What’s The Best Video Monitor For Twins?

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In order to find the best video monitor for twins, we had to wade through quite a few cameras, as not all of them particularly suited twins. 

We have found, firstly, that Motorola makes the best baby monitors – period.  Once we learned this little lesson, our decision to choose a good video monitoring system for twins became slightly easier. 

The question then became – what type of video monitors are there on the market in 2016 that are specifically designed with twins in mind?  

Ultimately, we finally have settled on the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor Model MBP 432 which comes with two cameras and the parent unit.


While this camera doesn’t say “best baby monitor for twins” on the package anywhere, we have a few reasons that we think that this is actually the one you’ll want to get your hands on if you are the parents of twins.  

For starters, there are two cameras here.  Ok, that’s an easy one.  Let’s discuss some other cool features why we think you’ll appreciate the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor Model MBP 432.

Here is what makes Motorola  MBP 432 the best video monitor for your babies:

Ok, let’s talk more about each of these features.

Dedicated Video Monitoring System

This may not relate to twins specifically, but this is a huge advantage of this system.  

This video monitoring system is not connected to the internet or wifi, so there’s no security issues that might come along with that. 

These are truly dedicated video monitors specifically designed with your baby or babies in mind. 

There is no multi-tasking going on in the background as there would be with your iPhone or other devices, and no power saving mode in use due to too many apps running. 

The parent unit and twin cameras are designed for doing one thing only, which is monitor your babies.

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Next, we discuss the screen size and picture quality.

Screen Size & Picture Quality

best video monitor for twins system

One thing most users can agree on with this baby monitor is the generous screen size of 3.5” on the handheld parent unit, which goes hand in hand with the wide field of view of the camera(s).  This wide-screen effect comes in handy when watching twins, if they are beside each other. 

Even if they are sleeping separately, you will get to see them in great detail. When combined with the excellent picture quality, it is quite easy to see your babies sleeping soundly and these cameras capture every little movement such as their breathing.  

Next, we talk about how two camera feed feature works.

Two Camera Feed

About every ten seconds, the view on the parent until will switch to the other camera.  If your kids are in different rooms, this means you can continuously keep an eye on both at regular intervals.  

There is just one audio feed, so you’re always hearing the same audio in the house, but the audio is great too and picks up on any little sound.  

This monitoring system performs amazingly well at night thanks to its night vision features

Night Vision

With the help of the infra-red ring which each camera has, the excellent night vision capabilities are another great feature here.  The range on the night vision is impressive, allowing you to see clear across any room.  

infrared night vision cameras 2

This relates to the previous topic of picture quality being quite good as well.  With the two features of night vision and picture quality combined, its quite easy to see exactly what’s going on at all times.

Thanks to its temperature sensors the camera monitors not only your kids, but also the room temperature.

Temperature Sensors

These cameras feature temperature sensors, which is a definite plus if you are keeping track of a room’s temperature, in order to see if it rises or falls.  This allows you to react to any changes in temperature – a sudden chill during the night for instance – and remedy the situation. 

Some homes, due to the way they’re heated, often don’t give a clear idea what the temperature is in a particular room.  For obvious reasons, your child’s room is one to keep a special eye on in case different parts of the house have different temperatures.

The camera is able to transmit videos over long distance thanks to its grate video range.

Video Range

One of the great things we love about this camera is the video range, which is advertised at 590 feet.  This means you actually have a long range when it comes to how far you can get from the cameras before it cuts out. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you will be heading very far, but at least you can step outside for a minute and still see everything perfectly clearly.  

As we mentioned, these are not wifi cameras so the range is additionally impressive just because these are dedicated monitors, not wifi devices we’re talking about here.

baby video monitor for twins pan tilt

You can pan, tilt and zoom your videos to make the most out of the camera.

Pan & Tilt Range

With this particular model of video monitor by Motorola, you get additional range to your pan & tilt because of the design of the camera. 

Because of the way the camera is positioned on its base, it makes this camera especially good at pointing downward, which is handy because often cameras are placed above a crib on a dresser or desk. 

When compared to previous models of this camera by Motorola (MBP36), you do gain a few precious degrees of motion and this can make a big difference in terms of your ability to aim these cameras. 

Motorola didn’t let us down with the design either…


In terms of appearance, we think these are a very nice, friendly-looking cameras.  While beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder, we can appreciate the look of these cameras we’d say they’re pretty darn cute themselves, and perfect for a baby’s room.

Taking a closer look at the parent unit, we can see that there are rubber buttons which are raised on this model, which give it some increased ergonomics. 

This makes it easier to operate in low light or when you’re tired, as the buttons are large enough to easily feel.

There have been complaints with previous Motorola baby video monitors that it was easy to set off the microphone, hence waking up your children.

However, the way the buttons are designed here seem to have fixed this issue, as they are very tactile and so you need to be deliberate with your movements. 

In other words, you can’t just touch the buttons and things start happening on their own, you actually need to press them down.

best video monitor for twins system

The camera produces almost no noise, even when tilting or zooming. 

Low Noise Output

One thing you need to consider when purchasing a baby monitor is how quiet it is, and these cameras are definitely on the quieter side. 

This comes into play mainly with the pan & tilt function, where the little whirring noises can actually rouse your baby from their slumber.  Not so, in this case, as this is a practically silent pair of cameras.

Next, we move on to the video and audio settings.

Video / Audio settings

There are definitely going to be situations where you may not want either the audio to be on, or the video.  With these cameras, you can do either, which is a handy feature. 

Turning off the video allows you to save on batteries while you can still hear any noises coming through the microphones. 

On the flip side, turning off the audio can be handy because then you can simply watch the indictor lights for any audio disturbances, and then just turn it back on.  

The versatility of these devices are a major plus here.

Installation and Battery Life

On the bottom of the cameras you will find two screw mounts, allowing you to position these cameras anywhere you like.  The power cord is also very good quality.

Depending on how much you use these cameras, this will determine the life of your battery, but, overall, they do last a long time.  When they run out, they’re cheap to replace. 

On the battery side of things, there are no problems.  You may want to buy a few extras just in case to begin with.

If you encounter any issues while using this monitoring system, Motrola’s amazing customer support is ready to help you at any time.

Customer Support

Motorola has some of the best customer support around, which we think is worth mentioning here.

Their customer support will help you with any issues you encounter regarding using your baby monitor system. You can reach them by phone, online chat, or email.

However, it is worth mentioning that sometimes it may take up to 48 hours for them to receive your email and respond to you.  That’s why we suggest you reaching them by phone or through their online customer support chat.

Best Video Monitor For Twins?

While some may argue this point, we think that the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor Model MBP 432 is a great choice for babies in general, and twins in particular.  

Hopefully by this point you can see why.  Basically, this is a dual-camera, dedicated high resolution video monitoring system with a ton of features we’ve already talked about, with many of those features being especially handy if there’s more than one baby in the house.  

We highly recommend this product – 4.5 STARS!