Tips to Make Your Home Secure

by Robert Fox

Being a burglar does not need a high level of intelligence or know-how: Most intruders get access by simply accessing unsecured doors or windows - or rapidly breaking poorly guarded ones.

The good news is that simple actions may significantly enhance the security of most homes. Here are some pointers to help you secure your house.

Tips to Make Your Home Secure
Tips to Make Your Home Secure

In addition to opportunistic burglaries, some thieves pre-scout a property, often in collaboration with other crooks. It is also critical to consider steps to ensure that your home seems inhabited at all times, and that there are no obvious spots where a prospective thief may hide to inspect the residence. Also, don't make it clear that you're on vacation. Consider setting timers for your lights or having a friend or neighbor come by once in a while to check on your house. Also, avoid announcing your departure on any public-facing social media platforms since you never know who is looking through your profile.

Tips to Make Your Home Secure
Tips to Make Your Home Secure

Your house should be a safe haven where you can feel happy and comfortable, and keeping it safe doesn't have to be difficult. With only a few easy measures, you can significantly improve your peace of mind.

Tips for Home Security

1. Purchase an Alarm System

It's difficult to say how many prospective attackers are deterred by home alarm systems. As you search the web, you will come across contradictory answers. Some intruders will not tamper with security measures. Some people are OK with turning off certain brands.

However, regardless of their feelings on alarm systems, most would-be thieves do not want to get caught. So purchase a security system, ideally one that continues to alarm even when it is turned off. A burglar is likely to bypass your home in favor of a less difficult target.

2. Obtain a Permit or License for Your Alarm System

Do you have an alarm? Check with your city to see whether a permit or license is required.

Licensing your alarm makes it easy for the police to react to your call. It also protects you from possible charges if they react to an unregistered alarm. Operating an alarm system without a legal permission is a crime in various localities. That means you might face a substantial fine as well as time in county prison.

3. Install Window Sensors

Install Window Sensors
Install Window Sensors

Window sensors are sometimes referred to as open/closed sensors or entrance sensors. When attached to a window or a door, they will notify you when it opens or closes. Protecting possible entry points is an excellent first step toward safeguarding your house.

Sensors may be used in both security systems and home automation systems. Cause and effect activities that span both may be created. You may even instruct it to send you a text message if the door opens while you're gone.

4. Install Glass Break Sensors

Install Glass Break Sensors
Install Glass Break Sensors

A glass break sensor detects the sound of glass shattering. These small beauties are very useful in a space with several windows. Most door/window sensors cost roughly $40 apiece, and you'll need one for each window you wish to monitor. A single glass break sensor, on the other hand, can monitor an entire room's worth of windows for under $80.

5. Include a Security Sign

If you don't need a full-fledged security system, a security sign is the next best thing. Burglars choose simple targets, and the prospect of a security system may dissuade them. Make careful you utilize a genuine sign; experts will not be deceived by a forgery.

6. Include Security Stickers

A surprising amount of robbers enter via a door, but a window may also be used.

As a precaution, place security alarm stickers on all first-floor windows.

Stickers, like security signs, may deter burglars, but there are no guarantees-especially if you don't have a proper security system.

7. Install a Security Camera

Install a Security Camera
Install a Security Camera

Security cameras may be used in conjunction with a home security system or on their own. The existence of a camera may dissuade robbers, and if that fails, it will aid in their capture. Cameras are particularly useful for capturing porch pirates in the act.

8. Repurpose Outdated Mobile Phones as Security Cameras

There are several free programmers available that can transform your old phones and tablets into security cameras.

Because most phones and tablets aren't waterproof, you won't be able to use your new cameras outside. However, you may place them throughout the home. (These are particularly useful if you live with someone you don't trust, such as an adult kid who may be stealing from you.) Most people won't give a second thought to an old phone resting on a bookcase.)

9. How to Answer the Door Correctly

How to Answer the Door Correctly
How to Answer the Door Correctly

Tell your children not to answer the door until you expressly tell them to. Even those they know may endanger them. And if an unexpected visitor knocks on your door, don't allow them in. It is preferable to be safe rather than courteous.

10. Install a Door Brace

Install a door brace behind your front door. When a door is locked, the bolt can withstand several hundred pounds of blunt force. If someone thinks they're going to kick down your braced door, they're in for a surprise.

11. Secure Your Doors and Windows

Secure Your Doors and Windows
Secure Your Doors and Windows

An intruder may find it quite simple to enter a property. Far too many folks forget to shut the door! Even if you live in a tiny, tranquil area, secure your doors and windows. It's better to be safe than sorry.

12. Do not Post a Photo of Your Key on Facebook

In the year 2022, you will be able to duplicate a home key using simply a photograph.

It's quite useful if you want to produce a clone without giving up the original, but it's also possibly harmful. Don't show images of your keys to anybody who isn't permitted to enter your house at any time.

