Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock Review

 Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 dead bolt Review

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You are probably familiar with the name Samsung.  There is a good chance you’ve used this Koreans company’s products, although normally they aren’t associated with locks or home security, are they? 

More commonly people think of TV’s or other electronic devices when they think of that name, and maybe some elderly folk can remember the days when they sold dried Korean fish back in the 1930’s.

This is part of the reason I was skeptical to try the Ezon Digital Door Lock, model SHS-3321 Universal Deadbolt.  

Was the same company that provided us with our first black-and-white television going to be able to provide my home with security I can trust?

I was about to find out, and now that I’ve spent some time with it, I am able to provide you with a thorough Samsung door lock review that should provide some answers. 

Samsung – Makers Of A Great Digitally-Controlled Deadbolt?

Samsung Ezon Digital Door Lock SHS-3321 Universial Deadbolt (US version)-[New Model

I suppose writing Samsung off from the get-go just because I didn’t think of them specifically as a lock-making company is a little bit presumptuous. 

That said, it was at first hard to give them a chance when neither myself or anyone in my family had heard anything of Samsung being a maker of quality locks.

Well, for the purpose of this Samsung smart lock review, Your Home Security Watch was kind enough to provide me with one of these locks, for the purpose of reviewing it. 

Saved me from buying it myself, although if you look around online it isn’t hard to find.

My big dilemma was where was I going to install this lock just to try it out. 

Luckily, I have a workshop in my back yard which I am in the process of building that doesn’t yet contain valuables, but does have a standard size door I could use to try out this deadbolt without having to worry about it protecting my actual home. 

So in a way, I guess it’s not like there was anything super valuable at risk (yet), although I did have a few nice power tools in there at the time so they would be at stake with this lock guarding them.  

What I really wanted to do was just to see how easy it was to install and how easy it was to use, before installing one on my front door.

Things I Like About It

samsung ezon digital door lock shs-3320 universal deadbolt

Compared to the deadbolt I have on my front door (Schlage BE365), myself and moreso my wife like the look and feel of this lock more than that one.  

That’s saying something, because Schlage does make a nice lock.

Why do we like it better?  As you can see, the lock has a very sleek, modern look. 

My wife personally prefers this look to the Schlage Camelot, which I think is meant to look a bit more old-fashioned.

The touch-screen on this deadbolt is just nicer to use, and I find that I can punch the code in a lot faster.  Kind of like using my smart phone vs. a clunky keypad.

I had to convince my wife and kids to come around back once in a while just to try out the deadbolt, and although my teenage daughters weren’t thrilled about doing that because it meant they needed to be helpful for once (that’s teenage girls for you), they did manage to get the words out that they did enjoy using this deadbolt just a little bit better.

Also, speaking of sort of the aesthetic quality of the lock, I do appreciate the way it looks when installed on the door maybe better than the Schlage. 

Of course, this is just a cosmetic difference, but if you’re going to have this thing installed on your front door, you’re going to want to like it. 

I just think the Samsung here does a nice job of looking very modern and kind of official.  I can actually picture this lock on my dentist’s door, if that makes any sense.

Actually Keyeless For Once

Back to our front door deadbolt, the Schlage Camelot, which is itself a keyless lock, we found that this lock does have yet another advantage over that lock, which is that its keyless. 

Yes, as in actually not using any key whatsoever. The Schlage Camelot, while is it technically “keyless”, does have a keyhole. 

Maybe its just me, but I would actually prefer my keyless locks to just go 100% keyless rather than give you the option of a key.

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bump proof locks button

Speaking of keyless locks that still have keyholes, I was reading up on some things and I came across some videos on lock-bumping.  

Actually, Your Home Security Watch has a great article on bump proof locks that will explain the problem further if you don’t know about it. 

Yes, it was a little bit unnerving to learn that even some of the best locks on the market can be bumped by some thief in the night.  My wife also was not pleased to hear about this.

What it boils down to is this.  If there is a keyhole, there is the potential for lock-bumping.  No keyhole – no “bump key”, and therefore no lock bumping is possible. 

This Samsung deadbolt lock qualifies as “bump-proof”, based purely on the fact that there’s no keyhole.  So that made my wife feel better about using it, anyway.


The installation of this lock is and programming its codes and all that jazz is not something a non-handy person could tackle alone.

According to some customers, it hasn’t got such a great laid out manual, so the easiest way would be to have someone handy nearby while you do it.  

This is really only if you haven’t done it before.  If you’ve installed deadbolts before, this will be no big deal to you.

Burglar-Proof Deadbolt? 

samsung smart lock

It turns out that my lock review of the Samsung Ezon Digital Door Lock SHS-3321 Universal Deadbolt actually has a bit of a climax, if you can believe it!

I’m not sure why I did this, but I said to my daughter’s 18-year-old boyfriend that he could make 3 attempts to break down the door once the deadbolt was engaged. 

I said he could do one door kick, one shoulder-ram, and one method of his choice. 

My daughter’s boyfriend, who is not extremely huge but also not a 90-pound-weakling, was very excited to show off his strength and was dead set on impressing my daughter, who was going to upload the video of his successful “break-in” to Instagram.  

The only rule was that he couldn’t directly strike the deadbolt, since it was brand new.

I thought in this situation that I had really had things figured out.

I had installed an old but sturdy door on my workshop, so once I added this deadbolt, I wasn’t worried about the door being damaged by this person. 

Also, I just thought there was no way he was strong enough to break down the door just by kicking it or running into it, even though this kid is on the football team. 

I had examined the deadbolt thoroughly and it looked fairly strong, although I’ve seen tougher-looking deadbolts that look even more heavy duty than this one.

samsung ezon shs 3321

So what happened, you ask? 

Well, on his third attempt which involved a flying shoulder to the door, he managed to send the deadbolt through the doorframe, basically severely damaging the frame. 

The door was fine, the deadbolt was also miraculously ok even though he landed on top of it with his full weight. 

My daughter’s boyfriend ended up dislocating his shoulder, but at least he managed to impress my daughter which actually works out poorly for me since that means he extended his courtship of my daughter by at least a couple of weeks.

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Other things we like

  • Can withstand extremely cold temperatures and is weatherproof (fine to use outside)
  • It has a fire-detecting sensor
  • Can be used on residential or commercial doors due to universal backset
  • Good for inward and outward-swinging doors
  • Door relocks automatically (both good and bad)
  • Fits on standard sized doors
  • Uses RFID card
  • Comes with warranty

How Smart Is It?

Lastly, although it says its a “smart” lock, this lock isn’t a Z-Wave or wifi lock so you can’t do anything like control it remotely. 

From what I’ve read on this website, “smart” usually means you can access it with an app on your phone or by using your laptop.  Not the case with this lock.


Believe it or not, we were able to get this lock working with a different door and we’ve been using this deadbolt to guard my workshop without incident for the past six months. 

I actually find that there are many things I do like about this Samsung Ezon Digital Door Lock that I like better than our Schlage, just because they are so different both functionally and aesthetically. 

At the same time, I must admit I’m glad that my front door is being locked by a Schlage (read that lock’s review here), and I don’t think I’d make the leap to using this lock to guard my house, although my wife seems to be in favor of it now. 

Thanks for reading my Samsung Ezon review!

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