Vimtag Fujikam 361 HD Security Camera Review

Vimtag Fujikam 361 HD Indoor Home Security Camera Review
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This Vimtag (Fujikam) 361 HD indoor security camera has a very distinctive look with its spherical “head” and silver / black exterior that you’ll either love or hate. 

With the recognizable “Vimtag” logo included on the front of the unit, its a fairly unmistakable little camera and considered by many users to be aesthetically pleasing, while also being sturdily built.

The Vimtag 361 comes with infrared lights array helping the camera to see in complete dark, as well as a motorized rotating base which allows you to pivot it remotely to get a variety of views.

Friendly Look

Based on the look of this camera and the overall presentation, it has a nice blend of features that make it perfect for monitoring your kids or guests (or shoppers if you own a store) without making anyone feel like they are being under “heavy surveillance”, but at the same time, surveillance is exactly what this camera does, but it just looks a little bit more “friendly”, one might say..  It doesn’t have the imposing presence of some bullet or dome cameras, and its size makes it almost appear to be a little bit innocent, almost as if its a toy (which it is not).

Here’s a great video from Vimtag introducing the Fujikam 361…

Smart Security Camera For The Home

Make no mistake – this is no toy.  This is a serious little security camera when it comes to doing its job. 

Because it is a smart camera, you can access it via your mobile phone or tablet.  As such, you can remotely access your Vimtag Fujikam and see what’s going on anytime you like. 

Vimtag-Fujikam-361-HD review

Whether that means checking in on the kids, or checking in on your home in case you’re away, your Vimtag Fujikam has you covered for all sorts of contingencies.  In this sense, it is not just a security camera, but a way to stay close to your family when you’re not home.

Motion Sensor

vimtag fujikam 361 hd review

In the unlikely event of a burglary, the Vimtag Fujikam is able to take snapshots and recordings of anything within view that trips its motion sensor, with the help of the MICP app that you first need to install onto your Smart Phone, PC, or tablet. 

Any intruder who is unlucky enough to get their mug anywhere near this camera is going to be treated to a high resolution snapshot which will impress even the police as you hand them an 8 x 10 glossy of the intruder. 

In addition, there is a two-way voice control feature that can be used for whatever application you see fit, from communicating with your children, to informing some criminal that they are on camera and that the police are on their way to arrest them. 

In the video below you can see how, back in 2012, these types of smart cameras were beginning to catch on, and with the Vimtag Fujikam 361 HD, we see a major refinement of many of these features which were just arriving a few years ago.

Camera Layout

back of the camera

On the very bottom of the camera, you’ll notice lights that show if the camera is connected to your WiFi, or physically to your router.

On the right side of the head of the camera, there’s a speaker phone.

On the back of the camera, there’s a port for a physical connection with the Internet cable, another square for connecting the camera with an alarm, threaded mount for your antenna, a micro SD card slot that’s able to take up to 32 gigabytes of memory.

Lastly, to the right is a function button to assist in connecting the camera to your home network.

Setting Up The Vimtag Fujikam 361

vimtag fujikam 361 camera packageHere’s the set-up of this camera in a nutshell. 

First you must physically connect the security camera to your router, which is only for the setup duration . If connected properly, the camera light below the router symbol should flash green 3 times.

Follow the instruction manual to set up your security camera account and connect to your WiFi.  If connected successfully, the camera light below the wifi symbol will flash green, if not red.  You can now unplug the camera from your router, and place it wherever it’s convenient to you.

Placing the camera on various spots and surfaces in your home is quite easy, due to its flat base, as well as the wall mounting plate that comes within the camera package.  So, besides placing the camera only on flat surfaces, you’ll also be able to place it on walls, and move it up and down in order to position it in your desired angle.

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micp appThe next thing to do is install the MIPC app on your Smart Phone, tablet, or PC, at which point you can set up various camera functions. 

If you go to the video feed in the app, you can swipe to rotate the camera left and right by 320 degrees.  Moreover, you can tilt it up and down by 120 degrees. As you can see, you can easily position this security camera at the desired angle.

The main page of the app shows all the cameras you have with a still thumbnail.

You will be able to see how many times a motion was detected, which is shown with the top right number on the camera thumbnail. There are other settings as well, such as the camera resolution which can be up to HD 1280×720, giving clear image quality which is really great for a camera of this price. 

A lot of other camera options can be set via this app, such as motion detection and notifications. Here you can adjust the sensitivity and different shades for day and night time use, as well as the alarm action.

Alarm Action

We share the opinion of many customers that this alarm option is our favorite feature. Although not explained in the instruction manual, this option is one of the most important and used, since it tells the camera when to take a photo or video upon motion detection.

This really adds to the security that this indoor camera provides. You can simply turn the alarm on whenever you leave home, and later check out if there are some photos or videos captured. In this way you leave your home under surveillance, and you can always check your home situation using your Smart Phone.

Remote Live Video Streaming, But Not Remote Recording

Thanks to the app, you can see what has been going on in your home when you haven’t been around. This security camera is not used only to spot and catch a possible burglar, but also to enable a contact with your closest ones while you’re away.

So, you might be at work or in another state, and still be in control of what’s happening in your home. Whenever you want to see your kids or even your pets, just log in the app and that’s it. And since it’s a 2 way voice security camera, you’ll be able to have even a talk with your kids, or maybe your elderly parents to let them know that your fish must NOT be overfed.

night vision with fujikam

You can set this camera to record 24/7, which will delete your old files since it allows a micro SD card of 32 gigabytes.

Another option is to record when a motion is detected, as we explained in the Alarm Action part. The last option is to schedule the time when you want the camera to start recording.

Night Vision

night visionThis Vimtag Fujikam indoor security camera gives good quality picture in night vision and pitch black.  

The infrared lights work extremely well so you can see a clear picture even in pitch black.  You can see this in the pictures provided.

The night vision on this camera is definitely one of its best features.

Something To Consider

Besides all of that good stuff that we explained so far, there is one thing that you should have in mind.  This Vimtag Fujikam security camera requires a lot of data, so you might not want to use it 24/7. We agree with one Amazon customer, L.Cox, that if you don’t need 24/7 surveillance than you shouldn’t use it all the time. Here’s why:

cox reviewcustomer review on vimtag fujikam

Overall Thoughts 

We believe that this security camera is a great addition to any secure home so long as you watch out for the data munching.  It has great night vision, and all of its camera functions work nicely.  The company that makes the camera is reputable, and it gives you the security of watching your home while not at home via your smartphone, which is great.  – 4 STARS

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