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Burglaries have seen a 19.7% decline over the past ten years according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program. While that can sound like a reassuring statistic, the Electronic Security Association claims that another burglary happens every 15 seconds.

For this reason it is just as important as ever to protect your home and family by using locks that are pick resistant and bump proof.  

Be aware, that lock picking and lock bumping are not the same thing, but in this article we are focused on lock picking and specifically what we think are today’s best pick proof locks, plus some additional information besides. 

We give you all the details needed to choose what’s the best anti pick lock for you.

History Of Lock Picking

Although there are not exact details as to when the first picking of a lock occurred, we can assume that lock picking has been around since the first locks were invented.

Back in late 1700s and first half of the next century two English locksmiths, Jeremiah Chubb and Joseph Braham, created locks that appeared to be unbeatable.

People were challenged to pick the locks and offered rewards if they could accomplish it. No one was successful and people had a feeling of “perfect security” in this regard.


However, in 1851 an American locksmith by the name of A.C Hobbs removed that “perfect security”. He was able to pick Chubb’s lock in a mere 25 minutes and then took on the Braham Challenge.

The lock that had remained unpicked for well over half a century was opened within 51 hours.

This showed the world what was possible and the industry has been working to re-create that feeling of absolute security ever sense.

How to Prevent It From Happening to You

No homeowner wants to be the victim of a break-in or burglary. With all the news of lock picking and bumping it is overwhelming to understand what you can do to keep your house safe.

However, the solutions are easier than one might think thanks to advancements in security technology.

While no lock can be considered 100% pick proof, there are many quality pick resistant locks on the market today.


There are steps, both small and large, that you can take to make your residential locks pick resistant. One simple option is to add a flip guard door lock to your deadbolt.

This guard covers your deadbolt, making it so burglars, even if they have picked your lock, will not be able to unlatch it.

The guard actually stops the turn from moving to unlatch the lock. Consumers like this product because it is affordable, easy to install, and simple to use.


The other option that homeowners have to improve the pick resistance of their locks is to replace the locks themselves. Technology continues to advance allowing higher quality locks to be sold to homeowners.

When you are looking at purchasing a new lock it is important to remember that the old saying is true, “you get what you pay for”.

Locks that are harder to pick are going to cost you more money, but the price is money well-spent when you compare it with the alternative.

3 Of The Best Pick Proof / Pick Resistant Locks – Review

Kwikset 991 Cameron Entry Knob and Single Cylinder Deadbolt Combo Pack


If you are looking for a more basic lock and are not interested in having a keyless entry deadbolt, Kwikset offers a lock with SmartKey technology.

The Kwikset 991 Cameron Entry Knob and Single Cylinder Deadbolt Combo Pack offers a lock that is both affordable and effective. Amazon customers in particular are fans of this product.

The installation is easy and the bump guard helps to safeguard your house from entry through lock bumping, the newest form of lock picking, as well as drill resistant.

The re-key features allows homeowners to easily re-key their house in as little as 30 seconds without the help of a locksmith.

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Schlage BE468 Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt


Schlage Lock Company is well known on the market for quality locks and they don’t disappoint with the BE468 Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt.

This lock allows you to have easy keyless entry into your home. The touchscreen is fingerprint-resistant to keep burglars from being able to guess the numbers in your code.

The lock features an anti-pick shield to fight against lock tampering.

An automatic lock options allows you to have peace of mind against forgetting to lock the front door and the Z-Wave Technology allows you to use your smartphone to lock and unlock your door.

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NextBolt NX3SN EZMount Deadbolt


The newest technology on the market is biometric door locks like the NextBolt NX3SN EZMount Deadbolt. This lock allows you to program the fingerprint of up to 99 users.

You no longer need to make countless keys for each member of your family and then pass out extras to house cleaners, babysitters or contractors.

The technology allows you to control which user has access at which time. You can control who has access into your house at any time.

The locks are bump proof, drill proof and pick proof. The lock also includes a lock that will sound if it has been tampered with.

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