We Review The Best Waterproof Outdoor Security Camera Systems

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For companies that manufacture outdoor security cameras, waterproofing is a must. 

And most of these companies do tout that their cameras are indeed waterproof, however, there are many different factors that establish just how good the waterproofing is. 

This can include the durability of the materials that make up the camera itself, the way the device is sealed / coated to protect it from the weather, and difference between the camera being water proof and water resistant. 

Today we review the best waterproof outdoor security camera systems on the market today.  Here is what cameras we are going too review today:

Let’s get started! We start with the Foscam FI8919W…

Foscam FI8919W

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Foscam Fi8919W Outdoor Wireless Pan/Tilt Ip Camera With Ir-Cut Off Filter For True Color Images (Not Washed Out), Auto-Iris (Auto-Brightness Adjustment), Ip66 Waterproof Enclosure, Synology & Blue Iris Compatible, Pan 355° Tilt 80°, White

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This outdoor security camera by Foscam is probably more appealing than most standard bullet cameras for most home owners, speaking from an aesthetic standpoint.

It looks like a lamp so although it draws attention, most people won’t think it’s a camera immediately. 

It has an IP66 hardened outdoor waterproof enclosure, which means it has a secure housing that can withstand any severe weather condition, like snow, wind, and rain. 

Indeed, this is why this camera was chosen – because the particular enclosure on this camera is quite effective when it comes to rain, as buyers have also stated.

The 640 x 480 pixels and IR cut filter provide a good image and video quality with true and vivid color.

You may not be blown away by the night vision, but you’ll get an adequate video quality for up to 50 feet for the price of this camera.  For example, it can easily capture faces and license plates from a distance.

The motion detection feature is praised by some people, while others think it’s not so reliable. You get e-mail notifications whenever someone or something trips the motion detection.

The pan & tilt feature is a big plus for this camera, as not all outdoor security cameras offer it.  Also, the auto-iris function which adjusts the lens based on the outdoor light, thus providing clear images.

Foscam FI8919W is a smart camera that offers remote viewing and recording.

Next on the list is Jooan security camera.

Jooan Security Camera System

Feature Pick

Jooan Hd1080N Security Camera System For Home Surveillance With 4 Hd720Pro

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Here is another camera, or system of cameras in this case, that has a particularly good waterproofing, carrying the IP66 designation, as with the previous Foscam camera. 

The JOOAN security system can withstand both heavy rain and extreme high and low temperatures of -35℃/-31℉ to 60℃/140℉, due to the special metals used in it’s construction. 

These cameras are also designed to be dust-tight, allowing no particles into the mechanism that would damage it. 

Hence, you can use this system just as easily for business purposes as you can for home use.  

In addition to its weatherproofing features, the JOOAN system features 720P HD resolution, providing a great picture quality so that you are able to see every detail of what’s going on around you. 

This is a smart camera system as well, meaning that you can control everything from your personal location, where ever you and your smart phone is, using the easy-to-use app. 

For instance, if you are in a remote location, it’s easy to check any of the cameras in this system to see what they see. 

The system is very secure, using encrypted network connectivity to give you the privacy and protection you need with a system like this.

Installation of this system is also reported by owners to be simple, which is something that can spoil an otherwise great camera system for certain users. 

Cloud storage, motion detection, email alerts, and night vision w/ IR cut filter are some of the other features of this JOOAN camera system that people enjoy.  

On to the next one…

4sdot Wireless Waterproof Security Bullet Camera

Feature Pick

Outdoor Security Camera,1/4″Cmos Wifi Camera Outdoor,720P Wireless Ip

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This outdoor professional level wireless security bullet camera has super high stability and IP66 waterproof housing. It provides high-quality image and video up to 1280 X 720 resolution.  

The IP66 designation means the camera can withstand severe weather conditions, and perform well in strong rain and wind.

This makes the 4sdot a great choice for an outdoor surveillance security camera.  Some cameras are simply water resistant, but this one is water and weather proof, like all the others. 

This is an important distinction to make, between partly weather resistant and 100% water proof.

The package includes everything you need to set it up quickly: 1 bullet security camera, 1 network cable, 1 charger,  1 user manual, and two screws. 

Other features customers love include the 6 PCS IR LED lights offer stunning night vision up to 20 feet, even in total darkness. So, you’ll have no problem recognizing faces or license plates even in dark.

The 4sdot outdoor security camera has an adjustable motion detection feature in terms of detecting and alarm sensitivity. It sends you real-time notifications on your phone, FTP server, or email.  

Moreover, it’s a plug & play camera, so you can download the free CamHi app from your Play Store and connect the 4sdot with your phone within minutes.

Overall, set up is quick and so you can get this camera going in a hurry, monitoring and protecting your house day and night, in summer and winter.  A great choice!

Next, we review The JideTech wireless security camera.

JideTech Wireless Waterproof Security Camera

Feature Pick

Hd 1080P Wireless Wifi Security Ip Camera Sd Card Slot Max Support 128G Waterproof Ip66

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This JideTech dome-style waterproof security camera has a great overall user rating, and once again we see that it comes with the IP66 designation that indicates that you can use this camera indoors or outdoors, and it is specifically designed to face whatever nature has to throw at it. 

We have seen that this camera is built like a small tank, and it can definitely take both hot and cold conditions, including very wet conditions. 

Customers have vouched for the waterproofing abilities of this camera, and hence it retains a very high rating online anywhere you look.

In addition, this camera comes with plenty of other great features that we’ve seen in the other cameras thus far, such as motion detection, night vision, email alerts. 

It comes with the free app CamHi, which we have found to be easy to use. 

The customer service has also received high praise from those who have purchased this camera.  It has a growing reputation as an excellent product.

With remote viewing from anywhere, you can monitor your home or business easily with the JideTech camera. 

The dome style is not for everyone, but for those looking for a high quality dome style camera, this one won’t let you down.

Last but not least The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is a beautiful, waterproof, high-end, easy to install outdoor camera by Nest. The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is an updated version of the Nest Cam Outdoor.

The Nest Cam IQ brings better picture quality, better durability, and a better overall design.

The camera has wide 130-degree field of view, which is more than enough for a small or medium-sized backyard. The wide degree field of view does add some fish-eye effect, but that shouldn’t distract you from the action.

The Nest Cam IQ is impressive when it comes to the night recording. As usual, the night recordings lack the sharpness of the daytime equivalents, but they are well illuminated with good contrast.

The three integrated microphones perform amazingly well when it comes to voice recording or picking up noises, such as passing cars and birdsong.

The camera also packs some cool smart features that will keep your home safe 24/7. The Nest Cam IQ constantly looks for motion and listens for any loud noises, such as a boom or the crash from a window breaking.

Once suspicious activity is picked up, the camera alerts you with a notification or a photo from the event. The camera will also save these pictures in the Nest app for up to three hour just in case you weren’t able to access the pictures immediately.

It is also worth mentioning that the installation and initial set-up of the camera is pretty much straightforward. You can do it yourself in no time.  Nest also has a video guide on installing and setting up the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor that will take you through the installation process.

Here is the video guide on installing the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor camera: