We Review The Best Door Security Bars and Jammers

Today, we will be discussing the best door security bars and jammers on the market today, as well as answering some of the most frequently asked questions about this topic.

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What is a door security bar?

A door security bar is a metal tube that braces against the doorknob and the floor. It’s easily adjustable for a variety of lengths. The door security bar is simple to set up and works with all kinds of doors.

How do burglars get in?

Door security bars work as extra security for your front and back doors because that’s how burglars often enter the home. Home invasions are a scary part of daily life.

You never know when someone is going to try to break into your home. Having a secure front and back door is essential to ensure that your entire family is safe.

How do you stop a break in?

The best way to stop a break in is to have security measures in place. Cameras and an alarm system can alert you to dangers, but you need more protection than that. You need a system that is going to prevent a break in – not just record the burglar trying to gain access.

A door security bar is placed against the doorknob and braced on the floor. The bottom has a rubber stopper that won’t skid or move on the floor when pushed.

It’s important that you don’t have carpet on the floor, though. That can make it easier for a thief to push it aside.

Do burglar bars work?

They definitely work. It’ll depend on how you install the bar and what one you use. As you can see in this video, they demonstrate a door with a security device versus a door without one. 

It’s not a bar, but it’s the same concept.

How can I make my door more secure?

With a security bar, you can make your door more secure. There are other things you can do to make the entrance to your home secure from those who would do you harm.

First, you can buy a solid door. One with a solid core can’t be broken in the middle. It wouldn’t make sense to bar the door if the thief could kick a hole in the middle of the door itself.

Second, you could reinforce the door frame. When someone kicks the door, it’s the frame that can fail. The door frame can fall apart, which gives the burglar access. The includes both sides of the frame. 

Make sure you’re reinforcing and bolstering security on all your first floor doors. That includes the one from the garage.

Lastly, use outdoor lights on a motion sensor. That will alert you to someone coming near your home. You’ll be aware before anything happens. It can often be enough to turn a burglar away from exposing himself.

How can I make my apartment door more secure?

It’s harder to secure your apartment door when you might not be allowed to make changes. There are still things you can do, though. Start with the door’s deadbolt lock. It’s likely a flimsy lock that the last tenant might even have keys to.

Use a grade 1 or 2 deadbolt for your apartment door. Even if you have a security lock on the downstairs door, you’ll still want to secure your own door with better locks.

If you have sliding glass doors, you can use a security door bar on them to keep them from opening. Find out if your lease allows you to make changes to the lock on the sliding glass door and change it out for a better one.

How do I protect my home from intruders?

Alarming your windows and doors is a good place to start. When you’re not home, this will protect your home from intruders. You can also get one that alerts you to other emergencies like fire or carbon monoxide.

Criminals want an easy score. When you make it more difficult, they’ll move on from your home to someone else’s home. It’s unfortunate, but they’ll target a home with more vulnerabilities.

Make sure the outside of the home is illuminated with motion detecting lights. That will often encourage burglars to move on before they’ve even attempted to enter your home.

Keep your doors locked and use a security bar to block all the downstairs doors. That will include the back door and the one to the garage. The garage should have a security feature, too. Windows should be shut and alarmed at night as well.

It can help to get a guard dog for the family, too. Any dog that barks can be a security dog that will send a thief scurrying off into the night.

Burglar Break-In Mentality

The most important thing for homeowners is to feel safe in their own home.  But home safety doesn’t take care of itself – you have to play a pro-active role in the process.

Meanwhile, burglars are out there and they might just pay you a visit – ready or not.

The act of robbery isn’t exactly Mission Impossible.  Break-in methods are usually not sophisticated.  It usually happens quickly, sloppily, and involves brute force.

After all, they’re not called “break-ins” for nothing.

It’s worth noting that, on average, burglars aren’t usually too bright. That’s why they’ll try what’s easiest method first, which is simply to test to see if you locked your door.

If not, they can just walk right in.

If you do lock your door, as you should, a burglar will likely try their next big move – kick the door down.

The Importance of a Good Deadbolt Lock

This is where your deadbolt comes in, if you have one installed.

If your door lacks a deadbolt, and only uses a latch bolt (the one with the angled edge), that relatively small latch bolt is the only bolt standing in the way of a criminal and the inside of your house.

