Yale YRD220 Z-Wave Deadbolt Review

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Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt With Z-Wave In Satin Nickel, Works

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As far as electronic deadbolts go, Yale has produced an electronic lock in the YRD220-ZW-619 that raises the bar for automated home security, applying Z-Wave technology to bring residential deadbolts to a whole new level of convenience in the 21st century.

At the same time, it has competition at this level from quality locks from industry mainstays Kwikset and Schlage.  

In this review we are going to look at the pros and the cons of this Yale YRD220 residential deadbolt, as well as what sets it apart from other decent locks selling on the market today, in an effort to help consumers decide if this electronic touch screen deadbolt is a worthy addition to their secure home, for the typical asking price of this product.

Main Features of Yale YRD220

  • Illuminated keypad so you can gain access to your home easily, even at night
  • Fits on all standard doors (1 3/8” – 2 1/4” thickness)
  • Auto-relock function
  • Great battery life
  • Privacy Mode
  • Installs in minutes, requiring only a screw driver
  • Certified Grade 2 ANSI/BHMA
  • Attractive touchscreen for added convenience
  • Simply enter your custom password and you’re in
  • Highly durable and can withstand any weather (hot or cold extremes) with high impact acrylic finish
  • Deadbolts arrived complete with gaskets in order to prevent damage to door from the lock
  • Up to 250 user codes accessible, 8 digit programmable code, great for apartments or homes
  • Comes with a key for backup

Here is a video review of the product…

If you are thinking of upgrading the quality of lock on any of your homes’ exterior doors, or need a secure electronic deadbolt for a business or property that you own, we would definitely recommend this particular lock from Yale as a distinct possibility. 

Whether its due to your old lock biting the biscuit, or simply a desire to upgrade to something more secure, the quality offered here by Yale is second to none.  

Plus, it comes with a number of features that are specific to this electronic lock that you won’t see anywhere else.

Heavy Duty

Yale Security YRD220-ZW-619 z-wave

One of the first things you’ll notice out of the box is that the YRD220 is a hefty son of a gun. 

As with most ANSI Class 2 approved locks, you’ll find that this one is extremely sturdy and resistant to any kind of brute force attack.  

This doesn’t mean hitting the touch screen with a hammer is going to be good for it, however this heavy duty deadbolt will withstand almost anything.

What you’ll get initially is the following: 4 Double-A batteries, the deadbolt latch, strike plate, installation/programming instructions, a pack of screws, the quickstart guide, as well as the Yale Real Living electronic touchscreen deadbolt lock itself.

Classy Design

yale deadbolt z-wave review

If you’re concerned about the appearance of the lock, you’ll be glad to see that Yale YRD220 has put a fair bit of thought into the design of the lock, with rounded edges, and a clean, modern look. 

There are three colors – oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel, and polished brass. 

Each color looks pretty sharp, but depending on the color and design of your house and doors, one color might look better than another. 

The touchscreen, once activated, definitely adds a modern flare to the lock.  

In fact, we might even say that this Yale lock is more pleasing to the eye than even the Schlage Camelot, a very popular model of electronic deadbolt.  

The Yale logo at the top lets anyone who sees it know that this is a quality product from a respected name brand.

Great Battery Efficiency

For the record, this lock is well known for its long lasting battery life (you won’t even have to think about it for the first year or so), so that’s one less thing to worry about. 

That’s rather remarkable, considering it simply comes with four ordinary batteries. 

This electronic deadbolt is designed to save on power while still running at top efficiency.  

The reason for this is because the lock isn’t always active, and so it doesn’t need to “run” all the time.  Its also simple to replace batteries when necessary.


Yale Security YRD220-ZW-619 Real Living Electronic Touch Screen Deadbolt 1One of the main reasons that the Yale YRD220 fetches a slightly higher price tag than other locks is because you can remotely lock and unlock the door using Z-Wave technology

Basically, using an app on your phone you simply unlock or lock your door with the click of a button. 

