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In the competitive world of home security, with new brands of locks and various types of door hardware bombarding us all the time, standing apart from the pack is no easy feat.  New companies start up every single day – some are some are good, some are not so good, and very few are exceptional in any way.

The companies who don’t make the cut often use inferior materials, have design problems, and overall can’t provide us with the level of security we need to protect our homes.

Chances are that if you know anything about quality locks, and specifically residential deadbolt locks, you will have heard the name Schlage.

How can we make such an assumption?  Because Schlage is one of the oldest, and must reputable lock companies on the planet, producing some of the finest locks and door hardware you will ever come across, and if you’re a home owner and you haven’t heard of them, its about time you did.

Here’s an amusing ad by Schlage with an important lesson we can learn something from that you might have seen.

Why Do We Review So Many Schlage Locks On This Website?

Yes, we’ve reviewed plenty of Schlage locks here on this website, not to mention other Schlage door hardware systems, and in our experience they are always uniformly excellent.  When it comes to Schlage locks and door hardware of any kind, we’d expect nothing less than the best.  Schlage simply does not produce duds.

Quite simply, Schlage provides top value to those who are concerned with their home’s security and are looking for a top of the line deadbolt lock to protect it with that is attractive, sturdy, and easy to install.

So how did Schlage become such an industry leader?  When Walter Schlage started out his locking company in San Fransisco in 1920, how could he possibly have foreseen his company would be at the very top of the pile almost one hundred years later?

Schlage Touch Camelot Deadbolt Bright Brass

It seems that when a company like Schlage takes a dedication to the highest quality with both service and hardware, and then combines it with a very specific expertise in the field of locks, and does this for several lifetimes, the result is that they continue to dominate the home security niche for the foreseeable future.

In terms of their past credentials, Schlage has been responsible for inventing the first push button door lock, to later vastly improving upon the cylindrical lock concept that we are all familiar with today.

We simply feel that in a time when home invasions are commonplace, purchasing a deadbolt lock for your home should be a priority for any home owner, and having a top brand like Schlage to protect your home is something any residential home owner should at least consider.

Although we also analyze locks from other top brands such as Yale, Kwikset, LockState, Gatehouse etc, we rank Schlage as the best of the best.

Here is a list of our favorite Schlage locks which we have reviewed in detail.  Read our quick description to see if any of these Schlage locks might be suitable for your home or place of residence.

What Are The Best Schlage Locks Available in 2015?

We present you now with our list of the best Schlage locks on the market, based mainly on value for the money you spend, number of satisfied customers, and our own personal opinion of the lock’s performance based on our own experiences using them.

Schlage has made a number of great locks, but this list below, which is in no particular Top 10 order, will hopefully give you an idea for why these particular residential locks are our personal favorites.  Don’t forget to click the link below each product description to read a detailed review for each individual deadbolt lock.

Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock With Built-In Alarm

Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen DeadboltAverage Rating on Amazon: 4.5 Stars / 900+ Reviews / $191.88

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Quick Product Description

This smart Schlage deadbolt lock with ANSI Grade 1 Certification doesn’t just look sleek and stylish, it is loaded with great features that basically more than qualifies it to be the cost that it is.  If you want the best and the most sophisticated, this one is right up there at the top.

With several matte finishes to choose from and a fingerprint-resistant touch screen, its not just about style with this Schlage lock.  Fingerprints can allow an intruder from guessing your personal access code, but this particular deadbolt takes care of that, and performs many other useful functions as well.

With a 4-digit custom access code that you program in, you will never need keys again.  Simply enter your code this way and forgetting keys will be a thing of the past.  Every member of your family can have their own unique user code, and you can even set a temporary code for your pet sitter or cleaner.

Since it is in fact a smart device, via the “Connect” feature, you can control this deadbolt using your smart phone or via a laptop.

This Schlage connect deadbolt is made with the highest caliber materials, and possesses a strong motorized bolt for securing your home.  There are three different alarm modes here that will alert you for any type of movement happening at your door.  Highly recommended model.

