Top 10 Most Expensive Home Security Systems In The World

by Robert Fox

There are the security systems that most of us use to protect our homes, which cost us an arm and a leg, by our standards.

Top 10 Most Expensive Home Security Systems In The World

LaView 8 1080P IP Camera Security System 16 CH Review
LaView 8 1080P IP Camera Security System 16 CH Review

These involve your usual pieces of equipment, from cameras, to special locks, to "my dog will eat your face" signs.

And THEN there are the security measured used by the ULTRA FILTHY RICH, AKA the most expensive home security systems in the world!

Most Expensive Home Security Systems In The World
Most Expensive Home Security Systems In The World

With no real financial restrictions, basically anything that security companies can dream up is on the menu for these folks and this includes some fairly outlandish options for self-protection.

For regular folks, we might get peeved when our wifi is down, but that's nothing to the demands of the filthy rich.

When it comes to the obscenely rich, their idea of a "little problem" is that their private jet can't fire a missile from their anti-aircraft gun.


Even though there's a fair chance most of us can't afford any of this stuff, it is cool to think about, because you never know…one day you might strike it rich and suddenly be on the market for your own panic room. 🙂

Here is our list of the TOP TEN MOST EXPENSIVE SECURITY SYSTEMS IN THE WORLD, that only millionaires or even billionaires are able to afford.

We go fairly in depth, so please note this is only PART 1. PART 2 is on its way!

Secret Passageways

Price: Varies, depending on design

To kick things off, lets look at what is one of the more reasonable security measures for one's home - a secret passageway.

Most Expensive Home Security Systems In The World
Most Expensive Home Security Systems In The World

The idea of a secret passageway goes back a long way - back to ancient times, where it was still associated with the rich because they would be installed in places like castles, and, earlier than that, in places like King Tut's t omb.

More recently, many people tend to associate secret passageways with movies, because we often see them there as well.

Think James Bond, or any number of more fantastical films where secret passageways lead to other worlds.

As it happens, secret passageways are becoming more common, although they are rather expensive due to the amount of custom work involved.

Hidden Passageway In Bookcase
Hidden Passageway In Bookcase

For example, Creative Home Engineering is a company based in Arizona which has a lot of experience designing all manner of custom secret passageways, with one popular model being the classic bookcase.

A bookcase is, if you've watched enough Agatha Christie movies or Scooby-Doo cartoons, the classic location for a secret passageway where you pull on a particular book, and voila - a hidden door opens up, revealing a passageway leading to another room via a staircase.

Here's a great video provided by Creative Home Engineering talking about their custom-built secret passageways.

As you can see, installing a secret passageway in your home might not be the most inexpensive thing you can do, but its certainly very cool.

Luckily, performing such a renovation in a home is still within the reach of the not-super-rich, but it is a fairly involved process with a lot of design know-how required of the builders.

As they mention in the video, in order to keep the passageway looking secret, it needs to be a seamless job.

Nothing can look "off", or it defeats the purpose of having a secret or hidden passageway installed.

Hidden Doorways Most Expensive Home Security
Hidden Doorways Most Expensive Home Security

So, realistically speaking, why do people currently want these secret passageways installed?

  1. Many adults are kids at heart, and have always dreamed of having something like this built into their home. So why not do it? If you can afford to, that is…
  2. Its a great way to hide parts of your home that you don't want people to see, such as unsightly mechanical constructs that really don't need to be out in the open.
  3. Secret passageways provide a safe haven for people in your home if they need it. If the job is done right, its somewhere you can escape to in case of home invasion or emergency.
  4. They provide an added level of privacy to your home in case you want a private getaway within your own home.
  5. Installing a secret passageway generally adds to the resale value of a home
  6. If you have a valuable collection you really want to keep private, you can make it extremely private by hiding away behind a hidden wall or down a hidden staircase.

N.C.B. Fallout Shelter

N.C.B. Fallout Shelter
N.C.B. Fallout Shelter

Price - Varies From 25K to 1 Million

The next most expensive home security system on our list is something called an N.C.B. fallout shelter.

N.C.B. stands for "nuclear, chemical, biological" fallout shelter, and protects those who can afford them against such attacks.

