For safety & security product reviews, we will discuss about security & safety categories in the alphabetical order as below:

Deadbolts Locks

In terms of having a safe home, deadbolt locks are right up there with security cameras as being one of the main lines of defence against potential intruders.

Although, while cameras can only report what they see, a deadbolt is arguably more crucial as they actually are the thing that prevents a burglar from getting into your home or business.

Deadbolts, particularly the more heavy duty ones, are more preferred due to their strength, which is only logical.  Of course, it’s worth remembering that deadbolts are only as tough as the doors and door frames that they are built into.

And so, it is no use having a superior deadbolt attached to a weak jamb and / or frame.  That said, if your entryway is done properly, it will make an effective barrier that can keep just about anything out.

This section is meant to discuss anything deadbolt-related, which includes some of the names you may know if you’ve looked into deadbolt protection before – Schlage, Medeco, Kwikset, Gatehouse – while we also discuss some of the latest and greatest advancements in the world of smart electronic deadbolts.

Some prefer the tried and true mechanical versions, and that is discussed here at length as well.  In addition, we talk about bump-proof locks, which is a big part of the security of a deadbolt in this time.

Bump Proof Locks

lock bumping

In recent times, property owners are seeking out bump proof locks as a solution to “lock bumping”, which is a common practice that was once only used by locksmiths but has been adopted by criminals.

It is important, if you are looking for a 100% bump proof lock, to know which locks are fully bump proof, as well as pick proof, and in this section we are providing information on exactly that.

The posts you will find in this section talks about how lock picking and lock bumping are not the same, as well as a number of top quality bump proof lock options that you can use for your home or business.

Pick proof locks are another option, and operate in much the same (but not exactly the same) manner, and we discuss them as well.

Deadbolt and Lock Information

Here we provide informational articles about deadbolts and locks.

In addition to our reviews on specific products, there is plenty to know and learn when it comes to deadbolts and locks, and so we provide additional information here on topics that are more in depth than just simply reviewing things.

Topics we tackle include the workings of various types of locks, both mechanical and electronic.  We are here to build a resource on such matters and we hope that you find it useful!

Electronic Deadbolt Locks

Kwikset 910 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey bronze

Electronic deadbolts add a level of convenience through keyless entry, and a modern look to your overall home security setup which some home owners find desirable.

You will notice on most models of electronic deadbolts that there is a visible keyhole, which simply means you have the option of using a key or not, depending on your preference.

Many people, who would sooner not have to deal with keys for one reason or another, often choose this option.

An electronic deadbolt can also quite easily integrate into a smart home security system, along with other devices, or not, depending on the model.

Some are designed to do so, and some are not, so you must be aware of this prior to purchase.

Typically, electronic deadbolts provide features such as touch screens, touch pads, and an aesthetic which can, in and of itself, ward off anyone who may approach your entryways unsolicited, seeking entry.

In some ways, an electronic deadbolt can provide more security than a typical mechanical deadbolt, because they are programmed with features that allow them to detect anyone who is attempting to access the lock as it is happening.

This, coupled with a good smart outdoor security camera, can provide a constant vigil against intruders that can bring peace of mind.

The following section has articles relating to various electronic deadbolts, in the form of reviews, and other informational posts which seek to investigate all aspects of the electronic deadbolt market.

We hope you find what you are looking for here!

Mechanical Deadbolt Locks

Mechanical deadbolts are deadbolts that have no integrated electronic parts, so that they remain what some still consider to be the classic form of locking device

Such deadbolts add a level of strength to your home that many people do not simply want, but require, as a matter of course. They are generally built tough, effectively preventing any kind of break-in, and as well they are certainly built to last.

There are many brands who still deal in strictly mechanical deadbolts – Lockey, Schlage, Medeco – to name a few.

The reason for this is that some companies know there is still a large demand for these types of deadbolts, with one reason for this being that electronics, while dependable in many cases, are not always ultimately reliable.

And, while we here at Your Home Security Watch do trust some electronic deadbolts, depending on the brand and the model of course, we think this point is well taken.  After all, we’re talking about the safety of home or business, and this isn’t to be taken lightly.

Sometimes you want to relative simplicity of your standard locking mechanism, without the added “convenience” of an electronic device thrown into the mix.

Another benefit of mechanical deadbolts is that they can in no way be hacked by people who are proficient with electronics.  They are also in some cases bump proof, if the keyway is built in such a way as to specifically prevent lock-bumping, or there simply is no keyway at all.

best bump proof lock reviews
best bump proof lock reviews

Bump proof mechanical deadbolts, for some people, are the way to go, and it’s easy to understand why.