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Schlage BE365VPLY505 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt Lock

schlage plymouth deadbolt closeup bronze

Average Rating on Amazon: 4.5 Stars / 800+ Reviews / $102.58

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Quick Product Description

This Schlage lock is not only one of our favorites, but also to 800 or so users who gave an excellent 4.5 stars grade on  We couldn’t agree more with this lock, since once again Schlage has designed a deadbolt lock which not only serves its purpose as a high security residential protection product, but it does so in style with a curvaceous and luxurious lock that is easy to install and just as easy to use.

Its a different overall design from the Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock, with an illuminated push button numeric keypad, a functional Schlage button at the top, and a protruding keyhole which we think adds to the style of this lock.  You have many different colors to choose from here (8 in total), including Aged Bronze, Antique Brass, Antique Pewter, Bright Brass, Bright Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Chrome, and Satin Nickel. With this selection of amazing colors, we believe you won’t have any problems finding the one that will match with your door or home interior.

Technically speaking, this Schlage deadbolt lock is a single cylinder keyless deadbolt, so the locking operations are performed by entering a 4-digit code onto the keypad which illuminates at night, and if you’re inside your home, locking is done by switching the thumb-turn knob on the inside assembly.

We love Schlage locks because they feature the best keyless residential entry systems out there, and this lock is of course no exception.  You won’t need keys anymore, which means a lot more freedom.  You can provide every member of your family with their own individual user codes, since this Schlage lock allows up to 19 different user codes.

Deleting or changing of these codes is simple.  Its a very quick process and it’s done on the keypad itself by using the 6-digit programming code that comes pre-set from the Schlage company.  Don’t forget to change up this pre-programmed code when customizing your lock.

Overall, this Schlage lock is easy to install (all that’s required is a common Philips screwdriver), easy to program and operate, so having one in your home will ease the stress of everyday life, while at the same time providing top security for your home and family.

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Schlage Touch Camelot Deadbolt BE375 CAM 619

Schlage Touch Camelot Deadbolt BE375 CAM 619Average rating on Amazon: 4.5 stars/ 60 + reviews/ $97.65

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Quick Product Description

This is one of the many Schlage locks which shoots for a more elegant and classy design while still being quite functional (but not ugly).  This lock will give a modern touch not only to your entrance door but to your home in general, as it is visible both inside and out (so we know it is important to match interior decors).

Besides its pleasing Schlage signature look, this deadbolt comes in 7 different colors, so just like Schlage BE365 VPLY 505 Plymouth Keypad model you can easily choose the one which matches up with your home’s style and color scheme.

The ANSI 2 grade of this Schlage lock means it guarantees the highest residential security of your home.  Any potential intruder will probably hesitate to cause any trouble with a seriously tough lock from a well-known brand such as Schlage, so the very existence of a Schlage lock on your door will already get you some level of security.  In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if a crook would take one look at this lock and move along based on the Schlage name – it’s that popular.  Moreover, this model offers an auto-lock feature which means you can set it to lock itself when you are headed somewhere.  Its an intelligent lock, and that’s great for when you’re in a rush.

What makes this deadbolt different from other keyless locks is that it offers true keyless convenience since it doesn’t have a keyed lock for just-in-case usage. This is a huge advantage since having no keyed lock means there’s no possibility of lock bumping which is quite often problem nowadays. This makes this Schlage lock one of the highest-security locks currently on the market. We don’t say that it’s the only one with this true keyless convenience, but it’s one of the best ones.  If lock bumping is a concern for you, you can see our top 3 bump proof locks here.

The operation of this Schlage lock is the same as with all electronic touch screen deadbolts. You simply enter your personal 4-digit code onto the LED illuminating touch screen and it will lock or unlock your door when outside.  From the inside, you operate it with a help of a thumb-turn knob. Its 9 volt batteries will provide you with 2 years of peaceful, stress-free use.

This modern, classy, and highly secure Schlage lock is perfect for side screen doors as well, not to mention front and back residential doors.

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Schlage LiNK Wireless Keypad Add-on Deadbolt

Schlage Link Wireless DeadboltAverage rating on Amazon: 4 stars/ 39 Reviews/ $180-$201

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Quick Product Description

The next lock in our list of top Schlage Locks is the Schlage LiNK Wireless Keypad Add-On Deadbolt.

