Petzi Treat Cam Review

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The number of Petzi Treat Cam users is constantly growing due to its wide range of features and small but effective enhancements.  

Users are rating this combination pet camera & treat dispenser considerably higher than other pet cameras on the market, making the Petzi here king of treat-dispenser mountain, and in this review you will soon see why.

This is a really fun product overall so it was enjoyable for us to review the Petzi Treat Cam.  

In doing so, we analyzed all of its pros and cons, as well as explaining the installation and setup process, so that you can decide if its right for you and your pet-friendly family.

What Do You Get?

petzi package boxThe Petzi Treat Cam comes nicely packed in a secure box, which includes the following: a universal mounting kit, a 6 foot AC power adapter, rubber feet, sample treats, and quick start guide.  Its not often you can call product packaging downright cute, but in this case, it is!

Now for what’s inside the package. The lengthy power adapter enables users to place the camera in a high place like a shelf, if need be.  

Or, you can mount it on the wall. You’ll have to find the right spot for this camera, because not only is it a camera but a treat dispenser. More on the treats in a bit.

The Petzi treat camera has 13.3 x 7.3 x 4.5 inches dimensions, and a friendly look that will brighten up your home.  

We absolutely love the little Petzi (short for Petzila) logo, which is located front and center on the camera itself.  

The actual camera lens is in the middle of the device, and the speaker at the bottom, together with the treat dispenser.

Once you have it in your hands, you’ll see the camera is a solid and well-made device, which most users agree upon.
Petzi Treat Cam on the wall

Quick and Simple Installation

We really like the simple installation of this camera. Plug it in and you will see a red light pulsing on the camera.  

Add some treats, download the free Petzi app and install it on your smartphone or tablet, and pair the camera with the existing Wi-Fi network.

All this is done in a matter of minutes, and in case you do have some problems with this initial process, you can contact the support team, which is highly praised for their quick and friendly help.  

Compared to other pet camera companies, its nice to see that this is a California company and made in the USA!

For more details about the installation and setup of the Petzi Treat Cam, check out the video below:

Video Quality

The Petzi Treat camera has excellent video quality with 1280 x 720 HD resolution and a wide angle lens that gives a clear field of vision. Just to compare, its video quality is better than that of PetChatz Greet and Treat Camera.

One of the features that makes the Petzi Treat Cam stand out from the crowd is the built-in night vision.  

Although this feature is common in ordinary security cameras, popular pet cameras like PetChatz, Petcube, and Pawbo don’t offer this feature.

Sound Quality

This camera offers one-way audio, unlike the Petcube camera, which means your pet can only hear you, and not the other way round.

Nevertheless, the speaker generates high-quality audio, so your pet can recognize your voice without any doubts.

Although not being able to hear your pet is a small setback of this camera, still we think it’s much more important for your cat or dog to hear your soothing voice in cases of distress, or your reprimanding tone when wanting to scold it when misbehaving.

In case the volume is low, you can change it through the Petzi app on your phone or tablet.

Treat Dispenser

Petzi Treat Cam ReviewTo access the treat dispenser of this device, press one of the ridged buttons located on the side of the camera to remove the outer white plastic cover.

You will notice a hole at the top of the camera where you should add whatever treats you like, providing their size is smaller than 1 inch.

For instance, you can add dry dog food or mini milk bones. Place the cover back on and your Petzi cam is ready to go!

Most customers are very pleased with the treat dispenser’s performance. The treats get launched away from the device, and if you place it on a higher shelf they are launched about five feet from it.

The treat dispenser makes an slight noise when it starts working, but once your pet gets used to it, it will eagerly expect a treat whenever it hears the sound.

Petzi Social Network

Petzi Social Network is another interestingpetzi app feature of this camera. It allows you to snap a picture of your pet while it is doing something cute in your home, and sharing it online with other users of this app.  

Or, you can just save the image to your tablet or phone, and share it on some other social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Free Petzi App

petzi appThe Petzi App is free and compatible for both Android and iOS devices. It functions smoothly, and provides the following controls:

  • Sound notification – use it to train your pet to approach the device whenever it hears the sound
  • Treat dispenser – give treats to your pet remotely with a touch of a button
  • Snap a photo of your pet – to share it on social platforms like Petzi Social Network, Facebook, Instagram, etc., or save it directly to your phone
  • Voice – speak to your pet and allow it to hear you by clicking on the microphone icon
  • Settings – adjust the volume of the speaker

Overall Thoughts

petzi treat cam review

Petzi Treat Cam is unquestionably one of the best pet cameras on the market, offering various features for a decent price, the most unique one being the revolutionary remote treat dispenser.

It provides clear image and sound, although it doesn’t include motion sensor and two-way audio system.

Hundreds of customers are happy with this pet camera, but we believe that their pets are the ones who are the happiest.

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