"Why would I ever share a picture of my keys with someone?" you may be wondering. An influencer may take a photo of a free keychain (keys included) from their new sponsorship partner and share it across all of their social media channels. They may not know that revealing their home key puts them and their things in jeopardy.

13. Safe Sliding Doors

Because sliding glass doors are constructed of glass, a lock may not suffice. To strengthen a sliding glass door, use a metal or wood rod to keep it from sliding open.

Add a jimmy plate as a finishing touch (latch guard). The plate will prevent a thief from yanking the door off its rails.

14. Strengthen Door Jambs

Non-glass doors may also be problematic. The lock, jamb, and hinges are often the weakest areas on a door. We recommend that all three locations be reinforced on all outdoor entryways. You may acquire the components from Amazon and execute the project yourself if you don't have carpentry expertise.

15. Install a Peephole

A door peephole is worth $25 in home security gold. It will provide you a wide-angle view of your guests, allowing you to determine whether or not to let them in.

16. Install a Deadbolt

Install a Deadbolt
Install a Deadbolt

It never hurts to have a single-cylinder deadbolt locking with a 1-inch throw. However, word on the streets is that a deadbolt may be a fire danger, so we recommend fastening it only when you're sleeping or need additional security. For instance, if you have a known stalker, you should keep the lock turned on.

17. Install a Security Door

Screen doors are exactly what they sound like: they are similar to glass doors. They may be cut or perforated to provide simple access. Every screen door must be accompanied with a safety door. This adds another layer of protection between an invader and the screen.

18. Install Window Film

Front doors with side pane glass look great, but they introduce a new issue to home security: privacy.

You can see directly into your yard with these windows at night. It's great that you can see other people, but it's terrible that they can see you. Add ornamental window film to address the issue for a few bucks.

19. At Night, Close Your Blinds

Lights are on but it's dark outside? Keep your blinds closed. You'd be shocked how many thieves (and, let's face it, creeps) take advantage of the time of night when they can see right into your house.

20. Program Porch Lights to Turn On and Off Automatically

In the dark, a peephole is inconvenient. We recommend installing automatic porch lighting. This might include anything from motion-activated lighting to a system that enables you to switch your lights on and off at dusk and dawn.

21. Shine a Light in the Darkness

Porch lights are only the start. Motion lights in your backyard make it more difficult for burglars to creep about. Make certain that all possible entry points into your house are brightly illuminated.

22. Use Light Automation to Deceive Invaders

Light automation is an excellent method to make your house seem more lived in. BeON, for example, bases their whole home security concept on light automation that matches your in-home activity. Other home automation businesses let you build bespoke schedules or actions such as "turn on lights if motion is detected" or "turn off lights while I'm not at home."

23. Use Noise to Deceive Invaders

Burglars often target vacant homes. If a thief hears a noise in your house, they will most likely flee. Amazon sells low-cost goods that look like television lights. You could even play audio samples of individuals conversing using a smart speaker such as Sonos or Echo.

24. Purchase a Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells serve as both your eyes and ears. When your doorbell rings, you may utilize the technology to visually authenticate who is at the door. Some systems also have two-way conversation, which is particularly useful when you're not at home but want to pretend to be.

25. Close the Garage Door

A garage door is also a typical access place for a thief. Keep the door locked when mowing the grass, playing outdoors, or even dashing in to retrieve a forgotten item to boost your home's security. An open door is a welcoming invitation. Keep the door closed if you don't wish to expand it.

26. Close the Connecting Door

Lock the door between your home and the connected garage if you have one. Many individuals keep this door unlocked, despite the fact that it is an entryway to the house like any other.

It may seem to be time-consuming, but locking and unlocking the door does not take long. You may even install an automatic lock that opens as you approach.

27. Never Leave Garage Door Openers in Your Vehicle

Don't leave your automobile parked in the driveway with the garage door opener still inside. Automobiles are simple to break into. You jeopardize your home security by leaving a key to your house in the car.

28. Replace Your Locks

It's always a good idea to replace the locks when you move into a new property. This is true not just for renters, who should request a new lock from their landlord, but also for homeowners.

Another alternative is a keyless lock. Smart locks are incredibly handy for issuing temporary keys to employees and tracking who enters and departs.

29. Double-Check When Employees Depart

If you let a cleaning or construction company inside your house, ensure all doors and windows are closed when they depart. Many prior thieves came to a house as a visitor initially. It's simple for a worker to leave a door or window open in order to get access to your home later.

Last Thoughts about Make Your Home Secure

Nobody wants to be the target of a home invasion. Using the ideas on this post can help deter and avoid intruders, as well as keep your family and property secure. You may start small by focusing on only a few items on this list. Once you've completed them, you may go on to the rest of the tasks on the checklist. Every minor modification you make will make your house and loved ones feel safer.

About Robert Fox

Rob Fox is a former hydro worker, who used to teach self defence in Miami for 10 years. His hobbies include cribbage, golf, locksmithing, and cooking.

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