Best Stun Guns for Personal Safety: Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQs 2023

by Robert Fox

We know you likely have questions about stun guns as well as tasers. We have tried to answer all your common questions here.

Refer to the table of contents below to navigate this article, which features both questions answered and reviews of popular models.

Best Stun Gun Reviews
Best Stun Gun Reviews

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What is the difference between a stun gun and a taser?

There is definitely a difference between a stun gun and a taser. The words are often used interchangeably, but a taser shoots metal darts. The darts will embed themselves in the person's skin.

Stun Guns Vs Tasers - What's The Difference
Stun Guns Vs Tasers - What's The Difference

The attacker can be approximately 15 feet from you. You would then press the button to send electricity through the darts.

That's a good distance for when you feel threatened. You don't have to wait for the attacker to touch you. Once you've sent the darts into the person's skin, you'll have to drop the device to actually get away.

It'll save your life, but you'll lose the taser after use.

With a stun gun, you have to press the device against the person's body. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They don't require a background check, either, while tasers do.

The stun gun won't transfer electricity to your body if you're touching your assailant. They do not have range capabilities, but you can buy batons to give yourself more reach.

For further reading about this topic, read our article, What's the difference between stun guns and tasers?.

Summary of the Reviewed Best Stun Guns

ImageProductPrice Check
We Review the Best Stun Guns for Personal Safety
Vipertek Vts-989 - 58 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun Price Check
We Review the Best Stun Guns for Personal Safety
O-Mega Stun Guns Star Warrior Stun Gun 150,000V, Legal Max Amps Price Check
We Review the Best Stun Guns for Personal Safety
Streetwise Ladies Choice 21 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun With Alarm And Flashlight, Pink Stripe Price Check
We Review the Best Stun Guns for Personal Safety
Police Stun Gun 305 - 58 Billion Rechargeable With Tactical Led Flashlight, Black Price Check

Top 8 Best Stun Gun Reviews

Here are some of the best stun guns on the market.

The following selections are from Amazon.

Read more detailed reviews of these excellent stun guns below!

VIPERTEK VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun

VIPERTEK VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun Review
VIPERTEK VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun Review

The VIPERTEK VTS-989 is a heavy duty stun gun that delivers on what it promises. It is highly reviewed by consumers that have purchased the product, which is one of the reasons that it makes our list of the best stun guns on the market.

This product also has an LED flashlight, which makes it convenient when walking your dog at night, which is one of the most popular reasons for a person to carry a stun gun.

This stun gun is loud, has long spike electrodes, and snatch protection. The sides of the gun have electrodes which will stun an attacker that is trying to take the weapon out of your hands.

It comes complete with a rechargeable battery to save you from constant battery replacement.

O-Mega Star Warrior Stun Gun

Omega Stun Gun Review
Omega Stun Gun Review

The O-Mega Star Warrior Stun Gun is actually a stun baton and might remind you a little bit of a lightsaber. This product makes our list of best stun guns for many reasons. The first is that it is manufactured by the oldest stun gun company in the United States.

They have been in business for over 30 years and take their business serious. Secondly, the O-Mega Star Warrior Stun Gun uses traditional batteries instead of rechargeable batteries. This removes a common complaint about stun guns, which is the product not being able to hold the charge.

This stun baton is heavier, meaning it can be used as a baton if needed as well. At 19 inches this baton allows you to protect yourself, or your animals, without needing to allow the threat to be within your arm's reach.

This is a great advantage when compared to traditional stun guns.

StreetWise Ladies' Choice 21,000,000 Stun Gun

StreetWise Ladies Choice 21 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun Review
StreetWise Ladies Choice 21 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun Review

No list of best stun guns would be complete without the StreetWise Ladies' Choice 21,000,000 stun gun.

The StreetWise company took the advice, complaints, and suggestions of their customers and manufactured this product. It has a little bit of everything and a double safety feature to keep you safe.

The StreetWise Ladies' Choice stun gun has a flashlight, alarm, and a squeeze and stun feature. That means all you need to do is actually squeeze the handle of the product to activate it, instead of needing to flip a switch.

This is the first stun gun to allow you to use the stun feature while simultaneously using the flashlight feature.

This simple could be the split second difference in giving you a fighting chance. The stun gun comes complete with a disable pin. If the attacker pulls the weapon away from you the pin is pulled out deactivating the weapon.

You can also store the pin separately in your purse from the stun gun as a safety feature to protect yourself and children from accidental use.

Police Super Bright Durable Flashlight Stun Gun

Police 230,000,000 Super Bright Durable Flashlight Stun Gun Review
Police 230,000,000 Super Bright Durable Flashlight Stun Gun Review

Completing our list of the best stun guns is the Police 230,000,000 Super Bright Durable Flashlight Stun Gun. The Police brand is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. The product has a bright LED light that can be used with the cap on, and it looks like a traditional flashlight.

