Schlage BE375 Touch Camelot Keyless Deadbolt Review

by Robert Fox

In this review of the Schlage BE375 Touch Camelot Keyless Deadbolt, I will be talking about all of the functions of this residential keyless lock and explore both the pros and cons.

This is so that you as a homeowner or someone with commercial property can then make a better informed decision as to whether or not this lock will fit your needs.

SCHLAGE BE375 CAM 619 Touch Keyless Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt Lock, Satin Nickel
SCHLAGE BE375 CAM 619 Touch Keyless Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt Lock, Satin Nickel

Main Features

This BHMA/ANSI Grade 2 Certified lock features a fingerprint-resistant touch screen with down-lighting (for use at night), and comes in a wide variety of colors, including Aged Bronze, Matte Black, Antique Brass, Bright Brass, Bright Chrome, Satin Chrome, Satin Nickel.

I think the BE375 is perfect for anyone who has an active lifestyle, or has a large family like mine, and is looking for a simpler and more effective way to manage their home's security.

If you hate rummaging around for keys, or simply want a stronger lock, this one is quite affordable compared to similar locks, and, in my opinion, probably offers the best bang for your buck.

Gatehouse Electronic Deadbolt Review
Gatehouse Electronic Deadbolt Review

ANSI Grading

Like I said, this lock is ANSI Grade 2 - meaning for home use and from what I've read, good for a shop or something along those lines too.

Grade 1, from what I understand, is meant for heavier security, so that might be a bit overkill for a normal home owner, if only because it might look a bit strange on your front door.

That said, I've seen some heavy duty locks that are ANSI Grade 1 and look appropriate for a home, and some of those are Schlage as well - no surprise there!

Here's a video to help explain ANSI lock gradings further.

The BE375

The philosophy behind this Schlage deadbolt (yes, Schlage has a philosophy behind their products), or the way Schlage puts it, is that the BE375 is meant to make life easier, by providing an easy to use, quick to install, strong, elegant deadbolt that eliminates the need for house keys forever.

Sounds good, but does it deliver?

Schlage Touch BHMA ANSI Grade 2 Certified Lock
Schlage Touch BHMA ANSI Grade 2 Certified Lock

Yes, we have to admit right here and now - I am biased to Schlage deadbolts and also to the Schlage name in general.

Why? Because, after all this time, I've had nothing but good experiences with their deadbolts.

I've had Schlage locks on my doors before (both inside and out) and they've always performed more or less flawlessly, which isn't bad considering how long I've owned a home (going on 12 years) and how many different locks I've tried over the years.

Schlage locks tend to last the longest, and the brand itself has been around forever. So yes, I will admit that I am partial to this lock, because it comes from a long line of quality Schlage products.

Bump Proof

Lock Bumping
Lock Bumping

Lock bumping has become a serious issue in recent years, as it has been discovered as a workaround for criminals who like to surf YouTube and figured out an easy way to simply override your typical keyed lock.

( Read this article to learn more about lock bumping and find out about some high quality bump-proof locks).

This problem of lock-bumping is pretty unnerving, considering that most electronic keyless deadbolts are not quite keyless - they often have keyways and if they do, and they're not specifically designed to be bump proof, that means they are probably NOT bump proof.

Anti Bumping Nightwatch Lock
Anti Bumping Nightwatch Lock

One of the big updates with the Schlage BE375 electronic keyless deadbolt from previous versions of this lock is that they've taken a look at lock bumping and decided to do away with the keyway completely, meaning this IS a bump proof lock, not to mention pick proof, and that is a big deal for those of us concerned with these kinds of problems.

Style & More

Schlage Be375 Camelot Touch Screen
Schlage Be375 Camelot Touch Screen

When it comes to style, Schlage has always been on the leading edge in terms of designing deadbolts which look both inviting and classy to guests and welcome visitors.

However, criminals and anyone else who has bad intentions can instantly see that this is a serious lock and they won't want to mess with it. It just doesn't look tough, but has the hardware to back that up.

Here's what one pro locksmith thinks of the Schlage BE375. I like this video because not only is it an honest opinion of this lock, but because it doubles as a how-to video in terms of how to use it, plus some of the advantages it has.

It's always good to see these things in action, rather than just reading about it. I personally prefer to have both written instructions and video as well at my disposal.

I am in agreement with this guy on most of the points he makes about the lock.

Problem Solved

For instance, he makes some good points about the convenience of not having the deadbolt itself being motorized, since it can cause problems if your alignment is off in any way.

Have you ever had something stopping your garage door from closing, like a bit of snow blocking the sensor? That's kind of what I mean.

With electronic locks with motorized deadbolts, you can run into those kinds of issues. This deadbolt is mechanical, and manually driven, so that problem is eliminated.

One Problem Solved, A New Problem Arises

But a new problem arises with regards to the fact that if your battery dies, there's no keyway to give you a way to have a locksmith do anything other than basically destroy the lock.

So that's a double whammy right there - break the lock, pay for the locksmith, and THEN pay for a new lock.

All because the battery dies on you. Luckily, this is not a prevalent issue with this lock, but still, if it happens, you might be out of luck.

Size Difference

Schlage Be375 Difference From Be365
Schlage Be375 Difference From Be365

With the previous model (BE365), you can see from this video still that the new Schlage BE375 is more compact both on the front and back side (the back is what's pictured, and the difference is huge).

Most people would consider this to be a pretty distinctive difference between the two models, and, personally, I agree with Wayne that smaller is better.

It just looks less bulky and if the security is the same, which it is because that extra size doesn't really do anything to increase the strength of the bolt, I'll take smaller any day.