Of course, say goodbye to everyone else in your neighborhood because chances are none of them will have one.


Also called "safe rooms" or just bunkers, these shelters are fully equipped to keep you alive for over 3 months underground, with all the necessary supplies.

Such supplies include food and clean water, not to mention clean air, since you'll be underground and there might just be some sort of serious threat going on above ground that is happening on while you are safely down in your N.C.B. shelter.


Think of it as a military-style fortified Bag-End, if dragons were attacking the shire.

The thing is, calling this a "safe room" is a bit misleading, since these can be made to look more like an underground apartment.

Think below decks on a submarine, but much more visually appealing and comfortable.

If you take a look over at the website, which is just one place you can get such a shelter online, you can see that there are a wide range of prices when it comes to these shelters, depending on the size of the shelter itself.

The owner of this website wants you to know that he builds these shelters to last, so you can expect the highest quality product and that's going to mean budgeting for such an expense.

Of course, if you have millions or billions in the bank, its not such a big deal.

Installing one of these shelters is almost like installing your own small underground base - doesn't sound too cheap of a job, does it?

Nbc Fallout Shelter Most Expensive Security System
Nbc Fallout Shelter Most Expensive Security System

Price also depends on where the shelter is being transported from, and certain companies will bring it all to you but they will charge you by the miles traveled.

Plus, you have to account for things like chemical and biological filtering systems, reinforced hatchways, blast doors, blast valves, corrosion anodes, generators, and a few other things.

These shelters aren't kidding around - they are built to protect you under the worst circumstances.

These safe spaces can be designed to be almost any size, which further can up the cost.

Then there are excavation fees since this blast shelter is going to be installed underground at a precise distance, for maximum effectiveness.

With some shelter purchases, you and your family even get gas masks, in case one of you wants to venture above ground to see what's going on.

Here's a video showing how these N.C.B. shelters can look…

Superyacht Panic Room

Price - Depends on the price of the yacht, as it most likely will be part of the deal from the outset…

What's the point in having a billion dollars if you don't have a blinged out superyacht to cruise along the coastlines of the world?

Err.. "superyacht"? What's that? Oh, you know, one of these things…


Now, the thing about owning a superyacht, and especially one which is obviously belonging to someone of staggering wealth, is that it will attract pirates. Yes, actual pirates.

There are, of course, modern day pirates who are also out there on the high seas, looking for such targets as a young, rich, unassuming superyacht owner who forgot that pirates are actually real when they set out to sea that day.

Most Expensive Home Security Systems In The World
Most Expensive Home Security Systems In The World

Ah, but you're not as much easy prey as the pirates think, because you've got your own super yacht panic room.

Because what's the point in owning a superyacht if you don't have military-level protection from invading forces?

But before we continue, what is a panic room? A panic room is a room that is built into a home which is similar to the N.C.B. shelter we mentioned.

It is a self-contained space containing provisions which will allow you to hide out for long periods of time, and where no one can get at you.

No, you can't live inside this room for months (nor would you want to) as with your N.C.B. shelter, but you can last 5 or more days at least, and its equipped with ship-to-shore communication.

Superyacht Panic Room Layout
Superyacht Panic Room Layout

That's right, if the pirates invade your superyacht, you, the savvy person that you can, can hang out in the panic room with up to 24 others until the pirates leave, or the coast guard comes to arrest them since you will have a means to communicate with the proper authorities from within the panic room.

You also have the benefit of smoke screen activation from within the room, as well as blast protection, an independent generator, not to mention perhaps the most important features, a clean and working toilet and air filtration.

As mentioned on this website dedicated to superyacht security, its much better if the panic room is considered as the yacht is being built, rather than a sort of "aftermarket" panic room.

Security for superyachts is very big business these days, and if you are purchasing a yacht you may well want to be protected.

The Burglar Blaster

Price - Under $1000 (Something even non-millionaires can afford)

So far we've talked about security systems that involve added spaces to either your home or your home on the sea, in the form of shelters or hidden rooms.

Now we are about to talk one of the most interesting security measures to come out in recent years that that you can use to deter intruders the old fashioned way - by causing them to writhe around in your foyer crying and choking.