We have articles here on this site that go in depth on bump proof locks, and it’s worth reading, as some people feel that lock bumping has become a big enough problem that it shouldn’t be ignored, in the scheme of making your home more secure.  We couldn’t agree more.

As for aesthetics, just because a deadbolt is mechanical does not mean it’s old-fashioned looking, per se.  Some mechanical deadbolts look amazing on a modern home, while some others do throw back aesthetically to a more “classic” look.

In this section, you will find plenty of articles and reviews on mechanical deadbolts that you can use to make your home a more secure place.

Door Viewers / Peepholes

In this section we review some of the best door viewers and electronic peepholes on the market today.

Today’s door viewers AKA peepholes are similar to the models of old, but with a few extras that bring them into the modern age.

For example, most have well lit, large HD screens, smart capabilities such as remote viewing and notifications, as well as crisp two-way intercoms, and overall more functionality.

Recording, as you would with a home security camera, is also possible, and some even find it to be rather crucial depending on whether you are using your electronic peephole for business or home.

Brought to you by brands like Brinno, Cypress, WoSport, and others, these door viewers make it easy to see who is at your door from where ever you may be, and communicate with them as well.

Aesthetically, makers of these devices have not forgotten that those who wish to purchase such devices usually appreciate a touch of class, and so many of them are made to not only work well, but to look amazing too.

Read on to find out more about these highly practical devices.


cherry exterior door

Welcome to our section on doors.  No house can be secure without first having doors which are secure.

But what constitutes a secure door?  Foremost, it’s the door itself, but it cannot be secure without a secure frame, secure locks, and secure walls housing the frame.

In this section, we discuss how to choose the right door for your home, and, we provide articles about how to maximize the security on a door you may already have.

We talk about different door maters, types of doors, methods for installation, maintaining your doors, and much more.  Read on to discover more!

Door Jammers

Here, we review some of the best door jammers on the market.

Door jammers, also called security bars or door braces, have their rightful place in the home security world as devices which can provide a crucial extra layer of security if you so desire it.

If designed properly, and used correctly, they provide a level of security to your door that will make it that much more difficult for any intruder to get through your door.

To some, it may seem like a bit of overkill to use one of these devices, but, for some, they are essential.

In certain areas, where crime is higher, sometimes a solid door and a quality deadbolt may not be enough, if criminals are known to come around more frequently, and use more force.

Indeed, there are some areas of the USA (and other places) where crime is almost a regular event, and this is why door jammers are needed.

So, read on to find out more information about these products, to see if they are right for you.

Electronic Wireless Doorbells

honeywell long range wireless doorbell

This section is full of reviews and information about electronic wireless doorbells.

Wireless doorbells these days have many advantages. Obviously, the first being no wires.

That’s a big one, because hey, no wires. Perfect – the less wires the better, if the doorbell is going to do the same thing, without all the wiring that used to come with a doorbell install.

Another biggie is the distance the transmitter can be from the receiver.  With wired doorbells, you are limited to the length of the wires.

But nowadays, with more and more wireless and smart devices, the sound can basically be sent wirelessly to the spot in your home or business where you need it to be.

Another advantage of the wireless electronic doorbells is the option to have different chimes at different volumes.

In the past, you wired your doorbell and you got one sound, at one volume.  Now, the opposite is true.  A wealth of options and versatility.

Aesthetically, the looks of these devices can be anything from high tech, to classy, to fun and colourful.  This is another thing we love about them, in that there’s usually a type of wireless doorbell to suit every situation and environment, aesthetically speaking.

The last thing we’ll mention for now is that smart technology is getting more and more integrated, so your wireless doorbell can be part of your overall smart home security system, all controlled by your smart phone.

This means that you can be notified when the bell is rung, even if you aren’t home, and if you’re hooked up to a system, you can simply look at who is at your door from where ever you may be.

Read on to find out more about some of these great options!

Heavy Duty

This category is dedicated to all things heavy duty, whether they be deadbolts, safes, doors, gates, and so forth.

We feel that heavy duty products deserve to be scrutinized, in order to determine, for example, if the product deserves to be called “heavy duty” in the first place, and, if so, if this heavy duty product is also worth owning.

Just because something is called heavy duty, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s physically large.

For instance, something as small as nuts and bolts can indeed be heavy duty, so keep that in mind as you sift through this section of our website – heavy duty comes in all shapes and sizes.

