Kwikset Company Profile And History

by Robert Fox

Even with all the brands on the security market, chances are good that you have probably heard of Kwikset before. With a name that has been around for 70 years, they are one of the most recognized bands in the industry and the #1 manufacturer of residential lock sets. They have held that title since 1957. Let's take a look at what sets them apart from the competition.

Overview of Kwikset

Overview of Kwikset
Overview of Kwikset

Kwiksetis currently part of Hardware and Home Improvement (HHI), which is a division of Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. This global company is a consumer products company that works with a wide variety of products from home appliances to insect repellents. The HHI division has brands such as Kwikset, Pfister and Stanley.

They are leaders on the residential lock market for one simple reason, as stated on their website, "Kwikset is committed to delivering unmatched security features to homeowners and puts our customers' safety above all else." They focus on what their customers are looking for and in need of, a process which has led them to smart technology. Their desire to deliver products that consumers want has allowed them to stay ahead of the market on delivering new technologies.

Kwikset is headquartered in Lake Forest, California (United States) and also has offices in Australia and New Zealand.


Kwikset was started in 1946 by Adolf Schoepe and Karl Rhinehart. They created a tubular lock that revolutionized the residential lock design. It was a lock that was quick to install, which led to the name "Kwikset". The company took off just a few years later when the post war housing boom raised the demand for residential locks.

In 1999 the company became managed as Black and Decker Hardware and Home Improvement Group along with Pfister. Several years later the two companies collaborated to release product designs that would allow consumers to have matching finishes from their front door lock to the faucet in the bathroom. They the line, Architecturally Inspired Collections, and released it in celebration of their 60th anniversary.

One of the most successful product launches of the company's history came with the SmartKey re-key technology with BumpGuard back in 2007. Kwikset leads the market in providing locks that are bump-proof, to protect consumers from the popular picking technique. Over the past two decades Kwikset's focus on developing Smart technology has held their name at the top within home security brands.

Kwikset have continued to grow due to their innovation in the market.



Kwikset has been a trendsetter in the industry since they first began. In 1960 the company became the first ones that offered their residential hardware through point-of-purchase merchandisers. Several years later they won multiple marketing awards thanks to their "Kwik-see" clear packaging. They continue to lead the residential lock market in new technology while further advancing their brand.

  • SmartKey Technology - Kwikset's SmartKey technology allows you to keep your house safe by rekeying your locks within a matter of minutes. Homeowners can easily lose their peace o fmind about their home safety if they have keys that have not been returned or that have gone missing. The SmartKey technology allows homeowners to rekey their doors without requiring them to remove the locks to do so.
  • SmartScan - this biometric system allows you to program fingerprints into your lock that will work as keys. Locking yourself out becomes a thing of the past as you can simply use your fingerprint to lock and unlock your door.
  • Kevo- Kwikset revolutionized the industry again when they introduced Kevo to the world. Kevo is the first smart lock technology. Using Bluetooth capabilities your smart phone pairs with your lock allowing you to lock and unlock your door with the touch of a finger. Instead of fumbling to find your key when your arms are full of groceries, you can have your smart phone in your pocket and simple touch your finger to your lock to unlock it. The lock also works with an app to keep you updated on who has used their ekey to come in and out of the house.

Kwikset's focus on their customers' needs keeps their product development unmatched in the residential locks industry. They continue to remain above the competition because they are delivering the smart technology lines that consumers are demanding. While they work to manufacturer designs and styles that homeowners want to display, the technology and pick-proof capabilities are what keep consumers coming back for more.

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Rob Fox is a former hydro worker who used to teach self defence in Miami for 10 years. He's currently enjoying his retirement, playing cribbage and golf with his buddies, locksmithing and home security in his spare time. Rob is an avid reader, and has even written a few books on the subject of self defence.

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