We Review The 5 Best Emergency Locks and Panic Bars 2019

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Business owners have many regulations and standards that they have to abide by. It can seem tiring and frivolous until you understand the reasons behind the rules.

One of those regulations involves panic bars or crash bars on business emergency exit doors.

best emergency locks and panic bar reviews

Regulations requiring businesses to have panic bar/crash bars on their emergency exits came about after severe fire incidents with high death tolls.

Two of those incidents in America in the early 1900’s claimed the lives of almost 800 people combined. Most or all of their lives could have been saved had the doors had panic bars on them.

Panic bars are exit devices that allow outward swinging doors to easily be opened by applying light pressure to the bar.

Regulations require emergency exit doors to swing outwards and have crash bars so people trying to flee a building quickly are not trapped or trampled due to trying to get the door pulled open.

Today we are providing you with a list of the 5 best emergency locks and panic bars to help you choose which ones to use in your building.

These were chosen for a combination of their affordability and quality.

We Review The 5 Best Emergency Locks and Panic Bars

1. Cal Royal Panic Bar Exit Device

Push Bar Panic Exit Device review

Cal Royal Panic Bar Exit Device is affordable and reliable. While this product is a standard crash bar with no bells and whistles it is one of the best in the industry.

The panic bar comes complete with panic bar, roller latch, dogging key, keyed exterior lever, and installation directions.

A common complaint with security devices such as panic bars, is difficulty installing the product. Consumers have found that the Cal Royal Panic Bar is easy to install.

There are few complaints about this product, which is what you want to see when purchasing a panic bar.

This panic bar holds up well under heavy use. It is a good quality and solid product. On top of that, Cal Royal has been manufacturing safety and security products for over 30 years.

Their brand is trusted in buildings such as the Pentagon, the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, and many IRS buildings.

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2. OrangeA Push Bar Panic Device

OrangeA Push Bar Panic Exit Device review

The OrangeA Push Bar Panic Device can be customized to meet the needs of the business. This panic bar is a basic  crash bar.

However, if you are looking to have an alarm or keyed entrance added to the door there are additional products you can purchase along with this panic bar to do so.

The main reason that this panic bar made our list of 5 Best Emergency Locks and Panic Bars is that it is simple and it works.

It is also one of the least expensive panic bar exit devices on the market. It is made out of stainless steel which helps it resist corrosion. If you need a basic panic bar for your building, this is a great option.

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3. Dynasty Hardware Push Bar

Dynasty Hardware Push Bar Panic Exit Device Aluminum review

The Dynasty Hardware Push Bar leaves little to be desired. The only legitimate complaint about this product is that the directions that come with the product are lacking.

However, you can view detailed installation directions here. With these instructions there will be little for you to have a chance of being unhappy with in the Dynasty Hardware Push Bar.

The product comes complete with a dogging key, but an exterior lever needs to be purchased separately. This product is a made from aluminum and incredibly durable.

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4. Tell Mfg Commercial Exit Device Panic Bar

exit device panic bar with alarm review tell mfg

If you are looking for an alarmed emergency exit panic bar, then the Tell Mfg Commercial Exit Device Panic Bar is the best fit for you.

This exit device comes complete with an alarm that can be turned off with a key. The alarm will sound for 2 minutes once triggered.

Alarmed exit devices are beneficial for multiple reasons. First, they help stop people from exiting out of the door.

The product comes with a decal that will alert people that an alarm will sound if the door is opened. Secondly, the alarm makes it aware that someone has left the building.

This is helpful  in multiple ways. One of those being if a child has left the building unattended, and secondly if there is an emergency the alarm helps to alert others that there is an emergency in the building.

Consumers are happy with this product. It is a good quality, and it is reliable. Exactly what you need in a panic bar.

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5. C.R. Laurence Cross Bar Panic Exit Device

CRL Aluminum Cross Bar Panic Exit Device - Right Hand - Reverse Bevel Rim

Rounding out the 5 best panic bars is the C.R. Laurence Cross Bar Panic Exit Device. This crash bar is customizable.

The bar arrives at 42″ and is designed to be cut down to the size needed to fit the door. This is a nice option, especially since it is larger than many of the panic bars on the market.

The cut edge is hidden in the design of the product once assembled.

When purchasing this product you need to assure that you are purchasing the product you need. The door can be left-handed or right-handed.

The panic bar holds up well under heavy use, making it a reliable product that you can trust.

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Final Thoughts

Panic bars are not optional safety products for most commercial buildings.

If you are required to have a crash bar or panic bar on your building, make sure you are getting one of the top products on the market.

The safety of those in your building is not something that you want to chance in order to save a few dollars.

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