Burglar-blaster-xl 9.03.02 PM
Burglar-blaster-xl 9.03.02 PM
Enter the "Burglar Blaster Decintegrator"…

If you are a millionaire, buying one of these at under $1000 is like renting a movie on Netflix.

So, how does this little beauty work? Think of the burglar blaster as a combination of a sprinkler system / can of pepper spray - actually, many cans of pepper spray.

Burglar Blaster Home Security Device
Burglar Blaster Home Security Device
If one or more persons enter your home and pose any kind of threat, the infrared light on the burglar blaster will see them and it activates, filling up to 2000 square feet of your home with a noxious gas which has the ability to incapacitate intruders.
Burglar Blaster Home Security Device

The beauty of this device is it requires no extra wiring and can be installed by even the non-technical person in minutes. Then its - yep - ready to start blasting burglars.

Most Expensive Security Systems In The World
Most Expensive Security Systems In The World

Here is a full list of the features of the Burglar Blaster, taken directly from their website:

  • Needs no external wiring and is not affected by power outages.
    • Operates up to 4 years on a set of "C" cells.
    • Can be reloaded in seconds without tools.
    • No clean up required after activation.
    • Includes both a key switch and a concealed manually-activated on/off switch.
    • 0-40 seconds entry time delay, easily set by owner with non-directional, high pitched warning tone to remind forgetful owners to switch the unit off. Impossible for intruders to trace the sound to it's source.
    • Battery test circuit
    • Housed in a high - strength, cast aluminum/ alloy case. Compact and unobtrusive, can be painted to blend into any setting.
    • Includes 90 second exit time delay.Includes 12V output for options and accessories
    • Includes automatic reset.


Price - $100-200K (depending how big your helicopter is)

Ok, ok, we know that all you billionaires reading along are LOL'ing about the paltry price of the last security system, the Burglar Blaster, but we think it was just too cool to ignore, not to mention an effective way to incapacitate a burglar.

Heliport Worlds Richest Security Measures
Heliport Worlds Richest Security Measures

So, without delay, let us return to the more high-ticket items once again that are only truly available to that rich 0.01%. Hello again, billionaires, we are talking directly to YOU once again.

And what kind of self-respecting billionaire would be without their own heliport? That's right - gotta have one!

For a measly $100-200K, you can have a heliport constructed atop your penthouse or on top of your high rise tower which you no doubt own, making it rain on the daily.


Of course, the average person sees a heliport and assumes that it is just there for that billionaire to flaunt their wealth.

"Do they really need their own heliport?"

If that's what you think, we mustn't forget to consider that a heliport isn't just a means for the fabulously rich to come and go as they please by helicopter.

No, having a heliport is a means of escape when things get crazy.

If you have armed intruders bust into your mansion, there may only one way to go - up, and then into the wild blue yonder via helicopter!

A heliport is, if you don't know, an airport for helicopters (duh!).

Of course, if we're talking about private heliports, as in, the kind that you build on the roof of your penthouse, you're obviously going to have your own helicopter which would necessitate the construction of a heliport.

Private Helicopter
Private Helicopter

A helicopter on its own is going to cost you a bit of dough (between about $40K and $15 million), but if you're a billionaire, that's not going to be a problem.

In fact, you're going to look kind of stupid if you *don't* own a helicopter / heliport.

World's Most Expensive Security System
World's Most Expensive Security System

The trick is to make sure your heliport is ready to accommodate the size of your helicopter.

Not only that, as you might imagine, if you are going to be building the heliport on top of a building or home, as in the kind of home that doesn't already have a heliport built into its design, its going to cost a little extra to make sure that its done right.

We're talking a custom construction job which will run you possibly in the millions.

In fact, you might spend just as much renovating your home to have a heliport, depending on how you build your heliport.

Whereas if you put your heliport on top of a tall building, its not going to cost you nearly as much, as there is already a landing surface in place.

Still, you can't land just any bird on top of a building. It has to be the right size.

In addition, you're going to need to have your heliport painted so that it has the customary markings of a helicopter landing station (the "H" plus any kind of custom paint job you want done).

There are a lot of great things about owning your own heliport, not the least of which include security as well as convenience, plus a heliport can add resale value to your home - but there are also many things to consider before you get one built.

Check this article out for some tips on adding a heliport to your home.

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