Trivision NC-335PW Security Camera Review

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Trivision Outdoor Security Camera Wireless Wi-Fi, Poe, Hd 1080P, Ip66 Waterproof, Wide View Angle,15M Ir Night Vision, Free App For Iphone, Ipad, Android Smart Phone, Pc And Mac

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Features Include:

  • High quality, well-built hardware
  • Superior night vision
  • HD 1080 p
  • 4 as well as 6 mm focus length lens
  • Includes a supporting SC card for recording even when wifi is down
  • Excellent motion detection
  • Scheduled alarms
  • Long range wifi connection, and more

Easy Setup for Quick Viewing

The box includes everything needed to set this camera up very quickly. The camera gets plugged into an outlet.

You mount it exactly where you want it. In the box, you’ll find all the mounting hardware for placing this outside your home. 

Keep in mind that you want to have a view of your most vulnerable outside areas.

Most people use a camera near their front porch/door. That might not be where you’re vulnerable. Really think about where you’ll need to be vigilant to protect your home and family.  

Wide Field of View

Not only does this outdoor camera have a clear field of view, it’s also generously wide when compared to similar outdoor cameras.

Thanks to a 6 mm lens, this camera offers 90 degrees view without vignetting or pin-cushioning.  (For the record, you have the option of choosing this camera with 4 or 6 mm lens.)

To many tech-savvy people and security camera enthusiasts, this is exactly what they were hoping for when buying an outdoor camera!

Most of us – especially those of us who have a big yard – want a camera that will capture as much space as possible. 

Of course, this is only desirable if the picture is clear.

If the picture is grainy, it doesn’t matter how much space the camera captures, right? 

So, since the Trivision NC-335 PW has this great feature, that gives it a bit of an edge.

Impressive Color Range

This outdoor camera has the necessary high resolution of 1080 p HD built-in, providing high quality images… perfect for home security purposes.

You’ll have no trouble spotting and identifying any type of intruder creeping around your yard, whether they be man or beast.

One customer on Amazon says that there isn’t any noticeable blooming even when aimed at six 55 watt Florescent bulbs.

This feature is important, since the main reason to buy one is, not only to catch an intruder, but report him/her to the police with a clear image that will lead to his/her capture. 

In other words, they can have a flashlight – we’ll still see their face and catch their sorry butt.

Night Vision

Getting a good outdoor camera for your home or office definitely means choosing one with good night vision. 

If you think about it, while daytime break-ins are common, capturing an intruder on video is much harder to do at night.

Thanks to the advanced IR cut filter, this camera offers truly clear vision after the sun goes down.  Even on the darkest night, these rascals have no chance to hide!

This model of Trivision camera offers night vision of up to 45 feet, wide enough to fully cover your yard. 

Weatherproof Camera

The official temperature range of this well-constructed metal Trivision camera is between -4 degrees F to + 140 degrees F.

In case the temperature goes down to -20 F, the system’s self-heating unit  will maintain above -4 F inside of the camera if it happens to be off.

However, in case the temperature goes below -20F, you may need to remove the camera’s sunshade which has 2 screws, and wrap the cylindrical body with some insulation.

Do not turn the camera off, and it’ll be good on up to -35 F.  

The camera can handle other things aside from the cold. Rain won’t be a problem, either. The sunshade doubles as a rain shield. The camera is rated IP66, which means it can handle a jet of water hitting it. A rainy, windy day won’t cause any leaking at all. 

The enclosed casing stops dirt, dust, or oil getting into the camera. Putting this near the street is possible since car exhaust won’t build up in the unit. 

Remote Viewing

With this camera, you’ll be able to check your home or office even if you’re far away. 

All you need to start remote viewing on your iPad, iPhone, or Android, is downloading and installing the free Anyscene app.

For your PC, or Mac device you can install the Camera Live program from the CD included in the camera package.

There’s an option to set your camera to alert you via emails, or notifications, whenever a motion is detected.

With this option, you will be able to quickly respond to any situation occurring around your home even if you are not there.

Motion Detection

You can set your camera to record continuously, keeping in mind that the videos are stored on a microSD memory card with up to 128GB capacity.

However, there is an option to minimize the storage space, and that’s to set your camera recording only when a motion is detected.

These videos can also be seen remotely, on any iOS or Android device.

Overall Impressions of Trivision NC-335PW 

Trivision NC-335PW Outdoor Security Camera ReviewGetting an outdoor security camera for your home or office requires spending  time choosing the best one according to your needs and budget!

We believe that the Trivision security camera is a great choice because of all the wonderful features mentioned in this review.

There was one complaint however, from a  customer who felt that the mounting should have taken less time!

Overall though, we highly recommend this product!



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