We Review the Best Smart Outdoor Security Cameras

Like most other families, your family is probably spending a big portion of its income on either a home mortgage or rent. Therefore, you most likely want to protect that considerable investment.

Your home is not just the roof over your head. It is much more – it is your family that lives in it, it is your pets, it is the storage place for many precious personal belongings, it is the place where important information about your family members are kept, it is the place where your most precious memories had been made, and much more.

Unfortunately, your family members can be hurt, your pets injured, your belongings and your family memories stolen or destroyed. And, there is not much you can do about it. Or, can you!?

Yes, you can! You can make your home safer in many different ways. You wonder how? How about installing some money in equipping your home with home security camera and making it much safer.

Sounds interesting, right!? Ok, then stay with us to find out more about home security cameras. Here is what we are going to cover today:

We’ll start by explaining why you should install a security camera to your home.

Why You Should Install a Security Camera

Does the constant string of bad headlines on the news have you feeling uneasy? If you are ready to amp up security at your house to keep your family safe, security cameras are a great option.

They make robbers and burglars think twice before entering your home. They also help you see what happened at your house when you were gone.

You can watch the camera footage and see whether anyone came to your property while you were gone. You can also check whether the delivery guy really tried to deliver you that parcel that you have been waiting for so long.

And, you no longer need to work with a security camera in order to secure your house. There are many options on the market that allow you to be the security company for your house.

Next, we discuss the key factors you need to look for when buying a home security camera.

What to Look for When Buying a Home Security Camera

Here are some of  the key things you need to pay attention to when buying a home security camera:

  • Quality lenses
    If you want to capture images of people that are further away then right on your front porch you really want to check the quality of the lenses. Higher quality lenses can capture detail on people 100 feet away while there are other lenses that can’t go farther than 30 feet.
  • Night vision
    The point of your camera is to see what’s happening in the area. If you don’t have night vision options you won’t have a clear image of anything once the sun goes down.
  • Wireless vs. wired
    There are options for both. The right one for you will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. However, many homeowners are relieved that they don’t have to run wires around their house anymore.
  • Motion detection
    There are some cameras that won’t record until it detects motion in the area. This helps reduce the amount of storage space that you need.
  • Smart technology
    Some cameras allow you access to view what’s going on from your smartphone or online. There are other cameras that will alert you if there is motion. And, some cameras don’t have any of these options.

Next, we move on to the reviews. We start with the LaView 1080P Bullet security camera.

LaView 1080P Bullet Security Camera

Laview 12 1080P Ip Camera Security System 16 Ch 1080P

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The LaView 1080P Bullet Security Camera has everything that you are looking for in your smart outdoor security camera. It has a wide angle lens that helps you see everything going on around your house.

The camera provides crystal clear images during both day and night. Thanks to the superior night vision you can see details in the night images up to 100 feet away.

The camera isweatherproof and is great for indoor or outdoor use. It is protected from wind, rain, and dirt. The camera can also sustain temperatures as low as -22 degrees.

While all those features are nice, the LaView 1080P Bullet is one of the best smart outdoor security cameras because of its extra features. You can view this camera feed remotely at any time from your smartphone, tablet, pc, etc. You can receive email alerts when you are away if there is movement detected.

And, the camera features smart search which makes it easy to search through the recordings to find times of interest.

On to the next one…

Reolink RLC-422 PoE IP Security Camera

Reolink 4Mp 16Ch Poe Video Surveillance System, 8Pcs Wired Outdoor 1440P

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If you are new to DIY home security and looking for a great smart security camera, Reolink RLC-422 POE IP Security Camera will do the job.

This camera uses plug and play technology which eliminates your need to run wires during the install.

It also provides 24/7 remote viewing capabilities, which is also easy to set up. You simply download the app, scan the camera and you are ready to go.

The camera can captures images up to 65 feet away in the dark with incredible clarity with its 24pcs infrared LEDs. It is also weatherproofed at IP66 levels. This will protect your camera from the elements while allowing you to keep your house safe.

The Reolink RLC-422 PoE IP Security Camera includes optical zoom. The viewing angles range from 36 degrees to 100 degrees with a 4x optical zoom lens.

This allows you to zoom in and out as you are viewing the camera footage. The high resolution that the camera provides allows you to do this without losing image quality. This is one of the favorite features of consumers that are using this product.

Next, we review the Funlux Wireless outdoor security camera.

Funlux Wireless Wifi 720p Outdoor Security Camera

Funlux Wireless Two-Way Audio Home Security Camera (3 Pack) Smart Hd Wifi Ip Cameras With Night Vision

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This is a great camera to use to keep an eye on your property and home. It works as just one camera watching one area, such as your front door, but it was designed to work in a system also.

That means you can use it with other cameras as part of a larger system to watch multiple doors or windows or what’s happening on your property as well.

The camera is relatively easy to install. It comes with a 4 ft power cord though, so if you want to be further than 4 ft away from your power source you will want to purchase another cord to use.

