Dynasty Hardware Push Bar Panic Exit Device Review

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Many commercial buildings that have a large number of people inside need to have easy push bar exit devices in case of an emergency.

During emergency situations that require the building to be evacuated, like a fire, people need quick and easy access out of the building.

There are many devices to choose from on the market, but today we are going to review the Dynasty Hardware Push Bar Panic Exit Device.

Feature Pick

Dynasty Hardware Push Bar Panic Exit Device Aluminum

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What is Included With Your Purchase

When you purchase the Dynasty Hardware Push Bar Panic Exit Device Aluminum, With Exterior Lever you will receive the following things:

  • Push bar with dogging feature
  • Dogging key
  • Roller latch
  • Exterior latch

Product Features

Size Customization – Fits doors from 30″ thru 36″. It is able to be cut to the size you need.

Dogging Feature– The key that is included with the panic bar works smoothly for dogging the door open and closed.

Durable – This product is made of aluminum. It is high quality and durable. That is one of the things that reviewers were happy with on the Dynasty Hardware Push Bar Panic Exit Device.

Easy Installation – Consumers love how easy this panic bar is to install. Follow the directions below to speed the process along.

Keyed on the Exterior – The exterior door includes a Schlage “C” Keyway. This makes it easy for many consumers to rekey the door to match existing doors.


Installation is simple and does not require a big time commitment. Some consumers find the instructions that come with the product to be lacking.

However, one reviewer provided updated installation directions to help out other consumers:

1. Remove old lock set if needed
2. Remove head and end covers from push bar
3. Mount outside door handle
4. Hold push bar on inside of door, use a level to make sure it’s straight, and mark the holes
5. Leave bar to the side and drill holes
6. Attach bracket to hold butt end of push bar
7. Insert bar into bracket and put in rest of the screws
8. Mount roller latch to frame
9. Reattach head and end covers

What People Like About the Product

This question would be better asked, “What is there not to like about the Dynasty Hardware Push Bar Panic Exit Device?” Consumers as a whole believe this product is durable and high quality.

Users also like how easy it is to install and that it includes the Schlage keyway. Amazon reviewers have given it a 4.5  star rating

What you see is what you get with this product. It meets the description of what it promises, which makes it a great addition to your commercial building.


The only legitimate complaint that can be found and made about this product is that the instructions that come with the product are not good.

Consumers have a difficult time while trying to follow the installation directions that come with the product. However, if you follow the instructions above you should not have a problem.


If you are looking for a simple panic bar then this is a great option. It performs well, opens smoothly, and locks easily.

However, you need to be aware that this push bar is simply an exit device. It does not act as an alarm should anyone enter or exit the building.

If you are looking for a panic exit door that is alarmed to make others aware of someone using the emergency exit, take a look at the review we did on the Tell Manufacturing Exit Bar with alarm.

However, if you are looking for a basic panic bar to allow for easy access out of your building, this is a great solution and worth the expense.

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