The Best Apartment Security Tips for Renters

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Did you know that apartments have an 85% higher risk of being burglarized than a rental property or a single-family homeowner? Well, that’s what the National Crime Prevention Council reports.

Even though every landlord should provide the maximum apartment security to their tenants, you shouldn’t necessarily wait for someone like a landlord to take care of these matters for you, as you could be waiting a while.

Like it or not, living close to other tenants, and the large number of unknown people entering in your complex increases the risk of intrusion and burglary in your apartment. That’s why increasing the security in your apartment is of crucial importance. And this doesn’t refer only to those who live on the first floor.

Here you can read the best apartment security tips that can help protect your apartment and valuables from burglary:

The Best Apartment Security Tips for Renters

10 Apartment Security Tips

1. Install a Security System

Your apartment might come with or without a security system. If there’s no system installed, talk to your landlord to look for one that doesn’t require an invasive installation that requires tearing up the walls and lots of wiring. With a simple system, you can just hang the items such as cameras in your apartment without much hassle.

Amcrest 960H Video Security System

There are plenty of security systems to choose from, all providing different options. You can find even such security systems that can be controlled via your smartphone. With such system installed in your place, you’ll have no worries the next time you leave your home for a few hours or days.

Nowadays, security systems are wireless and portable. So, even if your landlord doesn’t want to provide you with a system, you can find one with motion detectors that’s inexpensive and non-invasive and ask for permission to install it.

2. Outdoor Lighting and Timers

If your apartment comes with an outdoor light, you might start turning it on every night. Proper lighting can help deter potential intruders. There are even some apartment buildings which have well-lit walkways, courtyards, and parking areas.

motion sensor lights

If some light is burnt out, or you think an additional lighting could help increase the security of your apartment, make sure to inform your landlord immediately.

Also, if you’re out of town for few days or weeks, a good idea would be to install timers to power your TV, or some light to give the impression that someone is home.

3. Keep Doors and Windows Locked

Most burglaries happen because of unlocked doors and windows. So, make sure you lock every window and door before going up to the rooftop deck or down to get the mail.

What’s more, your sliding patio doors or windows should have a security bar for extra protection. You can even talk to your landlord to ensure exterior doors to laundry rooms and other common areas are kept secure.

4. Safety Deposit Box & Safes

To protect valuable items like jewelry and documents like a Social Security card you better get a safety deposit box at your local bank.

But, if you want to keep some valuable things in your apartment, you might consider getting a safe. SOme of the most popular safes online are SentrySafe SFW123DSB, Mesa MBF1512C, and Zvetco Biometrics Verifi.

5. Peephole

Having a peephole means you can see who’s at the other side of the door before opening it. In case your door doesn’t have one, make sure you install it as soon as possible. A peephole can help you and your family avoid any threatening situations.

Nowadays, there are even digital peephole viewers which include not just a peephole, but a door camera, doorbell, indoor viewer, and intercom. This is an even better option, depending on your needs.

They allow you to see who’s at the front of your door on your smartphone, so you don’t even have to stand up and approach the door to know who wants to visit your home.

6. Don’t Share Your Trips on Social Media

We all like to share pictures from our vacations on social media. But, you don’t think that in that way you are actually telling everyone, including potential intruders, that your home is empty. At least, hold off on posting those cool pics until you’re back.

7. Meet Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors can be helpful when it comes to your apartment security. In that way, your neighbors can report any suspicious activity when you’re not around.

8. Buy Additional Locks

Installing a mechanical or an electronic deadbolt and chain lock provide extra safety. Intruders have harder times to pick a deadbolt than a regular doorknob lock, and a chain lock allows you to open the door a bit to ask for identification before letting the person inside.

Today, there are even pick-resistant locks and bump proof locks on the market, so you have a lot of options to choose from. You can read more about deadbolts here.

9. Deception Crimes

Be careful not to open the doors to your apartment to burglars pretending to be utility workers, contractors, or other professional repairmen. You may think this could not happen to you, but there are many such cases reported nationwide.

In such cases, it’s best to ask for an identification and call the company for authorization. Once the company confirms their identification, you can then consider letting them in.

According to the Baltimore County Police Department, you should be cautious of suspicious activities around your apartment building, including:

  • Non-resident trucks and other vehicles
  • Workers who don’t have identification cards
  • Workers who offer bargains and special deals

10. Window Locks

You’ll be surprised to hear that a lot of home intrusions have occurred due to unlocked windows. Burglar proofing your windows is important for each apartment, not just for those on the first floor.

Burglars see windows just like doors – a potential entry point. That’s why locking your windows is a smart move that can deter burglars.

But, check to see if your window locks work properly so that no one can manipulate them from the outside.


These tips can help you protect your apartment from possible intrusions and burglaries. Feel free to speak to your landlord or the management company of your apartment complex if you need any additional advice regarding your apartment security.

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