(*don’t worry, we’ll get to security bars soon enough – it all ties together!)

We say a latch bolt isn’t enough.  It would be better if you used both a deadbolt and a latch bolt together, as shown below.

Many doors have deadbolts installed, but some don’t.  It’s not always necessary to install a deadbolt, but we think it is if you have anything worth protecting.

The effectiveness of your deadbolt depends on a few factors, with perhaps the main factor being the “throw” distance of the deadbolt.

In other words, is it a long deadbolt or a short one?

The strike plate and door jamb are two important parts of your door you should know about, because this is where your deadbolt will extend into and hold it in place.

If the strike plate or door jamb is weak, or the hole where the bolt inserts is shallow, these are weak points in your doors’ security.

The image below has a deadbolt and a latch bolt engaged.  A quality deadbolt adds another level of protection against break-ins, especially if it reaches 2″ into your door jamb.

Security Bars / Door Jammers and How They Work

For some, a deadbolt is enough to make you feel safe in your home.  It adds more protection against break ins than just using a latch bolt.

Some people, however, want all the security they can get, and that’s where security bars and door jammers come in.

Security bars add a different kind of protection to your door, which can be used in addition to deadbolts.

How a security bar (also called a door jammer) operates is based on simple physics, and it’s a concept that is worth understanding fully.

Think of it this way.  Any kind of deadbolt, no matter how strong it is, is still extending its force into the door sideways, or on the same plane as the door.

That’s all well and good, but when someone tries to break down your door, the force is coming from a perpendicular direction.

This is an important point to understand, because an effective security bar / door jammer is using its own strength to absorb the force as it hits the door and shift it vertically into the ground.  In other words, perpendicular to the door itself.

Here’s a drawing to illustrate this point (not the best at drawing, but hopefully you get the idea).

Here is another illustration by a company called DoorJammer, showing how their product works using the same physics.

Keeping this in mind, watch this criminal as he kicks his way into a residence.

Imagine there was a security bar on the other side of that door instead of nothing.  The force of his kick would have gone into that security bar and the door would have held strong, most likely.

This is because, in this case, the bolt or bolts holding the door closed didn’t do their job.  A door jammer or security bar would certainly have lessened the chance that his one single kick to the door would not have opened it.

Now watch this next criminal try the same thing, but this time, he doesn’t get inside.  He does, however, use both his feet and shoulder weight to try and break in to the residence, as burglars often do.

Notice how this criminal wasted no time in attempting to break down the door.  Criminals are in a hurry because if anyone saw them doing this, they would probably call the cops.  They only have a few seconds to try to bash through your door and into your house.

So, what kept this criminal out?  We can’t say it was a security bar for sure, but it would make sense if it was a security bar helping to keep him out, because it works based on the physics we described earlier.

When someone tries to put their weight on a door to break it open, the security bar is there to absorb some of their weight, making it much, much harder for that brute force tactic to work on a door.

Security Bar / Door Jammers – A Closer Look

Ok, so we’ve already discussed basically the idea behind how a door jammer AKA security bar works, but what exactly is this device?  Let’s take a closer look.

First of all, it’s worth noting there are all sorts of different security bars AKA door jammers out there.

We don’t just mean in terms of brands and sizes, but also in terms of what kind of doors you can use them on.

For instance, you can also use them for sliding doors, like this one:

Keep in mind, this one seen above is the same type that can be used for a regular door, except someone just laid it down so it fit in that space and makes it impossible for a burglar to exert enough force to break or remove the security bar that blocks their way.

For sliding doors, people will often use a piece of wood to do the same thing as the bar will do, except the bar is designed to stay in place a lot better.

Generally, a security bar is just long piece of steel or iron with a little grabber on one end where it grabs your door handle and a foot on the bottom.

Popular models of this kind are made by Brinks, Master Lock, Securityman, and Ideal Security Inc.

There is also the DoorJammer, which looks like this, but functions in a similar fashion.

Most of these door jammers (including THE DoorJammer) have things like adjustable bases and some part that grabs onto the door.  In the case of the DoorJammer, the part that grabs the door is at the bottom.

There is also the kind of security bars specifically used for sliding doors, and which lie horizontally, like this:

The security bars reviewed in this article are rather hefty, due to being made of metal (steel, iron), and are designed to do their job with optimal efficiency.

