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A simple online search will provide you with list after list of reasons why a home security system is a good idea.

Whether you are looking to protect your home or your business, DIY systems are growing in popularity.

Having security cameras installed can help you save money and provide you with peace of mind.

Security cameras can help you lower your homeowners insurance, keep an eye on your children, or the people watching your children, and protect your home or business from break-ins.

While there are many companies in the DIY security market, Reolink has been working to set themselves apart from the rest.

The Start of Reolink


Reolink hit the market with their first security product back in 2007.

The reviews were good and the company quickly grew in popularity. They have expanded with five product lines into a globally recognized company. 

Their product focus is on using innovated technology to bring consumers easy to use and straightforward solutions for their home or business protection.

More than just providing products, Reolink wants to keep consumers informed.

On the Reolink Facebook page, they state their mission to “share security tips, news and other useful information with fans”.

The Reolink Community

Many companies provide security products to business and home owners, but not all companies have created a community like Reolink.

Their Facebook page works to keep consumers informed instead of just trying to sell products.

The Reolink website helps you stay connected by providing access to a product forum.

Product users are able to connect with each other and the company in this forum.

You can ask questions, get advice and stay up to date on security information.

Product Line

  • PoE IP Camera  – With options in both dome and bullet style, these cameras provide crystal clear images and easy installation.
  • WiFi IP Camera – IP Cameras that provide easy wireless installation
  • PoE NVR Kit – This kit includes IP cameras and a NVR that provides high definition recording and storage
  • Wireless NVR Kit – provides high quality HD recordings with a WiFi connection
  • Standalone PoE NVR – Compatible with all PoE cameras by Reolink. Provides reliable recording that allows you to playback later.

What People Like

Overall users are thrilled with their Reolink products. While each review is different, the same trends run throughout.

Here are some of the reasons that consumers are so happy with their Reolink purchases:

  • Easy installation – Reolink features the plug and play installation that users love. There is zero configuration required with this type of installation and for those new to security systems this is a huge benefit. The cameras can be installed and up and running in less than 10 minutes according to many reviewers.
  • Quality images – Reviewers are happy with the picture quality that they are receiving from their products. There are some comments that the night vision is not as clear, but it is also mentioned that it is in line with the others in this price range.
  • Affordable – These cameras and kits are affordable for the DIY user. Consumers are happy with the quality of the equipment for the price they are paying.
  • Great service – Reolink provides great service and quick replies to those users that have questions.

If you are looking to install a new system or update an existing security system in your home or business, Reolink deserves your consideration.

The company works to provide consumers with high quality products and knowledge to keep their homes and businesses safe.

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