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Are you looking for a new self-defence weapon? Maybe, one that you can keep on your when other weapons would be removed? If so, a tactical pen may be just what you are after.

A dual use product, a tactical pen can be used as a simple pen, or as a weapon of self-defence. One of the best on the market is the SWAT Tactical Pen by The Atomic Bear, which we will review here.

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The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen – Self Defense

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SWAT Tactical Pen by… the Atomic Bear?

Straight from their website here is the purpose of Atomic Bear:

The modern Man has lost the skills and the ability to survive without the modern complex infrastructures. We want to bring back the knowledge and offer premium quality tools to protect yourself and your loved ones when the SHTF. Prepare to survive any situation.

Not only do they manufacture the tactical pen, but they provide online training to users are familiar with how to effectively use the pen if need be. They sell the product exclusively through Amazon.

Advantages of the SWAT Tactical Pen

  • High quality pen – The pen uses black ink and comes with two ink cartridges when you purchase it. The pen uses parker ballpoint refills. You can also use a Fisher pen refill as a perfect fit. The ink is smear proof and will even write when wet.
  • Able to smash through windows – The You never have to worry about being trapped in a car, because you can use your tactical pen to break the window. The tip itself is made of tungsten carbide (which is an armor-piercing material). You can also use the pen to break through ceramic and metal surfaces.
  • Grip – The pen includes a strong thumb grip, which is just what you need to use the pen with force in an emergency situation.
  • Carrying pouch – The pen comes with a nylon carrying pouch to help you know where your pen is at all times and be able to access it quickly if needed.
  • Defend yourself against an attacker

edc self defense weapon window breaker

What About Airplanes?

One of the most popular questions when it comes to tactical pens is, “can I bring it on an airplane?”. There is not a straight answer to this question unfortunately.

Many people have been able to carry their SWAT tactical pens on to airplanes and through security. However, there are some that have had their pens confiscated.

It seems that if the pen is in your carry on you might just be in luck. But, it is up to you to decide if you want to try to get something considered as a weapon onto an airplane. You could run into problems with TSA, so try it at your own risk.


Attack Bear wants people to know how to protect themselves. We have become pretty weak overall as a society.

They provide two hours of online training to show you how to protect yourself in a dangerous situation with your tactical pen. If you don’t know the proper way to use a tactical pen, it is simply just a pen.

At the very least know the best places to hit an attacker with your SWAT tactical pen. Some of the most popular are:

  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Throat
  • Ribs
  • Groin
  • Thigh


One of the cons of this pen is also one of its strength – it’s heavy. This pen is a hefty and while the extra weight might make it tiring to write with, you will definitely want a hefty pen if you are trying to protect yourself against an attacker.

Some reviewers also thought that the cap was loose on the pen end.

But overall, these are the only complaints and the vast majority of Amazon purchasers loved this product. 94% of consumers rated the SWAT Tactical Pen as either a four or five star.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a self-defence tactical pen, the SWAT Tactical Pen is a great option. It’s high quality and will get the job done in case of an attack. It also works great as a writing utensil.

It’s a great option for contractors that might be working outdoors in shady areas. If you are looking for more personal self-defence options take a look at our guide here.

Get a closer look at the pen here in this video review provided by Coach Helder.

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