Best Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home

by Robert Fox

Despite the increased prominence of home security systems, house invasion remains a terrifying possibility that should make everyone tremble. Even if you own your house or rent a place, there are various things you could do to make it safe as possible. Many of the suggestions and methods we're discussing with you here are easy to implement, and they'll all help to keep criminals away from your house. Some of the measures you can take to improve the safety, protection, and integrity of your house are listed below.

Best Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home
Best Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home

Priority Is Given To Prevention

It is much simpler to discourage burglars than it is to apprehend them once they have made up their minds. Remember that most thieves usually spend time searching out residences before deciding on a target. So the greatest thing you could do is to stop them from choosing your house as a destination in the first place. Here are some excellent methods for discouraging burglars and criminals from attacking your house.

The era of leaving your house unprotected or having open windows while you're away is long gone. According to statistics, 160 burglaries occur in the United States per hour. Every day, around 3,840 robberies occur.

Priority Is Given To Prevention
Priority Is Given To Prevention

As shocking as these figures are, the best part is that you may take a variety of preventive actions to burglar-proof your house and safeguard your dear ones.

We've compiled a detailed list of strategies you may apply at home to protect your family from prospective robbers.

1. Lighting In The Yard

Lighting In The Yard
Lighting In The Yard (source)

Assuring your outdoor spaces are well-lit is a good strategy to deter possible burglars. A well-lit residence not only shows that people are present, but it also makes any questionable behavior evident to you and your neighbors.

2. Lighting On The Street

Lighting On The Street
Lighting On The Street (source)

A well-lit roadway will prevent potential burglars who are searching out houses to break into. Burglars favor dimly lit regions where they may remain undiscovered.

If your community lacks enough street lighting, work with local leaders to advocate for improved illumination. Participate in any active neighborhood associations in your region to get favor for your issue.

3. Increase Visibility

The sight of your house from the roadway or from a neighbor's house is critical in safeguarding it from outside. As a protective measure, if your home is not visible from the road, or the road is not seen from inside your property, you may need to reevaluate your landscaping.

Overgrown vegetation and huge blocking trees may both impede your view of the road and cover particular portions of your lawn. Out-of-sight spaces in your lawn are ideal hiding places for thieves-but they are simple to eradicate!

Trimming huge shrubs and eliminating overgrown trees can improve your visibility and assist your neighbors in detecting suspicious activity on your property.

4. Define Your Property's Boundaries

Define Your Property's Boundaries
Define Your Property's Boundaries (source)

Fencing, gate, or barrier around your house indicates to outsiders where your land starts. Aside from keeping unwelcome guests out, fencing or wall around your lawn will boost your feeling of safety and cause you to feel safer right away. It also helps you to tell the difference between a trespasser and a guest.

5. Hide Costly Things

Keep any pricey goods out of sight on your lawn or nearby your windows. Walking by your house, potential burglars seek signals that it has high-value things that may be readily stolen. When not being used, expensive products, such as electronics, must be stored.

Hide Costly Things
Hide Costly Things

6. Motion Detectors

Install a high-quality security system on your property and watch your worries slip away! Motion detectors are included in today's current alarm systems, alerting you about the activity on your premises.

You don't have to be at residence to get these notifications, and you may tailor the zones that need monitoring. Moreover, alarm systems with motion detectors deter prospective thieves, making them one of the finest preventative steps you can take to safeguard your house.

Motion Detectors
Motion Detectors

7. Secure Your Doors

Secure Your Doors
Secure Your Doors (source)

Protecting your doors seems to be a no-brainer! Many individuals, however, get careless when it comes to bolting their front door or securing their garage when they depart.

People believe that criminals will not attempt to break the garage door or that breaking in via the front entrance is too visible. That, however, is not the scenario.

8. Get to Know Your Neighbors

Get to Know Your Neighbors
Get to Know Your Neighbors (source)

Learn about your neighbors and develop ties with them. Neighbors keep an eye on you and will let you know if they see anything out of the ordinary.

Neighbors get accustomed to seeing the sorts of guests that come to your place, as well as the things that happen around your house and when they occur. They can readily detect a stranger who must not be there and will notify you if they believe anything is odd.

