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Pet doors offer freedom to pets who usually stay indoors, but sometimes need to go outside to do their business, whatever that business may be.  

Sadly, many pets who could enjoy some outdoor time are prohibited from doing so because their owner may not have the time or energy to open / close the door all day for them to allow them to run around the backyard or whatnot.

Pets, whether they be cats or dogs, love to go outside to do their thing.  

Dogs, in particular, can be larger and really need to go out on a regular basis so as not to become lethargic and overweight if they stay indoors too much.  

Cats, of course, are just wilful animals who love to have things their way.  

This is why we want to talk today about pet doors, in order to give your pet the freedom to come and go as they please, with some restrictions of course.

As you may know, there are many pet doors on the market nowadays, some for sliding doors and others for panel doors. This time we’ve chosen to review the PetSafe Panel Pet Door Insert.

The reason we chose this pet door is its popularity, and mainly users’ positive feedback which caused us to give this door a closer look.

So, in this post we will analyze this product in detail to see if it truly deserves its high reputation, and if it’s worth the money.

PetSafe Panel Pet Door Insert Installation

Since this pet door is designed for exterior panel doors, it means it requires cutting.

The tools you will need for the installation process are: a jigsaw, a drill, half inch drill bit, tape measure, Philips screw driver, tape, pencil, and a level.

petsafe panel pet door review

You will have to remove the exterior door from its hinges to make correct markings and cutting, and for this you can use the included template in the package.

The PetSafe Panel Pet Door Insert is paintable and has raised & molded design to compliment any home. Paint it in the desired color before the installation, so that it fits the color of your exterior door.

The installation of this PetSafe Panel Pet Door may have you saying “That looks a bit too hard for me!”, especially if you don’t have a handy bone in your body, but before you decide that its too much effort, check out this official PetSafe installation video below for this pet door insert.


PetSafe Panel Pet Door Insert has a fixed size: 23 inches wide, and 26.25 inches high, which makes it a complementary to basic 2-8, 2-10, 3-0 doors; 2-panel, 4-panel, or 6-panel doors, or customized 22 inches x 36 inches, 1 light, 9 light, or flat doors.

The flap opening size is 10 1/8″ W x 16 3/4″ H, which means it big enough for a German shepherd, but not for a Great Dane.

Adjustable Rise

PetSafe Panel Pet Door Insert Review 6

There are two options when it comes to the rise of the pet door, the rise being the height from the floor to the bottom of the flap in the pet door.

In other words, that’s the height the animal needs to step over to enter or exit the pet door.

The taller rise is 10.5 inches, and the shorter one is 8 inches. So install the pet door by flipping it to the rise which is convenient for the size of your pet.

For instance, if you have a smaller dog or a cat, install it with the shorter rise, and if you have a larger one, install it with the higher rise.


It has twice the protection with the indoor and outdoor weather-proof design.

The two flats allow extended movement when the pet is running through the pet door, but don’t worry that they will just swing and allow entrance of bugs or some weather conditions like rain, snow, or wind.  

Thanks to a magnet-system, the flaps open when the pet pushes them with its head, but then they go back to their place and close tightly.  

Another thing that promises weather protection is the Butyl sealant that’s already there on the recessed edge at both, interior and exterior panel.  

PetSafe panel pet door insert review

Further more, the package includes a closing panel that you can put whenever you want on the inside part, by sliding the tab on the bottom of the closing panel first, and then snap sides on last.

In this way, you will prevent your pet going outside, for example at night, or when it’s raining, or to enter your home when you are cleaning or doing some other job.

To remove the closing panel, press in the center and use handles to pull sides away from the pet door.  

However, you should note that the closing panel is made of plastic, so if you are not a fan of this, this could be seen as a little flaw of the PetSafe Panel Pet Door Insert.

Another potential drawback is that except for this closing panel, you can’t latch the pet door.

Overall Thoughts

PetSafe Panel Pet Door Insert Review 4

The very fact that this product comes from a U.S. leading brand of pet behavior, containment, and lifestyle products should say a lot.

PetSafe as a brand dates back to 1991, and has held fast to helping pet owners and pets in their everyday life.

The printable design, weatherproof resistance, adjustable rise, and size that fits most panel doors, we think makes this pet door worth the money.

We would’ve easily given this product a 5 star rating, but because of the little drawbacks related to the closing panel material, and inability to latch, we give it solid 4 stars!

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