplugs, and it has a duration of up to 7-8 hours.  The app will alert you when the battery gets low. You have 2 options to change the battery: either by plugging the USB cable directly into an electrical outlet, or plugging the disconnected bowl into an electrical outlet. We need to mention that you can’t use external batteries for this feeder.

Overall Thoughts

Petnet SmartFeeder Review

After analyzing Petnet SmartFeeder, we could say that besides its minor cons like not supporting Android devices and PC/laptop, or the possibility of jamming the unit if not properly and regularly cleaned, this intelligent unit does its job well, and simplifies the life of both pet owners and pets (especially those who need to lose a little weight).

It offers several features that distinguish it from the other similar products on the market, such as the ability to order food appropriate for your pet which will be delivered right to your doorstep.  We do love the look of this product too, as we’re sure if we designed a pet feeder it wouldn’t look quite as sleek as this.  That’s why they’re the experts, and we just own the pets!  – 5 STARS!

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