Guard Dog Training

Welcome to our section on guard dog training. When it comes to your pet dog, you have a few options.

You can let them run rampant around your house, untrained, peeing on the rug, and leaping on people who come in the door – but only to lick their face!

Or you can smarten your dog up, and teach them the difference between the people that live in the house, and those that do not, aka intruders!

Guard dog training goes beyond simple manners, and who’s got the power in the household.  It also goes beyond your dog scamming treats off of you.

Proper guard dog training can teach any dog some simple practices that will help make your dog have some additional value in your home, aside from being adorable and sitting on your lap when you’re watching TV.

Some dogs are born to protect, including a number of larger dogs such as Dobermans, Shepherds, Labs, Rotweillers…

But there are also smaller dogs which might surprise you in so far as how great of a guard dog they can be for you, like Jack Russells.

You can also turn some dogs’ yappy tendencies into effective alarms for your home.  In other words, don’t yap when I walk into the room, but if someone comes through that door at the wrong time, dog, you then should yap!

Another important element of guard dog training is not to make your dog into an overly vicious, overly protective, snapping, foaming mess.  No.

Rather, it’s all about discipline. For your dog but for you, the owner, as well. If you’re a disorganized, poorly communicating wreck, so to will your dog be.

The upside here is that if you’re diligent, you can train your dog to do exactly what you want it to do and it can be that much more valuable to you and your family as a smaller hairier family member that will help to keep your house safe.

Read on to find out more!

Gun Safes and Vaults

Welcome to our section on gun safes and vaults!

If you are a gun owner, then it’s likely that you either own or will soon own yourself a gun safe.

And why not?  You can’t leave your guns lying around.  You can imagine what that will lead to, especially if you have kids or unruly teens.

Even for your own safety – gun safes are a necessity.  But – not all gun safes are created equal.

In our reviews and articles to follow, you will see what a really good gun safe needs in order to be truly secure, not to mention easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and so draw the admiration of fellow gun owners.

Besides the safety matter, gun safes are just great for keeping your collection organized.

Ideally, they not awkwardly shaped, but rather have the right amount of room for the right amount of gear, with proper ways to secure your guns.

Read on to find out more about which gun safes we think are the best, and other informative articles on where to put them, how to use them, biometric safes, and much more!

Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras represent the front line when it comes to the security of your home or business.

wireless outdoor security camera

Whatever happens, the job of your security camera is to first see any potential problem before it develops.

In this section, we review many of the best outdoor home security cameras on the market today.

Features of Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Outdoor cameras, being outside, need to be weatherproof, and durable so as to stand up to the elements.

They also can be smart (in the sense of remote automation that anyone can easily operate), and wireless, which adds to the convenience of owning such a camera.

As many of us know, running too many wires from outside to inside, and generally all around our home, can be a major inconvenience, sometimes costly, and even a security risk in some regards.

Additionally, outdoor home security cameras need to have the ability to see clearly, record accurately, and have certain abilities that make their jobs easier, such as night vision, motion detection, pans, tilts, and zooms.

And so, in this section of our website, we discuss all things related to outdoor home security cameras, in terms of the value of specific cameras when compared to others, as well as strategies that will make your home security camera network even more effective.

Spy Cameras

You’d think that ordinary security cameras would be enough to keep an eye on all the activities going on around you in your home or business, but sometimes they aren’t enough.

Spy cameras were once a thing of James Bond movies, but not anymore.

They are readily available in the form of pens, alarm clocks, and other small objects that conceal the true intention of the object, which is to function as a camera.

There are different reasons to want to use a spy camera, such as keeping an eye on things happening at business meetings, keeping an eye on your business to make sure no one’s stealing, watching a new nanny to make sure she’s not doing anything she shouldn’t.  The list goes on…

Spy cameras are usually small and blend right in with their surroundings.  They are also portable, and often wearable.

If you need a camera that can be used in a different way from your typical home security camera, then looking into some of the best spy cameras might be a good idea.

And that is what this section is for – reviewing the best spy cameras and keeping on top of this type of gear so that you can determine which ones are worth your while.  Let us know what you’ve experienced in the comments!

Self Defense

how to use a kubotan keychain for self defence

In this section, we offer information that relates to your own self-defence, including reviews of the best devices, techniques, and other effective tips on how to better defend yourself in those rare but crucial times when you must do it.

There are certainly a number of devices that are available to help you protect yourself, if you come face to face with someone who seeks to do you harm. If you aren’t familiar with what they are, maybe it’s time you checked them out.

Such devices include: pepper spray, kubotan keychain spikes, pocket alarms, stun guns, and tactical pens.

These devices can get you out of a tight spot, and can even prevent bodily harm.  But, in order to do that, they need to work properly.  This is why we review such items, so as to determine their effectiveness.

StreetWise Ladies Choice 21 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun review

Part of the purpose of this section is to educate people on these devices, so they are no longer intimidated to have one, or use one.

We also discuss in this section, various physical techniques for self defence, and how to use these items properly, by abiding by guidelines set out by the manufacturers themselves.

For instance, you don’t want to have to use a kubotan, and have no clue what to do with it when the time comes.  We offer more info on that below.

