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In this media-driven age we live in, home security is just as much a concern as its ever been – if not more so.

On one hand, we have social media like Facebook and video channels like YouTube acting like news channels, reporting crimes that we used to only hear about in the papers.  In fact, social media is now regularly used to try to track down criminals.  


Many of us might not want to read about criminal activity on our social media, but there it is.  These days, to many of us, Facebook is like our local paper, reporting the news even more efficiently than ever before because now anyone can act like a reporter.  This is good and bad.

Regardless of whether we are on social media, burglary statistics in the United States are not encouraging.  Crime is just a simple fact of life, and so we must protect our home and families as best ways that we can.  

This is where smart home security systems can be of assistance, and they are now easier than ever to install and use these systems, as prices have come down in recent years on smart home automation products, making them even more readily available to your average consumer.

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Smart Home Technology 2016

If you happen to be keeping track of the latest advances in home security, you will know that home automation, as it relates to home security, has been making great strides as of late.

Of course, this proliferation of automated devices goes beyond just home security, but, even within the greater spectrum of home automation, home security has been a focus for many companies because it is a need and not a want.

With home automation in general, many of our homes basic functions now having the potential to be automated using smart technology, from our homes’ deadbolts, to our alarms, to our cameras, to just about everything else.  Smart home automation really has become a part of the average home now, and it will continue to become more integrated over time.

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What Is A Smart Home Controller?

By smart home, we’re specifically talking about homes that have installed a smart hub, system, or home controller/monitor.  These are the devices that make the other devices work, by communicating with them via a popular protocol like WIFI or Z-Wave, to name but two ways devices can “speak” to one another.

Using these hubs/home controllers/home monitors/smart systems (it just depends what the manufacturer has labeled the device), we can control all manner of devices in our home remotely using our smart phones, our tablets, or our laptops and using a variety of apps.  It really is quite amazing, not to mention helpful and convenient.

Samsung Smartthings Home Monitoring Kit V1

Smart phones are probably the most popular way to control our home’s automated systems, because they are what we carry around with us all the time now, and it truly takes advantage of the main features of these smart hubs.


For example, we can be on vacation, and check in on our pet using our smart camera.  Some devices even allow us to talk to our pet and feed it!

Companies who are famous for their hubs include Nest Labs, Vera, SmartThings, among others. You’ve probably heard of many of these companies by now.

nest labs company infoOn this website, we review all of the best home security systems, by these companies and more.

Have a look around and get the 411! 

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