Police Super Bright Stun Gun Review

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There have been many changes happening in society. Unfortunately, some of those changes are causing people to feel unsafe. They feel a stronger need to protect themselves.

However, there are many people that are uncomfortable with the idea of carrying a weapon that could be lethal. There is another option.

Stun guns are a non-lethal weapon that can protect you from an attacker. There are many choices on the market, which can make it difficult to choose the right one.

Today we review the Police 230,000,000 Super Bright Durable Flashlight Stun Gun.

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Police Stun Gun 305 – 58 Billion Rechargeable With Tactical Led Flashlight, Black

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About the Police Brand

The Police Brand is part of policemart.com. The company sells self-defense products. The Police brand has quickly become one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

Their website explains one of the reasons for this: “Our exclusive Concealed Inner Stun Technology™ has revolutionized the stun gun industry, and we continue improving ourselves.”

Features of the Police Super Bright Durable Flashlight Stun Gun

  • On/off switch and safety cap – This simple safety feature can help protect you and your children from accidentally discharging. With the cap on the product still works as a flashlight.
  • Comes with a carrying case and wrist strap – You want your stun gun to be easy to carry so you can easily access it if needed.
  • Lightweight and durable – Manufactured out of ABS plastic
  • Rechargeable – The stun gun comes complete with a charging cord that simply plugs into a wall outlet to allow you to easily charge it when needed
  • LED Flashlight – This product is designed to look and act as a flashlight. This helps people to feel more comfortable carrying it while also allowing them to protect themselves.
  • Glass breaker end for use in emergency situation
  • Spark and noise – The Police 230,000,000 Super Bright Durable Flashlight Stun Gun is powerful enough that it causes a spark and loud noise when discharged that can scare away attackers before they are even close enough for you to use the stun gun on them.


Consumers love how bright the flashlight is. They also like that the product is the size of and operates as a flashlight. Many people like having this non-lethal weapon to carry as they walk their dogs in the evening.

They have a flashlight to use, but if needed they have a stun gun that can be used against an attacker or aggressive dog in the neighborhood.

The stun gun is powerful and durable. Users like the loud zapping sound that they get from discharging the weapon, along with the “lightning bolt like” electrical sparks.

Consumers that have had volunteers that allowed them to test the product are incredibly satisfied with the results.

One such consumer even found that when testing the stun gun on a friend with a heavy coat, he was dropped to the floor immediately.

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The interesting thing about the complaints with the Police 230,000,000 Super Bright Durable Flashlight Stun Gun is that the pros are also the cons.

However, there are far fewer complaints about this product than there are people who are very happy with it.

Also, some consumers felt like the flashlight was not strong enough. They thought the product could have been made from higher quality materials.

There are also users that received products that would not hold their charge from the beginning.Or, it worked initially and then stopped working early on.


If you are looking for a dual purpose stun gun, this is a good option. Many consumers are more comfortable carrying a product that works and looks like a flashlight.

The vast majority of people that have purchased this product are happy with the build and quality of the product. While there are some people that have received fault products, for the price, it is worth a try.

Check your product when it arrives and exchange right away if it is not properly working.

On a final note, check the laws in your city and state before purchasing or carrying a stun gun. Some states have strict laws against it, which means you will not be able to have one shipped to your location.