Urpower Solar Lights Review

by Robert Fox

These solar powered, adjustable spotlights by Urpower come with 4 LEDs (50 lumens apiece, 200 total) and are highly convenient for anyone who requires some extra light for their property for one reason or another, whether it be for decoration, or added home security, or both.

These are the 3rd generation of this particular light, and there have been a few significant improvements here that we would like to share with you as well.

Some of the features of these Urpower lights that should be mentioned off the top include the fact that they can be either mounted on the wall, or stuck into the ground, as needed.

Also, they detect motion which makes them handy for security reasons, and, also, the light emitted from these spotlights is a warm white light, which makes the light good for both illumination and also decorative purposes, as mentioned.

Spotlight Lights
Spotlight Lights

They have two settings: high or low light, which you can choose according to their purpose in your yard.

Urpower Solar Lights 2-In-1

What's New for the 3rd Generation?

 What's New for the 3rd Generation?
What's New for the 3rd Generation?

These Urpower lights have actually gone through some fairly significant upgrades this time around.

First of all, the solar panels are bigger, so they can catch more of the sun's rays and the light will last longer when it gets dark.

In the first generation, the solar panels were 80x134mm, whereas this time around, they are 90x150mm. In addition, the LEDs are larger by 7mm, at 95mm in size.

Where the solar panel is attached to the light, the attachment is now made of plastic, so it can't rust. Before, it could as it was made of metal.

Also, the spike is now bigger than ever so it can dig deeper into the ground. The final difference is where the spike attaches to the light.

It can now not be rotated, whereas before, it could due to the circle style design. Now it's a crossed style design, so no rotating.

This means, if something brushes up against the light, it won't get turned. Of course, if you want, you can still turn it by pointing it in whatever direction you want.

3rd Generation Urpower Solar Lights
3rd Generation Urpower Solar Lights

Easy To Use

These lights have no wiring and contain a 18500 lithium battery, and so you can start using them right away with barely any set up.

Besides choosing et up might include screwing them to a post or wall, but that's about it. These lights come with 6 screws for your screwing needs, or a spike for positioning the light on the ground.

Charge these lights up during the day, and you're up and running in no time.

What Comes With
What Comes With

Design Wise

These lights are small and unobtrusive.

They provide a lot of light for their size, and can be placed where ever you need them and won't take away from your backyard decor.

In terms of aesthetics of the light itself, we would call them "cute", because they're small, but at the same time, they're quite durable and made from sturdy materials.

They're fully adjustable and can go just about anywhere.

Durable Led Solar Light Urpower
Durable Led Solar Light Urpower

Year Round Use

Being winter weather resistant, meaning they are both waterproof and can withstand cold, you can use these lights year round.

That means, they're not just great for the summer, but they can provide a beautiful glow to your yard around Christmas time, highlighting any landscaping you might have in your hard.

2-in-1 Solar Powered 4 LED Adjustable Spotlight Wall
2-in-1 Solar Powered 4 LED Adjustable Spotlight Wall

Warm White Light

These lights have a lot of admirers out there, and one of the big reasons is that the light provided here from these Urpower lights is warm and white. Some people have described the light as yellowish.

So, we can state again that if you are looking to provide extra security, these lights are great for that because they are bright and provide ample illumination for any path, deck, or area.

We would call these lights "security lights", in a sense, as security can be a number of ways.

Two examples of security with these Urpower lights include that any sort of interloper on your property will active the light with the motion sensor, which will indicate that someone or something is there if they come into range.

Of course, these are not security lights in the sense that an alarm goes off when these lights come on - there's no alarm.

However, if you are inside and happen to see a light come on, that could mean that the racoon you've been trying to catch going through your trash has made an appearance.

On the other hand, security can also mean that you can come home late, and these lights can guide you to your door, and inside safely.

Many properties are dark at night, and having some nice lights to show you the way is always appreciated. Better than tripping on something and dropping your groceries!

Another thing is this - if you have these lights mounted around your home, it makes it look to any thieves that someone is home, or at least watching. This will greatly reduce chances of someone trying to approach your property.

Backyard Spotlight
Backyard Spotlight

Lights Require Little To No Maintenance

You've heard "set and forget". Well, these Urpower lights are as close as you'll get to that kind of thing, with batteries that keep these lights going for years, some say.

Once you decide where these lights are going to be positioned on your property, you just let them do their thing. They power up during the day, and at night they come on whenever you set them to come on, which brings us to our next point.

Final Word for Urpower Solar Light Buyers

Final Word
Final Word

Did we mention these lights are not very expensive? You can stock up on as many as you want, and it's not going to break the bank.

Overall, we love these lights. They do what they're advertised to do, and there are very few complaints out there about them.

In terms of negatives, the only real negatives we've come across in our research are that some people have bought defective lights that you might call "wonky", eg. they don't work or they half-work.

But we must say, these are the minority of instances. The vast majority of people we've come across just love these lights, as do we.

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