How to Open a Stack on Gun Safe Combination

by Robert Fox

Interested in learning how to open a stack-on combination lock for a gun safe? Call the 1st number three times in a clock-wise direction, starting with the last. Dial the 2nd number twice counterclockwise to complete the sequence. Once again, dial the 3rd number in a clockwise rotation. The door will be pulled towards you when turning the door handle in a clockwise direction.

Because of the reputation for dependability that Stack-On has built over the past 40 years, it is a gun safe that is well trusted and used in the vast majority of households. You can also open a stack on the safe by yourself, without the aid of a professional, if you follow these steps.

How to Open a Stack on Gun Safe Combination
How to Open a Stack on Gun Safe Combination

Stack-On has a long and illustrious history of manufacturing and selling gun safes in the United States that dates back more than four decades. They are a manufacturer of gun safes for both the residential and commercial industries.

How to Open a Stack on Gun Safe Combination
How to Open a Stack on Gun Safe Combination

With the advancement of technology, Stack-On has integrated advances in the security market to develop new and better safes for its clients, which have become more popular.

The safe's lock is the most important of the several components that make up a safe. In many ways, it is the most important source of protection. Lock construction technology has progressed in parallel with advancements in safe manufacturing technology throughout the years.

How Does the Stack-On Gun Safe Compared to the Other Safes?

The answer to this question is Stack-on gun safes are a less costly option to high-grade gun safes that are of comparable quality. You shouldn't hope it to work at the equal level as highly-priced and high-quality gun safes just because of its lower price point.

How Does the Stack-On Gun Safe Compared to the Other Safes?
How Does the Stack-On Gun Safe Compared to the Other Safes?

Warranty and Refund Policy

A five-year manufacturer's fault guarantee is provided, as is a lifetime guarantee against water, fire, and break-in damage, among several things. Furthermore, they provide assistance and help in acquiring access to your Stack-on gun safe if you need it. Before you erect your Stack-on gun safe, make sure you have read the instruction manual.

When shattered or dropped, however, many customers have reported that stack-on gun safes are vulnerable to being unlocked, according to the manufacturer. This is due to the poor design. They also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the locking combination "loses its memory" and that the combination is forgotten sometimes. To clear your combination, you'll need to hit the restart or reset button on your keyboard.

Stack-On safes are available in a number of different safe lock configurations. As a consequence, several secure unlocking techniques and procedures have been developed. The following are the most common types of Stack-On safes, as well as the procedures and processes that are used to open them:

What Exactly Do You Require?

It's very normal to lose track of your combination lock codes or for your lock to stop working together. That does not rule out the possibility of you having access to your stack-on gun safe in the future. The process of breaking into a gun safe may be difficult, but it is not impossible. All you have to do is discover how to break into a gun safe that is built into a wall.

Throughout this post, you will not be required to utilize any power tools. All you have to do now is focus on given the directions to ensure that everything is completed swiftly and efficiently. If you fail to follow any of the directions, you will have to start again from the beginning.

Currently available combinations are as follows:

In order to unlock your lock, you must have your stack set to the default code setting. It is necessary to contact the manufacturer if you have misplaced or forgotten your combination sequence in order for them to supply you with the stack on gun safe forgotten combination code. Remember your serial number in advance, because the manufacturer will definitely request it.

What Exactly Do You Require?
What Exactly Do You Require?

You may use several techniques including as hammering, drilling, and prying to open your stack on gun safe if you are unable to obtain your stack on safe combination for whatever reason you are experiencing. These techniques will need the use of powerful and, at times, expensive technology.

These methods will need a large investment of effort and time, and they may result in the irreversible destruction of your stack on safe. You may prevent this by keeping your safe's serial number separate from the rest of your belongings. Ensure that it is out of range of your children and others.

Using a Gun-Safe Combination Lock, how do you unlock a stack?

The first step is as follows: To open the safe, locate the indicator symbol on the door.

In most safes, you'll find two sorts of indicator signs: the opening mark and the changing mark. The opening mark is the most common form of indicator sign. Opening mark: It is positioned at 12 o'clock on the dial's topmost portion, closer to its center, on the uppermost section. To be able to securely open your pistol, the minimum number of matches that your numbers acquire must equal or exceed this number.

Using a Gun-Safe Combination Lock, how do you unlock a stack?
Using a Gun-Safe Combination Lock, how do you unlock a stack?

The second step is as follows: Begin with the first digit and work your way around the circle clockwise.

In order to avoid any mistake and having to go through the procedure all over again, it is essential that you dial the numbers with attention and precision. The number line must be precise to within one decimal point of the closest whole number. Therefore, while dialing the 1st number, dial it three times in a clockwise orientation, ensuring to pass the opening point on each dialing attempt. It is necessary that the number be precisely where it should be on the third revolution.

The third step is as follows: With the 2nd number, do counterclockwise dialing motions with your fingers.

For the 2nd number, again dial it in the opposite direction as the first. Make one more check to ensure that the number on the second spin landed precisely on the target before moving through to the next step. If you want to prevent any mistake, make sure it is precisely on the line marked on the paper.

The fourth step is as follows: you will dial the 3rd number in a counterclockwise direction for the door opening.

Dial the 3rd number in a clockwise orientation. The number should be placed exactly onto the opening mark to be considered correct. It is possible to release the handle after you have finished dialing the last number in combination. Now start pulling the door towards you by turning the handle in the clockwise direction. If you are unable to access it, then there is a possibility that you made a mistake. Repeat the steps above as needed.

How to Open a Stack on Gun Safe Combination FAQs

What exactly is a Stack-On Gun Safe, and how does it work?

In response to your question, the Stack-on product company was formed in 1972 by John Lynn and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to firearms safes and cabinets, Stack-on also manufactures toolboxes and organizational systems. Stack-on was founded in 1993.

In particular, they are well-known for their gun safes, which can accommodate both handguns and long weapons. When compared to other gun safe manufacturers, they provide gun safes at a competitive pricing for their products.

When it comes to gun safes, how can you get into one if you've forgotten the combination?

Answer: If they are unable to assist you, your local locksmith may be able to assist you instead. An experienced locksmith will almost definitely be unable to get the original combination of a safe unless the safe is equipped with a dial and you are aware of the safe's serial number. Providing the combination for the safe has not been altered, this will open the safe's door.


Stack-on gun safes are a less expensive option to high-quality gun safes due to its modular design. While they are capable of storing your guns, they do not last as long or perform as well as higher-end, higher-quality gun safes. To gain entry into a Stack-on gun safe, you may use any of the methods described in this article. However, if you have the financial resources to do so, we highly suggest you to take advantage of the opportunity. As long as you just follow the directions, you will not be needed to pay for or seek expert assistance since you will be able to do the work within less time.

Your views and experiences as you go through the course would be much appreciated. It is possible that you may want to share this information with your friends and family, particularly if they have a new stack of ammo in their gun safe that they are unclear how to open.

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