SPHTOEO Blunt Force Kubotan Review

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The need to be able to defend yourself is becoming more and more important in this world.

There are a lot of rules and steps involved with owning a handgun and being able to carry it legally. And, a lot of people aren’t comfortable with the idea of using one.

That means you need another option. When it comes to protecting yourself you can carry a stun gun or pepper spray, but another weapon that is gaining popularity for its effectiveness is the Kubotan.

As with most self-defense weapons, there are many to choose from, but a great one to consider is the SPHTOEO Blunt Force Kubotan.

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About Kubotans in General

A Kubotan is a simple metal stick that is between 5 and 6 inches long. On it’s own a Kubotan does nothing at all. The effectiveness of the weapon comes from the ability of the person that is using it.

Someone that is trained and familiar with the way to grip the Kubton, as well as the stances to use and areas to target, can effectively protect themselves when being attacked.

This is not a self-defense weapon to purchase if you are not going to take the time to learn how to use it. But, if you do invest the necessary time you might just save your life.

Here you can learn more about Kubotans and the right way to use it.

About the SPHTOEO Blunt Force Kubotan

The SPHTOEO Blunt Force Kubotan has a simple black look with a keyring on the end. It is 5.5 inches long. The product is made of aluminum. It is solid and durable, which is exactly what you want out of a Kubotan.

The size of the SPHTOEO Blunt Force is the thing that people like the most about this Kubotan. The smaller diameter of the weapon makes it slightly lighter and easier for more people to comfortably hold.

One of the most important things when using a Kubotan is being able to have a proper grip on it. The size also makes it easier for you to carry while still being able to conceal it if need be.

How to Use a Kubotan

There are several ways that you can use a Kubotan based on which grip you are using. You can hold it in your fist and use it in a jabbing motion with the tip sticking out the end near your thumb and pointer finger.

You can also have the tip sticking out the side of your hand near your pinky when you are making a fist.

Or, you can grip the Kubotan in the middle so there is part of the Kubotan sticking out from both sides of your hand. This makes it easy for you to hit in a variety of ways.

Having a strong grip is important when using a Kubotan. If you have a weak grip and lose hold of it not only will you not be able to use it, but your attacker could pick it up and use it on you. Make sure you are comfortable holding it.


You need to know where to target when hitting an attacker with the SPHTOEO Blunt Force Kubotan.

Great places to target include the eyes, ears, and nose. Other places that would be good to target are areas where the bones are close to the skin such as the hand.


The key to successful use of a Kubotan is proper training. There are a few options for training that are available. First off you can contact a local martial arts studio.

If you are looking for free training there are hundreds of free training videos online.

Whichever option you use the important thing is that you spend time training yourself so you can use the Kubotan as second nature if you were to be attacked.

Self-Defense Tip

When you are trying to defend yourself, even with a Kubotan, your goal is not to cause the person pain. This might sound wrong at first, but it’s true. Your goal is to disable the attacker enough that you are able to get away.

If your attacker is under the influence of drugs or alcohol they aren’t processing pain correctly, which means they will be able to take a lot. Thus the reason many people prefer to use pepper spray instead of a stun gun.

If you can’t stop an attacker with a stun gun do you think you are going to stop them with just any hit from a kubotan?

No, you need to be strategic. Learn the places to target that are going to help you disable your attacker the fastest, and then get out of there quickly.

In Closing

There is no doubt about it – Kubotans are effective self -self-defense weapons when in the hands of properly trained individuals. The SPHTOEO Blunt Force is a reliable Kubotan that is a favorite of many.

If you are interested in more information on Kubotans, what they are, how to use them, and other good options on the market checkout our complete guide here.