However, when the cap comes off, the product transforms into a stun gun. One of the features that consumers like most is that when firing the stun gun into the air there is a loud zapping noise and bright light that scares away many would be attacker.

Read below for detailed reviews of these stun guns and accessories..

Guard Dog Hornet Keychain Stun Gun and Flashlight

Guard Dog Hornet Keychain Stun Gun and Flashlight
Guard Dog Hornet Keychain Stun Gun and Flashlight

This is a good, compact stun gun. According to the manufacturer, it's the smallest stun gun in the world. It weighs less than 2 ounces. It's less than 4 inches long.

For places where it's not legal to have a stun gun, you may want to protect yourself. This is a stun gun that looks like a flashlight. It has 3 powerful LED lights. It won't be immediately obvious that it can stun anyone.

It's on your keychain, too, so you won't spend precious moments trying to find it to protect yourself.

Instead of placing the keys between your fingers in a lame attempt at protection, this stun gun will definitely protect you long enough to run away.

Night Watchman Stun Gun and Flashlight Baton

Night Watchman Stun Gun and Flashlight Baton
Night Watchman Stun Gun and Flashlight Baton

The Night Watchman is a 16 ½ inch baton that will extend to 19 inches. This will give you extra extension to be a ranged weapon. You don't have to let your assailant get near.

The baton itself is made of reinforced aluminum alloy. While it's not as strong as steel, it can also be used to hit someone if needed.

It has rechargeable batteries and a DC wall plug for charging. You can charge this each time you go outside. This is a good stun gun for anyone that has to be outside at night. The light is strong at 320 lumens, too.

Unfortunately, this won't ship to the states where it's illegal.

SABRE Compact Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

SABRE Compact Stun Gun with LED Flashlight
SABRE Compact Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

This stun gun has incredible stopping power. It's almost as strong as a regular stun gun. This one is compact and easy to conceal if needed. Your attackers won't know that you're holding a weapon.

There's a safety switch, so this won't accidentally get discharged. It will keep you safe until you're ready to hit the switch.

It has a rechargeable battery and comes with the cord needed for charging. The light itself is 120 lumens. It has a wrist strap, so you can always have it with you when alone at night.

Firefield Surge 10 Million Volt Stun Gun

Firefield Surge 10 Million Volt Stun Gun
Firefield Surge 10 Million Volt Stun Gun

This is a compact stun gun that also has a light on it. This can be used to illuminate your way at night. It's also a good way to briefly blind your assailant before zapping him.

The stun gun is light and easy to conceal when needed, too. You'll be able to charge this and use it for 72 hours before you'll need to recharge.

The prongs are made with heavy-duty materials, so they won't break off if you need to use this. This is a highly effective tool to get yourself away from an attacker.

Buying Guide for Stun Guns

If you think you are in danger at any time, it is important to have a means of protecting yourself. With the recent rise of attacks on individuals by strangers, it has never been more important to carry around some self-defense weapon. One particular defensive device is called a stun gun. These handheld devices deliver an electric shock through the skin of your attacker, causing them to spasm and lose coordination. The result is enough time for you to escape and call the police. There are a few things you need to consider before buying a stun gun:

  • The unit should be small enough that it can fit into any of your bags or pockets, so you can easily carry it around whenever you need to.
  • The unit should have a safety on it, so you can switch it off and deactivate the stun gun whenever needed.
  • It is very important that you get your hands on the actual product itself before buying it, and not rely on pictures online or in brochures. Many of these products look very impressive when advertised, but in reality are cheap pieces of junk.
  • The price of the unit should be reasonable enough so you can get a quality product.

Different Types of Stun Guns Available on the Market

There are several different types of stun guns on the market today. The electrical device that best suits you depends mostly on what you intend to do with it, and on your level of experience using electronic equipment in general. To help you choose which type is right for you, we will go over some of the different types on the market today.

The biggest and most powerful type is known as a cattle prod stun gun. It mostly resembles an electric cattle prod in design, but utilizes electricity in order to incapacitate your assailant. The main difference is that this device packs over 500,000 volts of power! Another big advantage is its size; cattle prod stun guns are over 18 inches in length, making them capable of reaching any part of the body that it is applied to.

Cattle prod stun guns can be used in many different situations due to their high power and large reach. They are best used when you need to protect yourself but have no way to carry a traditional weapon with you. They are very easy to carry, the only drawback is that they have a relatively short reach.

Another good type of stun gun is the taser. Instead of using electricity to immobilize your attacker, these devices shot barbed probes into your assailant's skin in order to deliver an electric charge. Just like cattle prod stun guns, tasers are illegal in many countries so be sure to check with your local laws before buying one.

