UTG Law Enforcement Tactical Vest Review

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The UTG Law Enforcement Tactical Vest, while it is usually used by police, SWAT, security, and military personnel for tactical missions, it is also quite multipurpose, and can be used by anyone who needs a vest with the flexibility to carry multiple things at once on their person. 

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

Whether you’re part of an organization that uses these types of vests on a daily basis for tactical missions, or you’re someone who simply needs to have access to a lot of different compartments on a durable vest, this tactical vest is definitely a candidate you’ll want to be looking at.

They can be ordered on line and we recommend checking out Amazon where they have many different color selections and slightly different models available.

Here’s a quick video that will give you a closer look at this UTG Law Enforcement Vest, and go over a few of its many features.


  • Offered in left and right-handed versions
  • This vest features a mesh body that is lighter than most nylon vests and allows perspiration to dissipate
  • Features a non slip shoulder pad
  • A radio pouch (often used for a cell phone)
  • A utility pouch with an ID badge area that can also be used to attach a shotgun shell holder
  • Three rifle magazine pouches

utg law enforcement tactical vest review

Features (continued…)

  • Three universal pistol magazine pouches
  • All pouches have Velcro flap closures
  • A hook and loop section that allows you to attach extra rifle magazine pouches or a universal pistol holster
  • The belt is fully adjustable with two pistol magazine pouches
  • The back of the vest features a drag handle for added safety with ALICE compatible webbing
  • The vest is fully adjustable with two shoulder adjustments for height, and six pull straps for mid section adjustments
  • *Please note that some aspects of the vest may change over time

The Best Tactical Vest?

best tactical vests reviews

While this tactical vest isn’t exactly in the same category of the residential security products we normally talk about on this site, like heavy duty deadbolts or security cameras, it is just too useful of a product to ignore and really it can be used by people in all walks of life.

You may have noticed that the UTG 547 tactical vest is very similar to the Blackhawk Omega Cross/Draw Pistol Mag tactical vest, but for some people it is a better option as it is much less expensive on the whole, selling in the range of $50 – $70, depending where you buy. 

The Blackhawk is another great tactical vest, but if you’re looking to save some money, we recommend you look at the UTG as there is no real loss of quality.


What we like about this vest, in addition to it being quite affordable and well-made, is some of the little things that make this a superior vest. 

utg law enforcement tactical vest

  • The right shoulder strap has some extra padding on there, which is beneficial as you add more to your load, it will be a little bit easier to carry
  • Pocket-sizes are generous and you should have no trouble fitting the things that are meant to go inside inside
  • Color selection – Depending on your preferences, there is a range of different colors that are available such as Army Digital, Black, Woodland Digital Camo, and Green (see this product’s Amazon page to see the color selection)
  • Pouches can accommodate different magazines, and use a combo of Velcro and elastic for a superior fit
  • Comes with an extra double mag pouch which can be attached with Velcro for a total of 5 mag pouches, giving you the option of making this more of a “rifle” vest
  • Ventilated interior mesh compartments to hold more stuff, as well as lots of room on the back to hold even more stuff (medical kits, maps, papers, etc)

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Whether you’re a member of law enforcement, or a person looking for a good tactical vest, this vest is awesome. 

tactical vest reviews

We have no real complaints to report about this vest, and, even if we were to nitpick, there isn’t anything terrible to say. 

However, we will say that when you first purchase this vest, it doesn’t smell great.  It has a “new vest smell”, but not in the good sense, so you’ll have to wear it in. 

Also, some of the adjustments can be rather finicky but that’s no surprise with the number of adjustments you can make here. 

Otherwise, we give this UTG Law Enforcement Tactical Vest a solid 4.5/5.  Highly recommended!

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