Tenvis JPT3815W Review

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Tenvis Jpt3815W-Hd Wireless Surveillance Ip/Network Security Camera, Baby Monitor, Night Vision, Black

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  • Stainless steel bearings to assist with pan and tilt
  • Enhanced camera shell rigidity
  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Built-in microphone
  • 2-way audio motion detection image sensor
  • Alarm events notified via email

Indoor Night Vision WIFI Camera

The Tenvis JPT3815W is what’s called a plug ‘n play WIFI camera, which means that right out of the box, you should have this security camera up and running within 15 minutes or maybe even less.

This is a night vision camera that provides a good, crisp picture with the help of its bank of LEDS that aren’t too bright, but powerful enough to provide superior picture quality.

You can use this camera as anything from a home security measure in case you are concerned about break-ins, or just as easily to watch over your kids while you are away.

It can even act as a baby monitor, as it has 2-way audio which is not found in all models of indoor cameras.  

This multi-purpose camera obviously can be positioned anywhere you like and it even has pan and tilt capabilities, which we will discuss shortly.

Tenvis Vs. Foscam

We hear about this a lot, so we may as well address it now.

Yes, this Tenvis JPT3815W indoor wifi security camera is rather reminiscent of the Foscam security camera, and while they do have similarities, they have several differences as well.

One big difference between the two is that this Tenvis JPT3815W is less expensive.  This is the first of a few differences we’ll mention throughout the review.

Tenvis Camera Set-Up

tenvis wireless IP camera JPT3815W

Tenvis claims that this plug ‘n play camera takes a 15 minute setup, but we would suggest giving yourself a little more time than that, especially if this is your first camera.

 If you are tech-savvy, then yes, 15 minutes is fine.  

Otherwise, it may take a few extra minutes to gain the ability to stream video over your whole network using the Tenvis JPT3815W if you’re new to smart home systems.  

There is a manual, so be sure to stick to it!

Familiarity with things like IP’s, and Apps are a pre-requisite to the whole 15-minute set-up thing.  

If you are from a generation that isn’t as fluid with smart connectivity, then you may want to ask one of your Pokemon-playing kids to lend a hand.

To give you an indication of how user-friendly this Tenvis camera is, take a look at this product description of the camera.  

If all this stuff makes perfect sense to you, then, by all means, buy the camera and you’ll probably have it up and running in 5 minutes.  

If the text below reads like a latin manuscript, then you may need some assistance.

tenvis indoor security camera vs foscam

If you want to see a video of the unpacking and installing of this camera, check out the one below:


tenvis home security camera

Ok, lets assume that installation has been a success and you’re ready to start taking advantage of this camera’s functionality.

We mentioned it has night vision, and that it is part of your home’s smart network, but what else can it do?

(*Tenvis supports : Nokia, Android, Windows mobile phones, as well as iPhones and other smart mobile phones)

Pan And Tilt Range

Let us speak about pan and tilt for a moment. This Tenvis home security camera has got a decent pan and tilt range (270 degrees horizontal, 90 degrees vertical).

When you compare it to the Foscam, the Foscam has about 30 extra vertical degrees to take advantage of. 

If you are picky about the pan and tilt, then yes, the Foscam does have a larger range.

User Interface Foscam VS Tenvis

In terms of UI (user interface), we think that the Foscam also has the Tenvis beat. 

The Foscam is definitely smoother overall in terms of its interface, but that doesn’t mean the Tenvis isn’t functional – it just isn’t as easy to use.  

Of course, when it comes to the smart phone interface of the Tenvis, it doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty to be functional. 

We will say, however, that the Tenvis does seem a bit clunky compared to the Foscam.

Tip: Try switching to “Non-IE Browser” for a much smoother iPad experience!  You’ll get better control, panning, brightness, etc.


If you want this camera to be able to compete with the Foscam in terms of range, you’re going to need a better antenna, such as this one

This is the WIFI 10 dBi 2.4 GHz antenna, and it should give this camera a substantial boost in terms of range. 

Of course, without this antenna the camera will still have some range, but we’ve found that this product really assists in terms of giving it extra range.


tenvis wireless wifi camera setup

As you have of course gathered by now, the similar but slightly more expensive Foscam Wifi Indoor Security Camera has an edge over the Tenvis JPT3815W. 

They are similar enough though, we think, to necessitate such comparisons.  

That said, taken on its own merits, and based on buyer comments, the Tenvis is a decent camera for the asking price.  

There is also a 1 year warranty on this product, but you may want to contact Tenvis to get more details if you are overly concerned about the nitty-gritty details of the warranty.  

The bottom line is the price! 

You can grab a few of these cameras, and link them to your network quickly.

We think they are a great introduction to having a smart home security system, if that is the direction you are headed.  – 3.5 STARS