Zvetco Biometrics Verifi S6000 Smart Safe Review

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For over fifteen years, Zvetco Biometrics has been a leader in the biometrics industry here in the United States.  In this review, we are going to talk about one of their major achievements, in the form of a biometric home safe – the Verifi S6000 Smart.Safe.

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Verifi Smartsafe S6000 Biometric Quick-Access Handgun Safe With Fbi Certified Fingerprint Sensor, Self-Diagnostics, Tamper And Open Door Alerts,

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Before we get into the actual review, let us take a gander at the features that this safe boasts.


  • Access your personal belongings with one finger using F.B.I. certified biometric technology
  • This technology is easy to use and will work for everyone
  • Features include: AutoLock, Tamper Alerts, LCD display, Stealth Mode, SelfCheck, and NiteLite
  • Easily add / remove users, access the Event Log, or add fingerprints
  • Steel construction for added security
  • Color: Black
  • Uses 4 AA batteries which will last for several years
  • Comes with tutorials
  • Weighs 30 pounds
  • Interior Dimensions: 17.1″(W) x 11.8″(D) x 7.3″(H)
  • Door Clearance: 14.0″(W) x 5.7″(H)
  • Comes with extra floor padding so you don’t have to scratch your floor up

The Biometric Advantage

In the past, safe owners have dealt with key-and-lock or typical combo safes in order to access your belongings from a high security home safe. 

Fair enough. There was nothing more convenient available at the time, that would be equally as secure as something that required a certain level of access.

Now, with the S6000 Smart.Safe, we are simply talking about the simple push of a button with your finger (recognizing your finger print) and the safe opens, smart enough to know that it’s you that’s accessing the safe, not someone else. 

Biometric safes are, fundamentally, fingerprint accessed.  Zvetco’s Verifi safes boast a larger area of finger that is detected, making their system considerably more secure.

Often, we need quick and easy access to our valuables and this is why the Smart.Safe by Zvetco has a distinct advantage, because, day or night, you can gain access to the contents of your safe in seconds. 

This is particularly handy in the case of firearms, which you may need to access in seconds, but you don’t want your kids getting a hold of at any other time.

This system is basically perfectly set up for letting you in, and keeping others out at all times.

The Smart.Safe is indeed quite intelligent for a safe, using a silicon-based sensor that is F.B.I.-certified, and which creates a detailed image of your fingerprint with the help of high-end 3-D imaging technology. 

Did you know that the sensor used in the S6000 is the same technology that is used by the DHS, DOD, and several other government services?

And so, this safe promises a lot.  But let’s take a closer look at the nitty gritty of things.

Verifi S6000 Smart Safe – Track Record

If you have had a negative experience with a biometric safe before, you may wish to give the Smart.Safe a chance to turn that opinion around. 

Customers report that it rarely has any issues.  You can check that yourself online, as the reputation of this safe precedes it.

We were quite impressed, as many biometric safes cannot stand up to the test of online users like this one.

Set Up

Set up of this home safe is quick and easy as well, and you can have it up and running in about five minutes. 

Sometimes with these kinds of home security devices, someone can say “five minutes”, but the reality is an hour, or two, especially if you aren’t particularly good at setting up electronic devices.

Fortunately, in this case, Zvetco’s engineers have made this safe extremely easy to use, with we-can’t-make-this-any-easier walk-through tutorials. 

Here’s a video from Verifi’s Youtube Channel, showing how easy to use this safe really is.

You really will have an easy time of getting this great safe to work, even if this technology is not familiar to you at first.

Every time you use it, the Smart.Safe does a complete diagnostic check in order to maintain the highest level of security. 

In fact, there are regular checks occurring that the Smart.Safe does itself, and you can be sure that if something goes awry, you will be immediately notified. 

When you open the safe, it takes a second or two to unbolt and at the same time it always recognizes who is using the safe, and tells you how much battery life is left which is very convenient.

More Features

The AutoLock feature is a feature unique to the S6000 Smart.Safe whereby the safe itself knows that anytime the door is closed, the safe should be locked. 

In this way, the safe will always be locked, unless you leave the door wide open. 

If you do leave the door open, the safe is illuminated by a soft LED NiteLite which allows you to get to your items in a hurry. 

This light can be set to turn off after a certain amount of time, or it can even be turned off.

User Management

With a safe like the S6000, one would expect it to have the ability to keep track of users and their privileges with the safe – and it does. 

When you buy yourself an S6000 Smart.Safe, you will have total control over adding new users or deleting them, as well as a number of other security features, such as Event and Access logs, as well as Stealth Mode. 

If there are any alerts or things you need to know about, all this of this is kept in check by the safe. 

If someone does attempt to get into your safe and they are not registered, this is not only time stamped in the Event Log, but you will be alerted as well. 

At the same time, they will not be able to access your safe, as this safe is extremely secure. 

Using solid steel construction, this safe can take a beating in the unlikely event that a burglar tries to use brute force to get in. 


This safe is a good size for keeping it stored away if you so choose, with dimensions of 17” x 16” x 8” and a weight of about 31 pounds. 

Many safes are rather large, but this safe is about the size of a filing cabinet drawer and so this gives you leeway as to where you can put it. 


This safe is designed to be very inconspicuous with its simple black exterior.  As we said, it looks very much like part of a filing cabinet although much more heavy duty. 

It has the Verifi emblem on the front and anyone who sees it might recognize the biometric interface, which will immediately confuse any burglar looking for a quick and easy way to make some money by rooting through your belongings. 

And herein lies one of the biggest advantages of the S6000 Smart.Safe, because a burglar’s biggest ally is time, and not only will this safe slow them down, it will likely discourage them altogether as to accessing its contents. 

If you’re worried that someone will simply walk out with the 30 pound safe, simply use the four mounting holes (two on the bottom, two at the back) to bolt this baby to the floor or where ever you want it, and this should solve this problem.

No Glitches

This safe is reported by customers to be glitch free, which you would hope that it is, at the price this safe is generally sold for. 

Not only that, but any glitches such as reporting the wrong user, errors in the logs, or really anything at all would be an extremely bad sign for this safe. 

Luckily, we have never seen any reported complaints from any customers anywhere.  Meaning, this S6000 doesn’t just walk the walk, it talks the talk as well. 

In addition, it is non-glitchy when it comes to certain glitches that have been known to occur with some gun safes, where you can basically pick them up and drop them, resetting everything. 

The good news is that this safe is basically immune to any and all glitches, meaning you won’t run into any problems whatsoever with this safe. 

With two locking bolts, this high security motor actuated home safe also comes complete with two high security additional access keys, and it gives each individual who uses the safe ten fingerprints each with a maximum total of 40 fingerprints that it can recognize.

In terms of customer service, the folks at Zvetco are friendly and always willing to field any customer questions or concerns. 


We must say, for your money, this is one of the most secure home safes we’ve ever seen.  It has great reviews from customers across the board, and it delivers on every level. 

We can only recommend this safe if you are needing to protect valuables or firearms in your home, and you also need quick and easy but highly secure access.  5 STARS!