9. Neighborhood Patrol

Consider creating a neighborhood watch group if your area does not already have one. The group would be in charge of analyzing the goings-on in the neighborhood, as well as raising awareness about crime and debating any questionable activities. You may also participate in online discussions or social media groups specific to your community.

10. Be Prepared for Inclement Weather and Power Disruptions

Remember that criminals attack when the chance arises. They don't take the day off if there's a rainstorm or a power failure. If the weather is terrible and your view of your property is obscured by rain, snowfall, or fog, is especially cautious.

If you encounter power failures in your region, be careful to lock all of your outside entrances. Be aware of electrical gates that stop working when the power is turned off-these may be readily pushed open with no alert ringing.

11. Be Careful not to talk Too Much!

Take caution not to reveal too much about your home's defense or your holiday plans to outsiders, particularly on social media.

Also, be aware of anyone that overwhelms you with inquiries about your daily routine, house layout, or security devices. Anything that may not seem to be essential at the moment may be vital to a criminal's break-in strategy.

12. Exercise Caution While Dealing with Service Providers

If you hire someone to repair a busted pipe, fix an appliance, or simply mow your grass, be cautious of the portions of your home that they have accessibility to. Criminals may easily impersonate a service provider since the position offers them unrestricted access to your house and avoids your suspicion.

Make certain that service providers are monitored and aren't roaming about your house alone, with the potential to unlatch a doorway or deactivate a camera.

Exercise Caution While Dealing with Service Providers
Exercise Caution While Dealing with Service Providers

13. Maintain Alertness Throughout the Day

According to statistics, the most typical time for robberies is during the day. Despite popular assumption, break-ins are more likely during the day since that is when you are at job and your children are at school. When you go out in the morning, ensure to activate your security system!

14. Lock Your Internal Doors

Obviously, you're aware that you should keep your external doors locked at night. However, as an added security measure, you might also want to explore securing inside doors as well.

For instance, if there is a door going into your house's bedroom quarter, it should also be secured. If you stay alone and wish to take additional precautions, try locking your bedroom door at night.

Lock Your Internal Doors
Lock Your Internal Doors

15. Household Protection System

Using a keypad, you may activate and disable different portions of your home at the same time. For your ease, you may alert the downstairs part of your home while leaving the upstairs unalarmed. A home safety alarm system will also notify you where the alert was triggered if it goes off.

Current alarm systems provide a plethora of smart home capabilities that will give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your family. You can operate the doorbell, alarms, and webcams from your smartphones, so you wouldn't have to be at home to find out who's at the doorstep!

Household Protection System
Household Protection System

If you need assistance selecting the best safety system for your house, contact a nearby alarm provider.

16. Surveillance Cameras

Installing security cameras in key locations throughout your home can enable you to watch key sections of your property. Whether you buy a standalone camera setup or it interacts with your smart home security system, the goal is to have video surveillance of your house whether you're at work or in you'll be able to view what's tripping the alarm and check if it was triggered by a true emergency if you employ a home security system with cameras.

Surveillance Cameras
Surveillance Cameras

17. Have A Fireproof Safe

Purchase a safe to keep your things in. Purchase a fire-resistant safe that is anchored to the wall or floor, preventing robbers from simply removing the whole safe from your house.

A safe will keep your things safe and undamaged. Keep the passcode safe with you and don't write it wherever it might be readily seen, even on your phone!

Anytime you buy a costly item, keep the receipt in the safe. If anything is stolen, you would need the receipt to aid file an insurance policy.

Additionally, retain serial numbers (and, if applicable, images) of everything you care for. If your laptop is stolen and you find it at a pawn shop, you won't be able to take it back unless you already have that serial number on file elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

We've identified some outstanding solutions for burglar-proofing your house in this article. When it comes to the protection of your house and loved ones, you shouldn't ever settle for second choice. If you follow these basic advice and methods, your house will be far less likely to get to be a target for thieves, intruders, and other evil people.

About Robert Fox

Rob Fox is a former hydro worker, who used to teach self defence in Miami for 10 years. His hobbies include cribbage, golf, locksmithing, and cooking.

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