Top 5 Best Remote Control Electrical Outlets

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Remote control electrical outlets and smart plugs are an excellent and inexpensive starting point towards making your home truly “smart”.  Each of these will provide you with the benefits of home automation, without needing to transform every device in your house into a smart one.

Instead of buying a Wi-Fi television or coffee maker, simply transform the one you already have. You can transform every appliance into a smart device by just plugging it into a smart remote control electrical outlet.

You can make a schedule for all of your devices and control them remotely, like turning them on or off, and so much more!

Today we are presenting you with our…

 Top 5 choices for best remote electrical outlets currently on the market in 2019!

Insteon On/Off Outlet

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Insteon Smart Wall Outlet, Top & Bottom Outlets Are Independently Controllable, Uses Superior Dual-Mesh Wireless Technology For Unbeatable Reliability – Better Than Wi-Fi, Zigbee

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To control your electronic devices, just use any device from Insteon, your tablet, smartphone, a wireless remote in the same room via the Insteon hub.

You don’t have to buy 2 Insteon devices to control 2 electronic items, since the Insteon On/Off Outlet allows controlling of the lower and upper outlets independently. Its slim and sleek design is excellent for those who care about aesthetics.

AVANTEK Remote Control Outlet Switch

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Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Kit Wireless Light Switch For Household Appliances, Unlimited Connections, Up To 100 Ft Range, Fcc Etl Listed, White (Learning Code, 5Rx-2Tx)

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A single push of a button controls electronic devices from up to 15 meters indoors, and 30 meters away outdoors.

This remote is great for people with limited physical mobility and for people who want to control devices which are hard to reach, since one remote is able to control 5 appliances and 5 outlet receivers at the same time.

Although you can’t control AVANTEK outlet switch with your smartphone, it is super first step for tech-averse people, and those with a limited budget.

Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch

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Wemo Switch Smart Plug, Works With Alexa

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According to Etekcity, one can save about $100 a year in energy costs and prolong the product’s longevity by up to 15% if you eliminate wasteful standby power and lower the usage of energy.

You can’t remotely control this inexpensive electrical outlet switch with a smart device; however its simple remote control makes this an excellent beginner kit for those who can’t invest in a more expensive choice.

Belkin WeMo Switch

Feature Pick

Edimax Wi-Fi Smart Plug With Energy Management (Sp-2101W)

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The WeMo App enables you to remotely control and make schedule for any electrical device in your home. Although this is a wireless switch, it works in places with no Internet, 4G, or 3G connection.

Belkin WeMo Switch has a unique advantage, and that’s its ability to integrate with Amazon Echo, allowing you to use your voice to control the devices plugged into the switch.

It matches with any 120-volt wall outlet so its installation and usage is easy and simple, making it a great option for those who don’t want to replace their existing outlets. 

Edimax Wi-Fi Smart Plug

This smart plug enables constant connection with your home. With the help of Edimax app, you can power on/off appliances, monitor the current status of electrical devises, receive alerts, and more.

You will be able to set a monthly, weekly, or daily power limit for a device, so once it reaches the set limit, the Edimax Smart Plug will turn off the appliance.

Use the EdiRange App to monitor the energy usage of your appliances in real currency or kilowatts so that you can know exactly how much each of your devices uses and costs. This product is one of the most advanced modern smart plugs and an excellent choice for those with energy-consciousness.

Although the nowadays market offers numbers of remote control electrical outlets and smart plugs, these 5 have something to offer for everyone. Once you choose the best remote switch for your needs and budget, you will see how they simplify your everyday life.