Schlage BE365 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt Review

by Robert Fox

In this review, we will give the average home or business owner a detailed analysis of one of the most popular residential / commercial grade deadbolts available today, and that is the Schlage BE365 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt .

Schlage Be365Cam619 Be365 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt, Satin Nickel

After reading this Schlage BE365 review, you'll know whether it's the deadbolt you need!

Features At A Glance

Features At A Glance
Features At A Glance
  • Customizable keyless deadbolt to fit your home security needs
  • Innovative lock turn mechanism that allows you to lock your door and leave without a key
  • Up to 10 thousand user code combinations available, and 19 individual codes to create
  • Most often used for front exterior doors, but also side, back, and garage entry doors
  • Easy to install within about 30 minutes with just a screwdriver


As is usually the case with Schlage, their heavy duty exterior door deadbolts are known to be among the simplest to install, and this one is no different. As we mentioned above, 30 minutes max. is all you will need.

Once out of the box, this job could potentially take you around 10 minutes, or maybe slightly longer if you aren't the home improvement type.

Of course, it all depends on the type of exterior door you have and whether you are installing the lock into a brand new door that has had no drilling done whatsoever, or installing into a new door which is ready to receive a new deadbolt, OR removing an old deadbolt and installing a new one.

The following video is direct from Schlage showing how easy it can be to install this deadbolt lock.

To recap quickly, you simply need a two-way screwdriver, and the contents of the BE365 package, and you are good to go!

If you watched the above video, you can see that the Schlage BE365 provides you with everything you need to do the job, including all of the essential parts such as the latch, the mounting screws, and, of course, the deadbolt itself.

The above installation video also show what to do if your situation is a little different than usual, and so common problems we might encounter while installing this lock are addressed on the spot.

The Schlage BE365 package also comes with full instructions as well as paper templates which can be held up to your door to make sure everything is in the right place.

Tough Lock

Schlage Ansi Grading System
Schlage Ansi Grading System
Schlage Ansi Grading System

We must mention that this lock is quite sturdy, and it complies with the ANSI / BHMA grading system.

This lock is a Grade 2 ANSI lock, which I have read is perfect for both residential and commercial uses.

Grade 1 locks are usually reserved for higher security than just homes, although they are commercially available too if you're looking for something ultra heavy duty.

Otherwise, Grade 2 is no slouch and requires someone basically driving into your house to get past a lock like this (probably not going to happen).

Schlage Camelot vs Plymouth

The Schlage Camelot and the Schlage Plymouth are nearly identical deadbolts, with the main difference being style.

Both deadbolts eliminate the need for keys entirely, and both have illuminated keypads.

Both deadbolts have a six-digit programming code, two four-digit pre-programmed access codes, 19 programmable access codes, and both are meant for residential or light commercial settings.

Both come in a variety of colors to help you match your home or business, and it is very easy to confuse them just by having the two names out there.

So, is there any real difference hardware-wise? No, not really.

The difference is purely stylistic, with the Camelot having that slightly different shape to reflect its namesake.

Schlage BE365 Programming

Schlage Be365 Programming The Lock
Schlage Be365 Programming The Lock

Now that you've installed the deadbolt, you're going to need to program it as well in order to use your individual user code.

Of course, this process is something you will need to pay close attention to, just to make sure its done correctly.

Schlage has, however, made it as simple as they can by having your BE365 arrive fully programmed and ready to use.

There is a guide that comes with the package for this as well. Here is another video, direct from Schlage once again.

BE365 Plymouth - Changing the Programming Code

Schlage Be365 Preset User Code
Schlage Be365 Preset User Code

Schlage mentions in this video that the lock comes complete and ready to use, programming-wise, but I would suggest customizing the lock to increase its level of security.

Still, there's nothing particularly wrong with using the pre-programmed codes, if you're just going to input in a user code that's equally as random.

These 2 pre-set user codes can be found on the label placed on the back of the interior deadbolt right under the programming code, on the printed operating guide. To change them, check out the video again.

The Schlage Plymouth BE365 is overall very easy to program, so that if you do anything incorrectly, the lock immediately lets you know by way of beeps or red lights.

If you program it properly, you will see the green light and hear a corresponding "happy" beep.

As with the installation part of the process, it is rather difficult to get it wrong, especially if you watch the above video.

Troubleshooting Guide

Another thing that is handy about the BE365 is that there is a trouble-shooting manual, which makes it even harder to be lead astray here.

If you do something wrong, there is an excellent chance that the troubleshooting section of your user guide takes care of it.

Schlage BE365 Operation

Schlage BE365VPLY505 Plymouth Keypad
Schlage BE365VPLY505 Plymouth Keypad

Being that this is a keyless as well as a keypad deadbolt means that all you have to do to gain access or to lock your door is enter your private user code, and its as simple as that.

You'll no longer have to carry your keys everywhere with you, but instead you will just have to remember your own individual access code (or codes, if you have a family who each want their own).

There are up to 19 user codes you can program in, and the code itself is just 4 digits, so its easy to remember.

Operating this deadbolt from the inside is by a thumb-turn knob.

We can't forget to mention that you can even lock the door without any code, but by just pressing the Schlage button placed at the top of the outside assembly and turning the knob to the right.

In case you missed it in the videos, here's a few of the steps you need to follow with this lock.

How to Add New User Code

To add a new user code, follow these steps:

  1. Use the keypad to enter your 6 digit programming code from Schlage
  2. When the Schlage button turns orange, press it, and then on the keypad press the number 1
  3. Enter your personalized new four digit code
  4. Wait for the Schlage button to beep and flash three times, then enter enter the identical four-digit code one more time for confirmation
  5. Once the Schlage button turns green, you will hear a long beep, which means the adding of your new user code has been a success

How to Delete a User Code

This is how you can delete a user code:

    1. Enter the six digit programming code and you will see the Schlage button turn orange
    2. Press the Schlage button, and the press the number 2 on your keypad
    3. Enter the four-digit user code you wish to delete
    4. Wait a few seconds and then enter the exact same four-digit code one more time to confirm

The deletion of that code has been accomplished once you see the Schlage button turn green and you hear the long beep.

Two More Things

You can provide temporary user codes (up to five guest codes max at a time), which is great for letting certain people in. Then, you can delete these temporary codes when your guests leave.

In case you forget your access code, or your battery dies, you can always use one of the 2 standard keys which come in the package when buying this product.


Schlage Be365 Plymouth
Schlage Be365 Plymouth

This Schlage BE365 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt is definitely a great choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their home or business's security level.

Easy to install, program, and operate (with the help of those videos), you can have a new deadbolt on your front door of your home or protecting your business in no time.

The BE365 Plymouth is also very stylish, comes in a wide range of colors, and also fulfills the number one priority here - its tough as nails.

Thousands of owners of this lock don't have too many complaints, and neither do we - 5 STARS!

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Schlage BE365 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt Review
Schlage BE365 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt Review

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Schlage BE365 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt Review
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Schlage BE365 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt Review
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Schlage BE365 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt Review
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