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Welcome to Your Home Security Watch, where we focus on thorough home security product reviews and meticulously researched information, on the following topics:

  • Deadbolt Locks (Mechanical, Electronic, Bump Proof, Pocket)
  • Security Cameras (Indoor, Outdoor, Spy Cams, Varifocal)
  • Biometric Security
  • Guard Dog Training
  • Safes (Gun, Fire)
  • Doors (Jammers, Security Bars, Peepholes & Door viewers)
  • Windows (Security Glass)
  • Smart Home Systems
  • Doorbells (Wireless, Chimes)
  • Fencing
  • Lighting
  • Self Defense (Kubotans, Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, Tactical Pens)

Our Goal

The goal of this site is to help keep your home and family safe, and in order to do that, we test and research all the above topics with all the tenacity we can muster to provide quality information to our readers.

Our Goal

Your Home Security Watch was founded as a website in 2016, by three home security enthusiasts who shared (and still share) a passion for blogging.  

After noticing that there was a distinct lack of well-researched, simple to understand home security information on the web, this blog was started and the main topics were deadbolts, cameras, and smart home system information.  

Eventually, the site has grown to include the other topics listed at the top of this page.  There is a lot to talk about, and much of what we discuss on this website basically needs to be explored at length in order to get a handle on its essence.

Our job, we feel, is to present technical and often confusing information in a way that allows people that may not have a lot of technical background to understand how it really works.

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Our job, we feel, is to present technical and often confusing information in a way that allows people that may not have a lot of technical background to understand how it really works.

Indeed, much of the impetus for the site was based on reading so many technical jargon reviews and manuals for products that essentially had a single simple purpose, but was unable to relay that to your average person.

Home As Fortress

Mont Saint Michel
Home As Fortress

We find this idea of making your home your fortress to be an inspiring metaphor, because everyone loves the privacy and security of their own home, and that’s really how it should be, we think.

But it’s something you can’t take for granted. That means, you can’t make your home a fortress without some work and know-how, as we all know.  Castles don’t just run themselves…or do they?  (Maybe now some of them do…)

The way to make your home into a veritable fortress is by understanding the concepts behind what “security” means in terms of both residential and business security and how these security elements function.  

These days, a lot of emphasis is put on smart devices being able to do everything for us, which is great, so long as they function as advertised, and perform the tasks they are required to perform.

For instance, smart electronic deadbolts provide some new features that can make life easier, but inevitably for some people, these devices can actually make things more of a pain, or even a legitimate problem, unless you understand the concepts built into them. 

The same can be said for “smart” anything, as North American societies have an increasingly aging population, which requires all of us to keep up with the latest “tech”, because new technical wonders are being released on a daily basis, which isn’t always easy to keep up with the pace, and sometimes, can be downright frustrating.

Our Quality Testing & Research

Our Quality Testing & Research

As we said, the goal of this site is to research topics and review products, in order to provide some needed clarification to a market that – let’s face it – is run by tech companies who are notorious for producing products that, while they may be well made, are perhaps poorly explained in terms of how the tech behind it works.  

Flawed manuals, lack of documentation, lack of user-friendly information – all of these things can lead to a whole lot of frustration when it comes to making use of the products you need to use to make your home into the fortified palace you would like it to be.  Besides that, there’s no point in spending any of that hard-earned money if you don’t really know the true purpose of the product that you’ve just purchased.

We put hours of research into every product we examine, and we have a team of passionate researchers working with us to bring us, as a team, up to speed with the latest home security products.  And so, when we present to you information on some sort of technology, or a review of a product, we consider our explanation to be as clear and thorough as any you’ll come across, if not a whole lot better.

At the end of the day, what we’re trying to do here is provide you, the reader, with accurate information on whether a product or service is worth having.  To that point, some products or services, not to mention info, is worth having or knowing, and some products are worth having, but you still need to know that too!

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