The Schlage Look

Schlage Be365 Plymouth
Schlage Be365 Plymouth

Like similar Schlage locks that have reviewed on this site, such as the Schlage Plymouth BE365, you can see that Schlage locks definitely have their own signature look, but that each lock is slightly different, and you might want to take a close look to see what look you like best, if you're going with Schlage.

On top of that, be sure to read about the small differences as well, because they will definitely factor into your decision.

As you can see here with Schlage BE375, the touch screen on this particular deadbolt has a very elegant, modern appearance - which is perfect any modern looking home.

The numbers are nice and large, and also easy to read on this roughly 5 and a half inch tall lock.

The Schlage button, which is prominently featured on the lock itself, isn't just a cool logo, its the button you press that automatically locks your door when you're on your way out.

All you need to have is a standard size door, and you will have no problem adding this deadbolt in no time. More on that in a minute.

Schlage Touch Camelot Deadbolt Matte Black
Schlage Touch Camelot Deadbolt Matte Black
Schlage Touch Camelot Deadbolt Matte Black

Keyless Convenience

I haven't mentioned this a lot up until now, but owning this Schlage Touch Camelot Deadbolt means that you can stop worrying about where you put your keys, at least when it comes to needing keys to lock and unlock your door.

Some people still rely on keys, but in terms of modern residential door locks like this one, they are no longer necessary.

I personally don't care for keys anymore - I always used to lose them, or have to fumble around with them, but those days are over with this Schlage keyless deadbolt.

Illuminated LED Touchpad

Relaxed Morning Run With Schlage Touch
Relaxed Morning Run With Schlage Touch

With electronic keyless access to your home you will now be able to go in and out simply by punching a 4 digit code onto the illuminated numbers on the touch screen powered by LED light, and your lock will give you instant access to your home.

This is all powered by a single 9 volt battery that will last you years before it conks out.

Now you can go for a quick morning jog, go shopping, or maybe just a walk without carrying your keys in your pocket, hand, or purse.

This might seem rather redundant to say, but holding onto keys can be irritating sometimes as they jingle around, weigh you down, and you need to know where they are at all times.

If you never knew about keyless deadbolts before, a lock like this could be a pretty big deal.

Easy Installation

Though you have printed installation instructions included in the Schlage package to explain this process to you, we will briefly explain you how easy it is to install this lock when you purchase it.

Stanley 60-060 Standard Fluted Screwdriver
Stanley 60-060 Standard Fluted Screwdriver

The tools you need to install this lock are a tape measure and an everyday Philip's or Stanley screwdriver, but you mustn't in any way use an electric drill because you might damage the lock.

This Schlage touch screen deadbolt is convenient for most standard doors with the following measurements:

  • Minimum of 5 ½" distance between the center of the existing deadbolt hole and the center of any other door latch below the deadbolt
  • Crossbore diameter 2 1/8"
  • Backset diameter 2 ¾" or 2 ¾"
  • Latch bore measures 1" in diameter
  • Thickness of the door between 1 3/8" and 1 ¾"

If your door doesn't match with these dimensions, you may need to adjust things a little. Check the video below to see instructions on how to install the BE375 deadbolt, direct from Schlage!

Here's another install video just in case:

The last word on the installation process is that Schlage has done their best to make the installation something which is stress-free, because they know that the people who are buying these locks aren't necessarily carpenters or even necessarily the handy type to begin with.

This lock can be installed by the beginner in very little time. For some, its under 10 minutes. For others, it can be up to an hour, if you're really super not-handy.

Competitive Pricing And User Ratings

Schlage Touch Screen Deadbolt Review
Schlage Touch Screen Deadbolt Review
Pricing is something of course that factors in largely when it comes to buying just about any home security product, especially when there are many of the same type of product out there which are similar, but not quite the same.
Schlage Touch Screen Deadbolt Review

It can be hard to decide which one has the best value, and this is particularly true for deadbolts.

Luckily, with Schlage, they know how to be competitive with their pricing and although they may not have the lowest price of any deadbolt you'll find, their quality is unmatched and their prices are decent.

Wrapping Up

Here is a quick list of some other features I want to mention quickly.

  • Also works on screen doors - due to its slim design, its perfect for side screen doors as well as front and back thicker residential doors
  • Bump-proof lock (no keyhole to pick)
  • When the batteries are low, there is a low battery icon and an alarm which will give you plenty of advance warning on a dying battery
  • Should your battery die in some random occurrence, you are able to "jumpstart" your batteries with another 9 volt via connectors on the front plate of the lock
  • Deadbolt itself is slightly adjustable - from 2 3/8″ to 2 3/4″ depending on the depth of your deadbolt hole
  • Sturdy, attractive, convenient lock
  • Vacation mode which can disable all other user codes while you're away
Schlage Touch BHMA ANSI Grade 2 Certified Lock
Schlage Touch BHMA ANSI Grade 2 Certified Lock
I feel that the BE375 by Schlage would make an excellent addition to one's home, provided you like the style and can deal with some of the small hang-ups like the lack of key, for instance.
Schlage Touch BHMA ANSI Grade 2 Certified Lock

Aside from cosmetic differences between this lock and others like it, this lock is loaded with features, making it a convenient and secure option for anyone looking for a great deadbolt which is relatively inexpensive.

The touch screen does add a nice touch, and overall this lock is simple as can be to install and start using right away.

This isn't a "smart" lock, so although it is electronic, its not a wifi lock - its simply a well-constructed battery-powered lock. Highly recommended! 4.5 STARS

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Schlage BE375 Touch Camelot Keyless Deadbolt Review
Schlage BE375 Touch Camelot Keyless Deadbolt Review

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Schlage BE375 Touch Camelot Keyless Deadbolt Review
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Schlage BE375 Touch Camelot Keyless Deadbolt Review
Schlage BE375 Touch Camelot Keyless Deadbolt Review

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