The smart feature allows you to view this camera remotely. Some users are unimpressed with the app from Funlux. If you try the app and feel the same way there are others you can use to connect your camera to for your viewing abilities.

This camera is not 1080p so the picture quality is not going to be the highest on the market, however that is reflected in the price of the camera and still provides a good quality image. It also has an IR-cut filter which allows you to receive good night vision at up to 80 feet.

The Funlux Wireless Wifi 720p Outdoor Security Camera will notify you when there is movement on the camera and will also give you the option to record it. You can set the camera to only turn on when motion is detected.

On to the next one…

Foscam F19803P Outdoor Home Security Camera

Foscam Hd Wifi Security Cctv Surveillance System, Pre-Installed Hdd, Wireless Nvr Kit,

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Installation is a breeze with the Foscam Outdoor Security Camera. If you have been delaying taking the step into monitoring your own home for fear of how hard it is to set up this is a great camera to get.The instructions that come with this product regarding both the process of mounting the cameras and setting up the software are easy to follow.

They walk you right through the process so you don’t have to do any guessing and you don’t need to have prior experience to understand it. This camera will watch a fixed position and includes a view of around 70 degrees. For most users, this will be sufficient but choose your angles carefully.

Once this camera is up and running you can view the footage from anywhere you have internet access. The camera also has built-in audio. The camera will notify you via email when there is motion detected on your camera. It will email you with an image and/or audio from that time.

The camera also allows you to set private zones in the viewing area so you will not have to worry about invading your neighbor’s privacy or being notified every time they pull into their driveway.

The camera also has night vision which will provide you with images up to 65 feet away. Some users have run into problems with putting this camera too close to an exterior light.

If you do that, even near a motion light that only comes on occasionally, you can compromise the quality of footage that you are able to get from the camera.

The next one on the list is the Uniden GC45 Wireless camera.

Uniden GC45 Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Uniden Udrc24 Weatherproof Outdoor Camera (Black)

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This camera is part of a larger system and you can take full advantage of it by purchasing a system that includes the actual surveillance system and two cameras. The whole system is a plug and play and installs and set ups quickly. You can include up to four cameras on the system.

The Uniden Security Camera will work up to 500 feet away from the system. It includes a 4 foot power cord, but can be paired with an outdoor extension cord so you can place the cameras where you want them to be.

One of the most important features for an outdoor camera is that it is weatherproof.

This camera is weatherproofed at the IP66 grade, which means once you have this camera installed you don’t need to worry about it. The camera will hold up against wind, rain, snow, ice, and can withstand being both hot and cold.

Thanks to infrared cut filter usage this camera can provide high definition images up to 40 feet away even when it is pitch black. That means you can capture clear images of intruders or other issues day or night.

Recording options vary, which is a nice feature. You can tell your camera to record continuously, only when motion is detected, or for a set time when you are away from home.

The system does not communicate directly with wifi options for remote viewing.

Instead, it uses the Uniden system. You can then view the live footage from your smartphone using the app, or through the online portal on your computer.

Next, we review one of the most popular smart cameras – the Nest Cam Outdoor camera.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nestcam Outdoor Hd Security Surveillance Camera W/ 2 Way Audio (2 Pack)…

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The Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera allows you to keep an eye on your house from anywhere 24/7. These cameras work with Alexa voice control.

If you are working towards building a smart house, these are great cameras to add to your system. You can receive alerts on your phone when activity is detected.

Nest Cam has night vision with 8 infrared LEDs to help evenly illuminate the area you are watching.  Image quality is crisp and clear thanks to the 8x digital zoom. And, the cameras allow you to talk and listen to the person on the other end.

The cameras are easy to set up because they are wireless and have a simple plug and play installation.

To take full advantage of all the features you do need to have a Nest Aware subscription.

Last but not least, we review the Zmodo Wireless security camera system.

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System (2 Pack), Smart Home Hd Indoor Outdoor Wifi Ip Cameras With Night Vision, Cloud Service Available

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The Zmodo wireless cameras have all the features you are looking for. For starters, it is compatible with Echo Show to allow you the option of voice control. You can be notified of activity or see the live stream at any time with the Zmodo app.

When you are alerted that there is motion you actually receive a video clip instead of a still frame. This helps you get a clear picture of what’s happening instead of trying to guess from a single image.

The video feed can be set up to view four-channels at a time. This makes it easy to keep an eye on multiple areas around your house.

The camera is IP65 weatherproof making it an indoor/outdoor camera. It’s protected from a temperature range of -10°C to 50°C. The IR LED lights allow you to view up to 65 feet at night. You can also control the IR sensitivity to alter the visibility of the area.

Choose What is Right for You

There is a camera on the market that meets pretty much any need that you have for your home security. Take the time to read the full reviews of these listed above to make sure you are getting the best camera for your situation.

Consider whether you want multiple cameras or just one, and what type of night vision capabilities that you need. Once you have your cameras up and installed you can rest at ease.