One thing we focus on here at Your Home Security Watch is to try to test for the level of durability of a product, and this can be estimated in a number of ways – through physical testing, assessing documentation which points to heavy-duty-ness of a product, ie. ANSI (for example).

This is all part of the process of establishing, and then reviewing, whether or not something is heavy duty and essentially how effective it is at providing whatever protection it purports to offer.

Please enjoy this section of our site, as we hope it offers you some valuable insights.

Home Security Brand Info

In this section, we provide information about different brands in the home security business, whether they be brands that manufacture security cameras, deadbolts, smart hubs – we want to do our due diligence about the history and philosophy of that brand.

We also discuss some of the top home security companies found in various states of the USA, based on our experience and research.

Read on to find out more about some of the most innovative players in the game today.

Home Security Tips and Info

In this section, we provide tips and information on how to keep your home safe.

Some of this information you will find to be very practical – things you can do immediately to better secure your home.

Perhaps some of this practical info you may not have considered before.  We offer it here in the form of “how-to” articles, for instance.

Other tips are more along the lines of strategies that you can implement if you want to better secure your home, such as a privacy hedge or trees.

North Privet privacy fence

These strategies take a deeper look into the psychology of someone who might be trying to stake out your home, and what you can do to prevent it.

We also have articles which relate more to techniques which you can adopt to make yourself more secure, personally.

If you ever need to deal with an attacker, certain articles we have written will address this, and, should you unfortunately find yourself in this situation, you will know what to do.

We hope you find what you need here!  If you would like to leave a comment, feel free to do so.

Keeping Kids Safe

Keeping kids safe.  Above all else, that’s what we’re trying to do here on this website.  We’re trying to keep everyone safe, but our kids come first.

Because if we can’t keep them safe, then all this home security stuff is really for nothing, isn’t it?

As such, we’ve dedicated an entire section of this website for this purpose, featuring how to childproof your home, as well as different ways to prevent accidents around the home involving children.

We also review a number of different products to help with this cause, so keep your eyes open for those.

There are a number of strategies that can be implemented to keep kids safe, some using inventive products, some using creative thinking.  We encourage both, when needed.

Kids, as you know if you have any, are quite inventive when it comes to doing things that they shouldn’t do.

We hope you find something in the articles below that comes in handy. Leave us a comment with your experiences, we always appreciate them.

Solar Lights

In this section, we feature reviews and information on some of the best solar lights available currently.

Solar lights are a simple and effective home security solution for a number of reasons.

One – they’re generally inexpensive.

For a reasonable amount of money, you can strategically place a number of solar lights in your yard which will effectively ward off criminals by keeping things well lit.

litom solar led security light

It’s the same basic psychology that’s been used since lights have been invented, which is that light wards off trespassers, because now they can be seen.

For you as the homeowner, solar lights can provide safety as you come home and need light to guide you to your door.

Because they’re solar, that’s partly what makes these lights less expensive because there are no batteries – they just get their power from the sun.

Sometimes solar lights are motion detecting, which may make them more expensive, but it is another feature that some will seek.

Solar lights are easy to install, and great for home or business.

Aesthetically, there are many different designs you can choose, depending on your tastes.

We discuss popular and effective brands like Voona, Tomshine, Hallomall, Litom, and more.  Read on and please leave a comment if you would like.


Welcome to our section on pack-n-plays, where we review the best pack-n-plays that are available today!

Also, we provide information on how to quickly set them up and take them down, and other numerous tips on how to customize them to make them more effective.

By effective, we mean safer for your child, but also better in other ways such as more entertaining, more comfortable, more portable, and of course cuter!

So, read on to learn all you can about these extremely convenient inventions.

Panic Exit Bars

Here is our section where we review the best panic exit bars, also called crash bars, which are typically used in a variety of commercial businesses and in settings such as schools or churches.

It is the case that most businesses, and buildings of a certain size and structural design, need, by law, an emergency exit which complies with the appropriate safety standards, for the sake of their customers.  These “panic” exit bars are found in such instances.

Panic exist bars have a two-fold purpose, which is to allow a door or doors to be easily opened with the push of the bar(s), and also to provide an alarm in order to indicate that an emergency exit is taking place.

In other words, they are most often applied to emergency exits, although they don’t have to be.  Exit bars can be used on any door or double doors to facilitate ease of use, and they are not difficult to install.

Here we feature articles on a variety of models of these exit bars, by brands like Dynasty Hardware, OrangeA, CRL, and more – where we review the pros and the cons, as well provide additional information so that you can better understand this often under-examined topic.

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