In addition, we have articles pertaining to extremely sensitive, serious topics like rape, and how to psychologically deal with someone whose intention is to do you harm, by recognizing signs which will identify these people for who they are, and what they intend to do.

Beyond that, we offer info on how to extract yourself from a situation peacefully if need be, by examining the psychological state of such an individual, as well as their motivations, and then offering tips on what to do if you’re faced with physical confrontation.

Read on to explore this section more fully and drop us a comment if you like!

Kubotan Keychains

kubotan stick survival tool

In this section, we review the best kubotan keychains that can be used the most effectively for your personal security.

Kubotans, for those not familiar with them, are a type of discreet self-defence weapon that attaches to your keychain, which are used if you happen to be in close quarters with someone who is trying to assault you in some way.

Some refer to them as “survival sticks” or “survival spikes”.  You definitely need to know how to use these things, and this is something else we will talk about in this section – technique.

Read our articles down below to get a sense of which of these devices might be right for you, for your own personal self-defence.

Self Defence Info

women with pepper spray

In this section, we offer information and tips on how to better defend oneself, as well as educational material that relates to the topic of personal security and self-defence.

As you may know, being educated on the topic of self-defence is key in order to properly defend yourself.

For example, you can’t just get by on having a device, you need to know how to use it confidently when a threat is upon you.

This is why we offer information on how to use things in addition to just owning the thing itself.

As well, there is information on certain topics which have a tendency to draw controversy, such as gun laws, rape, and more.

We feed that such topics should be examined fairly, and as objectively as possible, but always with the safety of innocent people in mind.

Read on to find out more!

Smart Home

In this day and age of home security, the smart home security seems to be here to stay.

That’s why, in this section, we review and talk about some of the most current and best smart home security gear available, providing as much info as we can on both the gear itself, and how to operate this gear.

Smart home equipment can be used with just about anything in your home now, from locks, to cameras, to thermometers, to doorbells, to sensors, to alarms, and on and on…and on!

Having a smart home that is fully operational and secure is a thing of modern beauty, however, we are here to say that it’s not always that easy, despite the fact that smart homes are here to make our lives collectively easier.

With some smart home stuff, it takes time to learn, especially if you are not so savvy with smart apps, automation, smart phones and the online world in general.

We have seen many a homeowner yelling at the clouds over botched smart home tech installations in their own homes.

This is why we’re here – to keep you informed on all things smart home!

Read our articles to keep up to speed with the latest and greatest smart home security brands and their gear.


Welcome to our section on stories.  Here you will find various stories that are meant for either educational or entertainment purposes.

Some stories are what are called “graveyard shift” stories, and detail what some people have seen on the graveyard shift.

Other stories are stories by real people, that we have found online, or have been emailed to us, that involve some incident they were involved in.

Read on and we hope the content is something you find interesting, and informative!

Systems & Hubs

When it comes to smart homes, one thing any homeowner will benefit from having is a central smart hub, or “system”, or also called a “gateway”.

Nexia, Abode, Nest, Wink, SmartThings, Mi Casa Verde – these are some of the brands people know when it comes to hubs.  And these are only some of the many, many, that are available.

These hubs provide the central control unit for most smart things, where they can communicate with the central hub, and you can talk to the hub with your smart phone to find out what’s going on.

If a hub is working the way it should, so should your smart home.  But, if things are not done right, or the hub isn’t a good one, things can go very badly for your home.

Hubs come in multiple versions as well, so sometimes the problem can be that the hub itself is not good, or it could just be a ill-conceived version, like certain Windows releases for the PC that no one liked.

In any case, this is why we are here, to test and explore the nature of these hubs and to determine their value to the end user, which is the homeowner.

We hope you get some useful information from our articles, and please do leave us a comment if you like as well!

Vehicle Safety and Security

Your vehicle can feel like your home on wheels, and it is a valuable asset to you and your family.  So, hence, you must keep it as safe as possible, at all times.

Keeping your vehicle safe can mean many different things, and in this section we explore what it means to keep your vehicle safe, not just from theft and break-ins, but also from other things that can happen to a vehicle that might make it unsafe, which gets into the territory of automotive mechanics.

Read on to find out more about how you can keep your vehicle as safe as possible, ensuring years of problem-free use!


When it comes to overall home security, windows are frequently looked at like a weak point by experts in the field, as they are frequently thin, low to the ground, and even unlocked.

People often forget about locking and / or securing their windows in the grand scheme of things, and burglars have been known to slip in via an open window if they can’t access any of your homes’ exterior doors.

That is why we have provided this section specifically about windows, because there is a need for homeowners, as well as business owners, to burglar proof their windows as well as their doors.

This can involve different ways of locking a window, and it can involve adding different kinds of blinds, smart alarms, and even bulletproof or laminated glass.

The security of each and every one of your windows really depends on where you live, and how big the threat is to someone actually breaking in that way, although we don’t like to take any chances here at Your Home Security Watch.

If you don’t plan to assess your window situation and take action, perhaps the least you could do is read a few of our articles on the topic, to bring your homes’ windows into consideration for something that you may wish to make more secure at some point.

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