Sricam SP012 720P Indoor Pan & Tilt IP Camera Review

If you are a home or business owner and want a convenient way to keep an eye on things, you will be searching for an indoor IP camera that makes it easy.

There are certainly many IP cameras on the market today, so how do you choose the right one? Luckily, it is our business to try out different cameras and report back to you, the consumer, our findings on these various cameras.

Today, we have a snazzy little IP camera we ordered from the Gearbest website, called the Sricam SP012 720P WIFI IP Security Camera for indoor use, which is a model that purports to have all the features that we’ve seen in so many other cameras in the past year, which are basically essentially to providing you with the security you need.

Like those cameras, the Sricam is a wireless WIFI cam, it claims to have features such as night vision, pan and tilt, two-way audio, recording by way of micro SD card, smart phone compatibility, as well as features like ONVIF (universal video protocol), motion detection alarm, and more!

Here is a picture of the camera we ordered, except we decided on the black model.


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First Time Customers

Now what we all must understand that while all of these features do sound great in a list of bullet points, unless you have some experience with the company in question, you’ll never know if the company providing the product in question is telling you the truth.

Personally, we were not familiar with Sri before getting this camera so that we can write this Sricam review.

So, we had to take that great leap into the unknown, and order the thing, and we did.  Prior to ordering, we learned that Sri is a Chinese company, and so we would have to order this camera from far away, not knowing how long it would take exactly.

The office that the camera was coming to is in Canada, and we noticed that from the website we could not seem to order from a European warehouse, but instead we had to order it from China.

Ok, let’s see how this goes…


Amazingly, the Sricam was at our Canadian office within a week’s time.  One thing we can say once we received the Sricam SP012 is that, just like their website, this company is very organized.

Everything that Sri claims about the camera in terms of what you get with your package is the same on the website as it is in the package.

We have to give the people at Sri credit, because when we looked at the description of the camera on the website, it did look like a very good deal.

Great looking price, great features, everything explained very well.

As they are from China, you might expect some sort of language barrier, but no, everything was perfectly understandable and well-explained for their part.


Usually, we have found that if the company website is well done, the product usually is too.  So, did the product meet our expectations when it arrived?

What’s In The Package

We must say, this little Sricam comes exactly as it is described.

The package is well put together, and when you open up the sturdy box, you get exactly what you need:

  • The Sricam
  • A wall mount
  • A quick user guide
  • Wall mounting equipment (screws, anchors)
  • Power adaptor
  • Ethernet cable

The User Guide

The user guide for this product is easy to understand and straight to the point.  Sometimes it is annoying to get a huge, overly complicated user guide.

This one is just a fold out booklet with six pages, and all the relevant info is there.  There is no problem understanding the english, as it is well written and makes perfect sense.

It lists all the important contact info if you need help, such as tech email support, phone support, and even a skype support, which is very much appreciated.


Set Up

With the help of the user guide, the Sricam is a snap to set up.  There really isn’t much to it, and you can have your camera operational within a few minutes.

The app is easy to install, and once that’s done, the camera is ready to go.  This product is designed to be simple to use, and it is.  There were no glitches in the install whatsoever.

Perhaps this is due to the ONVIF increased operability, or maybe the device just has no apparent flaws.

In any case, we had no problem connecting the camera to our network and beginning our surveillance of things.


Once our Sricam was “online”, we tested out its features.  We were most curious about the pan and tilt, the night vision, the recording, and the audio.

Well, that’s basically everything it does in a nutshell, but we had our concerns that the Sricam might let us down in some way, because we just were not familiar with the brand.


After playing with the camera for a few hours, and testing its many features, it was clear that there is no reason this camera couldn’t provide the needed security for whoever might need it.

That said, just based on its appearance, it looks the part of a camera that you might use to keep in touch with your family, because aesthetically, it is very friendly looking.

That said, it could easily monitor anything you want for any reason you want.

Its sound capabilities are good, and so it would be very easy to chat with your kids, a babysitter, or someone coming to watch your house while you’re a way, to make sure everything is alright.

At the same time, the night vision on this camera is high quality because of the many high quality IR LEDs it has, and if there were to be a break in, this camera would serve as a way to see exactly what’s happening, complete with its motion detector which worked great when we tested it.

So, in this way, the Sricam can offer video surveillance which you can record and store as well, if you need to use the playback for any reason.

As Sri says, the visibility is up to 10 meters at night, and we were able to see details well enough that it was obvious what we were seeing at all times, although we recommend you keep the camera away from any other light sources so as not to interfere with the night vision capabilities.



Not really.  Sri have kept things very simple with their SP012 720P WIFI IP Security Camera.  

No, this camera is not meant for outside use, although there’s nothing wrong with using it on a summer night to keep an eye on your teenager’s party.

That said, this camera is not meant to stand up to outdoor weather like rain, etc.

We must say that it is also not a super durable camera.

By this, we mean it is not going to be like some bullet surveillance cameras have shielding and which can withstand being attacked by an intruder, if this occurs.

The little 5″ tall Sricam simply is not that type of camera, so you’ll want to be somewhat careful with it.


We did not put it through any “dropping it from 5 feet in the air” type of tests, because clearly this camera is not meant to be dropped.  However, it isn’t overly fragile either.

For the price you pay, and the type of camera it is, it is sturdy enough.  It is a just a camera that sits in one place, either high up on a wall or on a desk, and the pan and tilt can do the rest.

No need to attack it, just to see how tough it is.

Bottom Line

We must say that although we weren’t at first familiar with this brand, now that we are able to write a thorough Sricam SO012 review, Sri does make a great camera, and there’s very little to complain about with it.

Of course, we can’t speak for everyone, but from our experience, we give this camera 4.5 STARS out of 5.  Well made!

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