They have a relatively short reach, but they are still very effective at what they do. They deliver a very high power electric shock that causes great pain and immobilization of the body. A major drawback with this type of stun gun is that you can only use it once because the probes that shoot into your assailant's skin must be purchased separately.

FAQs for Stun Gun Reviews

Can you carry a stun gun?

 Can you carry a stun gun?
Can you carry a stun gun?

You can carry a stun gun if it's legal in your state as well as your city. We'd never recommend breaking the law, but some people purchase these for safety in areas where it's not legal.

It's important to keep yourself safe. Just be aware of the trouble it could cause with the authorities.

What states is it illegal to carry a stun gun?

All 50 States Map
All 50 States Map

There are only a few states where stun guns are illegal. In most states, they are legal with no restrictions. In a few, stun guns require a permit.

Weirdly, there are some states where they are legal, but illegal in a few cities within those states.

We'll list the cities and states where it's illegal as well as those where you need a permit.

  • Connecticut - permit
  • Hawaii - illegal
  • Illinois - legal with restrictions (illegal in Chicago)
  • Indiana - permit
  • Iowa - legal (illegal in Crawford County)
  • Maryland - legal (illegal in Annapolis, Baltimore, and Baltimore County)
  • Massachusetts - illegal
  • Michigan - permit
  • Mississippi - permit
  • New Jersey - illegal
  • New York - illegal
  • North Dakota - concealed weapon permit
  • Pennsylvania - legal (illegal in Philadelphia)
  • Rhode Island - illegal
  • Washington D.C. - illegal

Pay close attention to your local laws on this matter, or be prepared to face the legal consequences.

What does a stun gun do to a person?

A stun gun sends a high voltage of electricity into a person's body. It will quickly drop an attacker to the ground. The massive jolt of high voltage works on the person's nervous system.

It actually pulses into the muscles. It makes them jump and work rapidly without effect. It reduces the energy in the muscles very quickly, so the person is weak, too.

The impulses from the brain to the muscles are interrupted momentarily, too. It causes a loss of balance as well as disorientation. Your attacker will drop to the ground confused and weak. It'll leave the person passive and unable to move.

While it attacks the person's muscles and nerves, it doesn't do anything to their organs or brain. It'll incapacitate them so you can get help.

As you can see, this is not the type of people that most people can tolerate for very long.

How long do the effects of a stun gun last?

The stun gun takes 3 seconds to cause pain, loss of balance, and confusion.

The effects of the stun gun can last at least a few minutes. It might linger for up to 15 minutes for some people.

Can tasers cause permanent damage?

There have been incidents where tasers caused permanent damage to a person. Usually it's because of underlying issues. It could be due to damage in a fight before the person was tased.

It's lead to heart attacks in some people. Many police departments have started carrying defibrillators because of that. Increased drug use can amplify the risk to the heart.

As you can see, tasers can elicit some extreme reactions.

Has anyone died being tasered?

There have actually been over 1,000 deaths from tasers after police stunned suspected criminals. The deaths of 153 were found to be directly related to the use of the stun gun or taser. It was also found that 1 in 4 of the people had a neurological disorder.

While the police are trained to use many options for subduing a criminal, if you're being attacked, it might be what you need to get away unharmed.

What are the side effects of being tasered?

While the muscle jerkiness and confusion might only last a few minutes, there are lingering effects of being tasered. After being tasered, most subjects will fall to the ground. This can lead to broken bones, scratches, and bruises. Head injuries are possible, too.

Because the taser darts are shot into the skin, it might need to be removed by a doctor. The darts will leave behind a hole that could bleed or become infected.

The side effects of the electricity itself will depend on underlying issues. In healthy people, there shouldn't be any long-term problems after tasering.

Even trained individuals obviously have difficulty dealing with the pain inflicted by a taser.

Do stun guns work through clothing?

The average stun gun will work through a shirt or a pair of jeans. It will depend on the thickness of the material and the power of the stun gun.

If possible, you want to aim for bare skin on your attacker. You don't have to worry about stunning yourself with it. You can go for the hand that's grabbing you. Jam the stun gun against his skin and zap him.

There should be a patch of skin somewhere like the side of the neck even. That's an effective spot to stun gun an assailant.

Be Safe for Stun Gun Users

When it comes to your personal safety, or that of your family or pets, you don't want to take any chances. Stun guns are a nonlethal and affordable way to protect yourself from danger.

However, before making a purchase you need to check your local and state laws regarding the purchase and use of stun guns in your area to make sure you stay in compliance.

If you do purchase one, you want to make sure you are using one of the best stun guns on the market, so you can trust that it will work if the situation arises.

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Foxfend Spark Lipstick Stun Gun Women Self Defense Bright Led Flashlight - Rechargeable - Etsy, eBay

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