VideoSecu 18 Channel CCTV Camera Power Supply Box Review

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If you are a business owner, or you own a rental property or apartment building, or you just have a very large residence, security is always going to be a major factor.

As such, you may need to get yourself a home security system that has the capability to run more than just a few security cameras.

No matter what way you slice it, having a significant amount of video security surveillance is going to cost you a few bucks.  

Plus, you’re going to need a way to power all of those cameras, and it would be helpful to have a power supply unit that can accommodate a lot of cameras.  

How about 18 cameras?  That’s where the VideoSecu 18 channel camera power supply box can come in handy.

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Some might think that 18 channels is slightly excessive for your average residence, and this is true, but this is not necessarily the audience of this power supply box.  

In terms of flexibility, as well as upgrade-ability, this power supply box gives you plenty of options.  

Upon closer inspection, you are getting great value out of this unit, because there are plenty of ports for just about anything you need, although the main application that comes to our mind is security cameras.

Includes 6 Foot Power Cord & Locking Feature

With a 6-foot power cord, you have a fair bit of leeway when it comes to where you might want to be plugging in this 18-port power supply from VideoSecu. 

The power cord is a solid, no-nonsense cable and there’s not much else to say about it.  It does the job.

On top of having the 6-foot cable, you also get a locking feature which allows you to lock this box, away from the prying hands of children or teenagers who might like to fiddle with the cameras or whatever else you have plugged in here. 

In the highly unlikely event that a burglar is trespassing onto your property and is attempting to shut down your security camera network, they will be sadly disappointed to find that this box is locked, which may perhaps deter whatever else they have in mind.  

Can’t even get the box open, eh?  Too bad!

Individually Fused With Individual Power Source LED Indicator

videosecu 18 port cctv power supply

Each port or outlet here has its own fuse and is surge protected, so that one camera getting hit by a power surge will not shut down your whole network. 

The LED indicators here are grouped into two groups of 9 (ports are divided into high and low voltage).  

So, when you see that they’re all lit up, that just means that the switch for that group of 9 ports is set to “on”, and each port is good to go.

Should you look at your group of 9 LEDs and see one is out that means obviously that there’s a problem with that one, but when VideoSecu says that each LED looks after one port each, that doesn’t mean they light up individually. 

All of these LEDs light up in a block at once, and shows whether that port is working by the light being on.  

VideoSecu cctv

Pro-Size Box

VideoSecu refers to this power supply box as “professional grade”, and we can’t argue that.  

Considering the quality found here overall, and features like the size of the actual metal box it comes in, it can easily be argued that this power supply box is pro and easily suitable for just about anything you can think to use it for.

The size of the box itself is big and roomy, allowing for plenty of cordage to be stored inside it, without it becoming a tangled mess of wires. 

This product has definitely been designed with that extra space in mind, as opposed to some similar products which are more cramped by nature.

Precautions With This Unit

Don’t Overtax It / 10 Amp Overall Maximum

xfSay hypothetically you have a security camera that needs a bit of extra amperage, like for instance 1 amp, you might think it could be tempting to try to rig this supply box to get the desired power from two ports at once, but we do not recommend trying anything this. 

It can, of course, be done, but since each port is designed specifically to support a maximum of 0.55 Amps, there are going to be consequences to such an action, such as stressing out both components including the connected device and the power supply.  

We don’t recommend it.

This will, in turn, limit the lifespan of both devices, at the very least, and perhaps create damage which is something to be avoided if at all possible. 

Therefore, it is suggested that any security camera needing more amperage than it can reasonably get from one of these ports should hook up to its own power supply which offers sufficient power and is therefore more suitable to that camera.

Running Safety Tests When Using Old Cameras

One way you can make sure that you don’t run into any problems when using cameras you find in the back of your garage is to test to see what the power requirements of your particular camera are, in order to figure out specifics of a particular camera’s current power draw.  

Any new security camera you buy will of course tell you this outright, or it should.  

Old cameras are a different story. Once this has been achieved, you can feel more confident hooking your camera up to the VideoSecu 18 Channel Power Supply Box because you will know how much power its drawing.

Also keep in mind factors which affect power draw like that camera’s duty cycle as well as changes in weather which can affect the power draw of a particular camera.

Overall Conclusion

VideoSecu 18 Channel Port Output 12V DC CCTV PTC Fuse Distributed Power Supply Box for Security Cameras WK3

While this power supply box by VideoSecu is by no means perfect, this review would like to emphasize the fact that overall, you’re getting very good value for the asking price.

We think that if you are installing a home security camera system, you could do much worse than this power supply box from VideoSecu. 

Our overall rating for this product is 4 STARS as this is a solid product with great workmanship.

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