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The Coolest, Biggest, Richest, Weirdest, Ugliest, & Smallest Homes In The World!

Welcome to our page dedicated to looking at some of the most interesting homes you’ll ever see. 

Normally we like to focus on home security, but from time to time people send us images and videos of some particularly fascinating dwellings, so we figured it was time to share what we’ve found, simply for the sake of interest.

Here you’ll find videos and pictures of the…

coolest homes in the world

biggest homes in the world

richest homes in the world

weirdest homes in the world



smallest homes in the world

…homes you’ve ever seen!  We hope you get a kick out of this stuff – ENJOY! 🙂

First, some videos…

This video contains some of the “coolest houses in the world” including the famed “Flintstones” house, the “Exploding house”, the “Upside down house”, and many more.

Oh, so you thought there was only *one* Flintstones house?  Guess again!  Let this robotic voice take you on a tour of yet *another* Flintstones house – this time, its a house that someone might actually want to live in…

And here’s another wacky upside down house.  Seems to be catching on, this trend of completely upside down homes…

And in case you couldn’t get enough of that Russian wooden “skycraper” built by the rich Russian gangster from the first video, here’s a clip of this completely insecure fire trap of a structure that apparently looks worse inside than it does outside since the guy ran out of money building it because he’s, you know, a criminal and whatnot.  🙂  Don’t even get us started on the riskiness of this building / home / whatever it is.  It is tall though…and ugly!

This next video is legitimately cool, because it takes you on a tour of that famous french Bubble House that we saw in the first video, courtesy of the owner and builder of this “dream home”.  You can really see that this house is not only a work of art but a fascinating structure as well, from the way it was built, to the philosophy behind it – very interesting!  Sort of the opposite of that ugly Russian thing above which looks it was built by a madman (and maybe it was).

Well, you’ve seen the “bubble house”.  Now how about this “bubble hotel”?  Once again we have the concept of rounded structures and a connection with nature offering some sense of wonder that could be seen as missing from normal living environments.  The concept here is interesting as well to us, as with the last structure, and yet it seems to rely on different principles than the “bubble house”, which was wire mesh and manually applied concrete.  This “bubble hotel” has more to do with air currents.  Have a look!

Now, for some pictures of some cool home designs…

coolest homes


“House NA” in Japan – Transparent Home by Sou Fujimoto Architects

Although this transparent house in Tokyo, Japan doesn’t look like a tree, the idea here is that it embodies what it was like living in trees, dating back to when our ancestors used to live in trees…or something like that! 

“The white steel-frame structure itself shares no resemblance to a tree. Yet the life lived and the moments experienced in this space is a contemporary adaptation of the richness once experienced by the ancient predecessors from the time when they inhabited trees,” says Sou Fujimoto.

How would you like living in this zero-privacy house?  What about having a shower or just using the bathroom in general?  Did they think of that?  These folks must be some real hippies who came up with this crazy idea…


Gather the whole gang for a cup of tea!  Everyone in this picture is all smiles here, but we can’t help but look at this from the perspective of home security.  Sure, everyone here is smiling now, but what happens when you’re lying in bed and there’s some creepy dudes just standing outside the glass wall of your house staring at you?  This isn’t paranoia – there are unfriendly elements out there and having an entirely transparent house would simply invite them all to come up and watch you living in your glass enclosure.  Hope you don’t mind not having a sex life, because the second you engage in any sort of hanky panky is when not only the freaks and weirdos come to gawk at you, but just everyday people are going to find themselves having a look.  Afternoon delight anyone?  Don’t think so.  There’s a reason 99.999999% of homes have walls. 


Just a regular day lounging around at the NA House. 


We have nothing against the idea of designing a glass house with no walls, but seriously…who would want to live in this thing?


Video proof that they actually built this thing…

And here’s the guy that built it who possibly has a thing against birds and/or the thought of people having sex possibly has not yet occurred to him.

Pictures of Some of the Ugliest Homes Ever!

It was hard to select the ugliest homes ever from a vast range of homes all around the world, but somehow we tried to make a list of 10 such homes based on their exterior look. We’re not sure what were their owners thinking when building, shaping, and coloring them but we are here to kind of  ‘warn’ you what house design you should definitely avoid if you don’t want it to look ridiculous like the following ones. 

1.The Ship House


First of all, we had a problem naming this house. Is it supposed to resemble a ship, or a gift, or maybe even a clown? We don’t know and the owners probably don’t know either. And it’s not just the shape, but look at its colors too. We hope the owners didn’t try to achieve the same effect with the enterior as well.

2.The Geometrical House


You are probably thinking if this is an actual home to someone or some disastrous architect mistake. But yes, it’s an actual home whose owners were probably hoping to have a unique home with modern geometrical lines. It’s a mistery what its architect was trying to achieve, but he surely succeeded to make a unique home, though not one that people will admire.

3.The Half-House


This one looks as a joke. It looks as if it’s not finished, like someone took a huge saw and cut off half of the roof. And the half roof that this house has is in 3 designs. Why? 

4. The UFO House


This house located in Chattanooga, Tennessee looks like a giant fat UFO that landed on a grass field. Its owner is a single man who’s probably some UFO or aliens fan. Anyway it seems like he had enough of his weird home and now has decided to sell the house and start living like every other normal person-in a regular home. We just hope that he used his passion to design the exterior and not its entrior as well.

5.The Kettle House

kettle house

This ugly house is actually quite a mistery for over 60 years. Its owners and designers are unknown, as well as the person showing now and then to just change the windows or repair the roof. It is situated in Galveston, Texas and has withstand number of storms and hurricanoes though has no stilts. Neigbours tell different stories about weird figures appearing in the wee hours at this house. 

6.The Dotted House

purple dotted

This is one of the many Polka dotted houses, and we believe this one in particular was designed by a woman-if we judge by its colors. The sides of the house are with different greish color which just adds to the not so nice look of this home.

7.The Teddy-Bear House


No matter how creepy this house looks with all those stuffed animals hanging on it, it does have a story behind it that might change your opinion. Located in a Detroit neighbourhood, this abonded house was one of the many transformed by artists who wanted to give this depressed lookig street a bit positive appearance. 

8.The UFOs House

ufo house

These yellow UFO houses are just part of the Sanzhi Pod City, a holiday resort complex in Taiwan for US military in East Asia. However, the construction was stopped due to the manufacturer’s bankrupt and was decided to be torn down because of several accidents and superstitions that the area was haunted. You can take a look more pictures of this area at the following link 

9.The Upside-Down House

upside down

Believe it or not, this house design is popular and can be found in places all around the world. We cannot understand why since it clearly isn’t looking nice, and it’s no loger a unique or interesting house design. Some owners go to that extent that they position their interior elements in the same manner-upside down. 

10.The Boot House


You may wish that this is one-of-a-kind house, but apparently there are more houses with the same boot-design. The reason why we chose this one, with its small windows and 2 doors on the same side, and its pale wornout color,  is that it beats all others in the worse boot-design house ever. We aren’t sure about its interior, but as we said, we judge these houses only by their outdoor appearance.