It’s a certified ANSI 2 grade product, which means its the highest grade of residential lock you can get.  In knowing this fact, plus keeping in mind the company responsible for manufacturing this lock speaks volumes for the level of security it provides.

Similar to the other keyless Schlage locks we’ve mentioned on our list, the Schlage LiNk Wireless Keypad Add-On Deadbolt Lock involves inputting a code to gain access to your house.  So all you need to do is press the 4-digit code onto the illuminated keypad, however unlike some other Schlage locks the knob doesn’t rotate by itself.  Instead, its you that have to turn it in order to open the door.

Since it’s a smart deadbolt, this Schlage lock enables controlling your entire home security system via remote access through your computer, tablet, or Smart phone that has to have a phone platform like Android, Blackberry or iPhone. The thing is, you will need an additional Z-Wave gateway in order to be able to control it remotely. So, don’t expect this Z-Wave hub to come with the package of this Schlage lock, since you have to buy it separately, and we are here to suggest some of the best Z-Wave bridges available on Amazon.

Nexia BR100NX Home Intelligence Bridge for which you’ll have to pay $71 plus monthly fee of $8.99 which we think is rather unfair, but still it’s your choice to make

Mi Casa Verde VeraLite Home Controller which has the same function but it’s slightly more expensive from the Nexia bridge. It costs $104 but you won’t have to pay any monthly subscriptions. Having that it mind, we think this Z-Wave bridge is more convenient to buy. You can read our review of this product here.

This Schlage lock comes in 3 colors: Aged Bronze, Bright Brass and Satin Nickel. It has a classic Schlage design and its price is ranging from $180 to $201, depending on the 3 previously mentioned material types. It really is rather expensive in regards to the other Schlage locks we mention in this list, but if you have in mind that it’s a Schlage lock and a Z-Wave deadbolt at the same time that enables remotely monitoring of the access to your home, this cost doesn’t seem so unreasonable any more.

Read our full review here

Schlage FE575 PLA 626 ELA Plymouth Keypad Entry With Auto-Lock And E-Lan Levers

Schlage Flex Lock FE575 Plymouth

Average Rating On Amazon: 4.5 stars / 200+ reviews / $104.94 -$119.03

* Click here to view product page for both Plymouth Flex and Auto Locks

Quick Product Description

There are basically two locks to choose from with this lock, either the Flex Lock (FE 595) or the Auto Lock (FE 575).  The Flex Lock (pictured left), has a slightly higher price tag at $119, but has a thumbturn on the interior side of the lock which can allow you to switch between locked and unlocked positions manually.   The Schlage FE575 Auto Lock automatically relocks itself after 5 seconds.

Schlage FE575 PLY 626 Auto Lock

Once you’ve decided between the two styles of FE Plymouth locks, there are a couple of main difference between these two Schlage Plymouth deadbolt locks and other Schlage locks.

The main difference is probably the first thing you’ll notice, which is the prominent lever which matches the color of the locking mechanism.  The other thing to make a note of here is that this lock is not Z-Wave compatible, so if you’re using some sort of Smart Hub in your home, this lock will not be compatible with it.

For those interested in having a lever to turn rather than a door knob, this is your lock.  We feel that this particular deadbolt lock is more suitable for a back door, a workout room, a garage, or perhaps a shed, just due to its appearance alone.  You don’t often see E-Lan levers on the front door of a house, but of course it can be used for that purpose as well and we’re not here to make the rules!

After sorting out the key differences between this and other Schlage locks, lets talk about the similarities, starting with the fact that this lock offers the same high level of security as all other Schlage locks, with a weatherproof finish that will withstand all sorts of temperatures and weather events such as rain, sleet, and snow.

Like all Schlage keyless deadbolt locks, you can say goodbye to the use of keys, because all that is required is for you to input your personal access code into the illuminated keypad and you’re in.  It comes with 2 pre-set user codes, which you can then erase and program up to 19 of your own personal user codes, which is enough for your whole family, extended relatives, the dog walker, and then some.

If you already have a lock installed but think it will be too much of a hassle to replace it with something new and improved, just know that this Schlage FE575 makes it easy to kick your old inferior lock to the curb.  It only takes about thirty minutes and a Philips screwdriver for you to install this one and have a whole new level of security for your home.  All you need is a standard size door, and off you go!

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