The security bars we will be talking about can be ratcheted into place for a snug fit, to ensure their stability and effectiveness.

Once again, to put it plainly, door jammers have one express purpose – to keep someone out of your house.

Ideal Security Sk110 Patio Door

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Brinks 665-83001 Door Security Bar

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Door Bar Pro Model 36 Steel

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Mace 80115 Mace Big Jammer Door Brace

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The Best Door Security Bars – Reviewed

Mace Jammer / Door Brace

Mace 80115 MACE Big Jammer Door Brace review

The Mace Jammer Door Brace is a dual door brace.

By that, we mean that it can be placed under a door knob on a hinged door to stop it from opening, or, the ends can be removed so you can use it to brace your patio door from being slid open.

The adjustable brace allows it to be used with most door knobs.

This door brace is made out of 20 gauge steel. It is a solid design that uses rubber caps instead of cheap plastic like some models on the market.

It also has a collapsible design, which allows it to be easily stored or used while traveling.

One issue that some consumers have with the product is that the rubber cap slides on some floors. A simple way to remedy this, it to put down a rubber backed mat underneath the end of the bar. This will prevent sliding.

Door Bar Pro Model

Door Bar Pro Model 36 Steel Door Security Bar For 36 Inch Wide Inswing Doors

This door security bar provides a solution for those worried about the under knob braces sliding on the floor.

The Door Bar Pro Model is designed to mount on your door frame. Installation is simple and should take no longer than 15 minutes.

The Door Bar Pro Model comes with mounting hardware that is screwed into your door frame. The bar then sits in the brackets, securing the inswing door from opening.

This product is manufactured from steel instead of aluminum, making it stronger against attempted break-ins.

The brackets are mounted onto the door using 1/2 inch diameter screws that are 4-3/4 inches long. The bar is adjustable and can fit door widths from 24″ to 48″.

Overall Amazon reviewers are very satisfied with this product.

This is a nice option for people that don’t want to worry about being able to wedge the other style brace hard enough under the door knob.

You can easily paint each part of the door bar and brackets, helping it to blend in with the colors of your room better.

Brinks Home Security 665-83001 Door Security Bar

Brinks Home Security 665-83001 Door Security Bar

BRINKS is a name that is quickly recognized in the home security industry.

Their Home Security Door Bar is a basic product that is similar to others on the market. It is adjustable and fits doors from 25 inches to 43 inches in width.

This Brinks door security bar is made out of 20 gauge steel.

The bottom has a pivoting foot that helps to assure a secure fit.

Both ends are removable allowing for the bar to be used on sliding patio doors as well. It is collapsible for easy travel or storage.

The main complaint that consumers have is that the foot is made of plastic instead of rubber, resulting in an issue with sliding.

This can be remedied by placing a piece of rubber under the foot or using a door mat.

Cocoweb PortBlock Dual-Function Door Security Bar

Cocoweb PortBlock Dual-Function Door Security Bar

The Cocoweb PortBlock Dual-Function bar is high quality and adjustable in many ways. The door security bar can be adjusted from 25″ to 45″.

There are 41 settings for height that are each 1/4″ apart. It is designed out of 20 gauge steel and is solid for its purpose, being able to withstand 350 pounds.

This bar has more adjustment options and is longer than the majority of security bars on the market.

There is a rubber lined foot for the bar to sit in reducing its chance of sliding on your carpet. The foot and the y-attachment at the top are both removable, allowing use in your sliding door track.

This security bar is one of the most highly reviewed on Amazon. The biggest complaint mentioned is receiving the product broken, or having problems with the y-attachment breaking off easily.

Overall by far the majority of consumers were happy with this product and felt safer in their home while using it.

Ideal Security SK110W Patio Adjustable Door Security Bar

Ideal Security SK110W Patio Adjustable Door Security Bar

This door security bar is a solid option for patio doors. While some of the bars above can be used for patio doors, this is designed specifically for them.

The bar is designed to be installed in the middle of the door height, which makes it easier for people to use without having to bend over. This makes the product the perfect fit for elderly people with limited mobility.

You can adjust the length anywhere from 25.75″ to 47.5″. The bar is then able to swing up or down to be kept out of the way when you don’t need the door secured.

Ideal Security purposely designed the bar to be used in the middle of the door as a visual warning to burglars that the door is secured.