VIPERTEK VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun Review

by Robert Fox

Stun guns are growing in popularity as a means of personal protection for many reasons. They are more affordable than tasers. Stun guns are easier to get than handguns.

And, they are a nonlethal means of protection against attackers. However, choosing which stun gun to buy is not the easiest decision. They all promise the same thing, but they don't all deliver.

Today we review the VIPERTEK VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun.

Vipertek Vts-989 - 58 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun


  • LED Flashlight - This stun gun is complete with an LED flashlight on the front.
  • Snatch Protection - There are shock plates along the top sides which would stop an attacker when trying to grab the stun gun out of your hand.
  • Ultra-Sharp Spike Electrodes - The longer spike electrodes make this stun gun effective even against attackers with thick clothing.
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery - You don't have to continue buying batteries for this stun gun; simply charge it once a month to make sure it is ready to be used in case you need it.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Non-slip rubber coating to help you keep your grip.
  • Loud - The VIPERTEK VTS-989 - 230,000,000 Heavy Duty Stun Gun makes a loud zapping noise when used, which could be used as a detterant

Watch this quick video review of the Vipertek VTS989 to see it up close and personal


The VIPERTEK VTS-989 - 230,000,000 Heavy Duty Stun Gun rates as a 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. 88% of consumers rated it as either a 4 or 5 star, which is not easily accomplished.

However, there is a lot to like about this stun gun. First and foremost, it works well. This gun can easily bring a large adult man to his knees.

And, there are a lot of men that allowed the women in their lives to test it on them to make sure they would be safe if they had to use it.

The LED flashlight is a great feature. If you are out at night you can be using the flashlight, while also having the comfort of knowing that should someone come up to you, you are able to protect yourself quickly.

The stun gun is comfortable to hold onto. It is a sturdy product. The sound from the electrodes is loud, which is a comfort for many users.

And, the rechargeable battery makes it easy to keep the product going. You want to charge it for an hour when it first arrives and then continue to charge it for an hour every month.


The one con that is found with this product is that some buyers have found that they receive a faulty product. It either doesn't work at all from the start or stops working within the first month or so.

If you purchase this product it is important that you air test it for no longer than 1 second immediately to be able to see if it is working. If the stun gun won't hold a charge then it should be exchanged for another.

While, this could be an alarming "con" of purchasing this product, there are far more people that are highly satisfied with the stun gun, that it doesn't make it worth not purchasing.

Just make sure to test it in the start and throughout the first several weeks.



There are many laws regarding stun guns. Since the laws and requirements vary from state to state, and change from time to time, we are not including all of the details in this article.

Before purchasing and carrying a stun gun it is crucial that you know and understand what the laws are in the state that you live, as well as any states that you are bringing it into.

You do not want to get yourself into legal trouble while trying to protect yourself. Make sure you know and obey the laws.

Final Thoughts

 Final Thoughts
Final Thoughts

The VIPERTEK VTS-989 - 230,000,000 Heavy Duty Stun Gun is a good purchase if you are looking for a stun gun for personal safety.

It is small enough that it is easy to carry, or put in your purse, and will easily drop an attacker, allowing you to get away.

With the issues that some have had when receiving the stun gun, it is important to test it when you receive it to assure that it works properly.

This stun gun is a quality product that many users are highly satisfied with because of the peace of mind they are able to have when carrying it, or knowing that their loved one has it.

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About Robert Fox

Rob Fox is a former hydro worker, who used to teach self defence in Miami for 10 years. His hobbies include cribbage, golf, locksmithing, and cooking.

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