How to Open a Safe Without Key

by Robert Fox

Owning a safe where you store all your valuable possessions and losing the key or combination to open it might be a nightmare. Fortunately, there are multiple alternatives to open the safe that is locked away or a safe whose combination is forgotten. For instance, picking the lock or utilizing a rare earth magnet, dropping your safe or bouncing it, or asking for the replacement key from the manufacturers.

How to Open a Safe Without Key
How to Open a Safe Without Key

Many of the digital safes come equipped with a key to unlock them manually in case you don't remember the passcode. But the true dilemma is when you have forgotten the passcode combination and the key to open your safe too. But you don't have to worry because by using some household things like nails, paper clips, screwdriver, earth magnet, and paper clips you can unlock your safe. The earth magnet can unlock any electronic safe without a code or key but the only drawback is that they harm other electronic devices of the house.

Lets us look at the several ways with which you can unlock a safe if you don't have a code or a key. By following the simple steps with tips and tools you can effortlessly and successfully open the safe in no time.

How to Open a Safe Without Key
How to Open a Safe Without Key

Burglar Proof Safe vs Fire Proof Safe

The two main types of safes are burglar-resistant and fire-resistant safes and it would be better if you know which one you own. A fireproof safe is used to keep business documents or contracts, checkbooks, and land titles. And burglar-proof safe is used to store any valuable item like jewelry, documents, and firearms. Both safes safeguard your valuable items from theft and robbery. But there is no safe present which is both burglar and fireproof. So let's check the difference between the two.

Burglar Proof Safe

This type of safe is designed and manufactured to protect precious things from robbery. The burglar safes have various mechanisms that are strong enough not to allow prying into the safe. But these safes are not fireproof.

Fireproof Safe

This safe secures your valuable items from fire but they have little security against burglary. Fireproof safes are designed and manufactured to insulate and free the moisture in utmost heat situations to keep all the contents beneath the temperature.

Fireproof Safe
Fireproof Safe

Things That You Require

Do you have any idea about the things that are used to open any sentry safe without using a key? It will amaze you to know that small fire resistive safes or burglary safes that are very challenging to break in with the help of everyday tools. The tools used to break open a safe are:

  • Paper clips.
  • Earth magnets.
  • Universal keys.
  • Flathead screwdriver.
  • Tweezers.
  • Socks.

Opening the Safe Without Key

Once you have gathered all the items that are mentioned then you are ready to break open your fireproof safe. This is how you do it

  • First, you have to insert the flathead screwdriver tip inside the keyhole or key socket.
  • Second, you have to turn the flathead screwdriver in a counter-clockwise direction and wait until the release of the lock.
  • If this trick didn't work then you can use paper clips.
  • For using the paper clip you have to straighten the paper clip and then insert its one end to the upper area of the key socket.
  • Then fit the tweezer on the other side of the key socket under the paper clip.
  • Then turn the tweezer till both sides are further inside the keyhole. Both the paper clip and tweezer are engaged inside the safes' internal chamber.
  • After this turn both in the direction counterclockwise till the safes' lock opens.

This method is quite simple and easy but you have to be patient but you should not use this trick on anyone's else safe because it is illegal.

Opening the Safe Without Key
Opening the Safe Without Key

First Method: Opening the Safe With the Help of Paper Clip

You must have seen characters from movies picking a safe simply by utilizing paper clips. If a keyhole is not present in front of the safe then you might find an override manual key socket on the backside of a safe. This is more certain if you own a principal digital safe. And if you have forgotten your combination or passcode and don't have the override manual keys then you can open the safe with the help of paper clips.

To open a safe with the help of paper clips you have to straighten the paper clip and place it inside the keyhole. Then you can either use a small screwdriver or another paper clip under the first one to help anchor and turn the safes' lock. While using the paper clip you inserted the first search and pick the lock operation slowly.

When you hear a clicking sound that will mean that you are successful.

Second Method: Opening the Safe With the Help of Nail File

Just like the paper clip method, you can utilize the nail file too to break in inside your safe. While using a nail file you have to enter the pointy end of the nail file inside the key socket. Then wiggle the nail file around the key sockets, compressing the pins and searching the click sound, and once you hear it turn the file in a clockwise direction. This will turn the lock and ultimately open the safe. You have to be patient during all this procedure.

Third Method: Opening the Safe With the Help of Unique Earth Magnet

Third Method: Opening the Safe With the Help of Unique Earth Magnet
Third Method: Opening the Safe With the Help of Unique Earth Magnet
Third Method: Opening the Safe With the Help of Unique Earth Magnet

Most firearms holding safes come equipped with solenoid and solenoid is a special material that masters the locking system of a safe. It is up to you to reset this material with the help of a strong earth magnet or a Neodymium Magnet. Such magnets can usually be bought from any hardware store or any online retailer like Amazon.

Earth magnets are outstandingly powerful and you have to be extra careful while using them. and you should never take them close to any household utensils or electronic devices and avoid using them if you're donning a pacemaker. Apart from that, avoid placing your finger between the safe and the magnet because this might injure you.

For using the earth magnet to unlock your safe you have to place the magnet inside a sock and then attach the sock to the safes' top left corner. Then more slowly towards the right side of the safe and continue doing so until you locate the solenoid. This technique requires patience but when the magnet connects with the solenoid the safe will open.

Fourth Method: Opening the Safe by Dropping and Bouncing it.

This method may seem strange but many of the safe owners declare that dropping a safe from an assured and secure distance could reset the lock and will open the safe. You can try this hack in case you forgot the combination of the safe or misplaced the safes' key so just follow these four steps:

  • Place a piece of cloth on the surface where you plan to drop the safe to protect it.
  • The approximate distance between the safe and the surface should be two feet. Hold the safe by keeping your left hand on the back of the safe and your right on the front of the safe. In this way, the fall will result in opening the door.
  • Then you can drop it multiple times until the door of the safe opens.
  • You should avoid safe dropping from a high distance because it could permanently damage or destroy the safe or the safe could be rendered unstable.

The Final Tip for Opening the Safe

There are universal keys present that can be purchased by any locksmith store that can be used to open safes. It will help you if you keep such keys handy. It would be better not to make a habit of opening the safe without the keys because it can affect the locking mechanism of the safe.

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