20 years ago, this was not something people could do, but now they can and its easy to simply use our smart phone to unlock our doors.  It even has voice activation capabilities.

Yeah, It’s Smart!

In addition to remotely unlocking or locking your electronic touchscreen deadbolt, you get several other convenient features that make using this Yale lock what you might call “fun” (or as fun as a lock can get). 

With things like a red light strip which flashes every five seconds to indicate the door is locked (which is easy to see), the cool touch screen keypad, to neat little sound effects for when you press the buttons (which also blink and scroll around), enter the wrong pin, or lock/unlock the door, you might start to think of this lock more as a toy, so entertaining this lock is. 

Locking sounds end on a low note, unlocking ends on a high note.  Very clever.  Also, this lock is very quiet, which we can definitely appreciate.


If there is any issue extending the deadbolt, it will make three attempts and then you get the error sound, which is why installing it properly is so critical.  It even speaks to you while you program it!

As fun as it might appear, don’t let the bells and whistles fool you – this lock offers maximum protection with a secure steel deadbolt that is ultimately meant to keep out unwanted visitors. 

It is nice that Yale has taken some of the seriousness out of the process though by adding some arguably fun features.

Another plus is that when you punch in the code late at night, the speaker that makes all the noises is located on the outside, so it shouldn’t disturb anyone inside if you’re trying to be quiet.  

Easy Installation

Installation of this lock can be done in minutes, if you have some idea what you’re doing. 

Still, if you have no idea what you’re doing, you won’t be spending a long time installing this lock because there isn’t a whole lot to know. 

We would say maybe 30 minutes tops even for the not-so-handy.  Here’s a quick video which shows you step-by-step how to install an electronic deadbolt.

Brand Name Quality From Yale


Although this product is part of a new line of Yale products meant to usher in the digital age, the Yale name goes back 150 years, which has given them a lot of time to refine things to where they are today. 

Being recognized the world over as a leader in the lock business, you can count on Yale to provide some of the best residential locks ever made.

Sleep Soundly

This lock has an auto-relocking feature which means that if you forget to lock it at any point, it will lock itself. 

So there’s no more waking up in the middle of the night with the thought that maybe you didn’t lock the door. 

Any urge you might have to double check, or if you doubt yourself for a second is gone, because Yale takes care of the locking even if you don’t, which is reassuring for worry warts and people who forget things all the time – rejoice!

There’s Always Room For Improvement

As much as people seem to love this electronic touch screen deadbolt, there have been a few complaints about this product as well.

Yale Security YRD220-ZW-619 Real Living Electronic Touch Screen Deadbolt 4

One user of this deadbolt remarked that the touchscreen isn’t super sensitive and won’t respond to a one finger tap sometimes. 

So, if you are carrying lots groceries, and are trying to activate the touch screen with your pinky finger because it is your only free finger, don’t expect it to come on. 

Instead, you’ll have to touch it the “right way” to activate it.  

That said, this isn’t necessarily a downside since its not desirable that anything brushing against the lock, like a strong breeze, is going to activate it.  

No one-time codes?  Sure, you can give someone a code and then reprogram the lock afterward, but it would be nice for you to give someone a code once which they can use once and that’s it – its gone after that. 

This feature is present in some other locks, but not in this model.

Auto-relocking happens after 30 seconds, but it would be nice to have a longer time in case you are bringing things in and out of the house.  

For instance, the Lockey 2835 has a passage function that solves this problem, although we don’t think this makes the Yale YRD220 a total misfit for not having it.


The bottom line here is that we think the Yale YRD220 electronic deadbolt lock with Z-Wave capabilities is one of the best locks you can buy, despite a few minor nitpicks. 

For any problems that do arise, it is worth noting that there is a great warranty with this deadbolt and that customer service is known to be very much on point. 

We have no problem recommending this lock to anyone looking for superior home security with great convenient features!