Dreambaby Chelsea Security Gate Review

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Parents are so excited when their little one first begins to crawl and walk.

But, it isn’t long before parents quickly realize the obstacles that are coming and the importance of baby proofing and a good baby gate.

There are a few things that your baby gate needs to do: keep your child in or out of certain rooms, protect them from climbing up or falling down the stairs, be easy for adults to get through, and stand the test of time as your baby grows into a rambunctious toddler.

This review of the Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall and Wide Auto Close Security Gate will breakdown for you why this might be a great fit for your baby gate needs.

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall and Wide Auto Close Security Gate in White with Extensions review

Dreambaby is an international company with products focused on child safety. Founded in Australia, the company has grown substantially and added offices in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Their products are available in over 100 countries in both small independent stores and with large retailers. They offer a large variety of baby gates that are not only sturdy and secure, but beautifully designed.


extra wide baby gate dreambaby

There are many features included in this baby gate and the name shares some of the best features it has to offer:

Height – It doesn’t take long for toddlers to figure out how to climb over a standard size baby gate.

This extra tall gate by Dreambaby comes at a height of 39.4″, which is a full 10″ taller than most standard baby gates.

The added height keeps toddlers from attempting to climb over and most pets from jumping over it.

The gate also makes it more convenient for adults to open without having to lean over to reach the gate.

Width – This Dreambaby security gate is a great fit for all of those larger than standard openings in your home.

A standard baby gate typically fits the size of a standard door, 32 inches, which can be a problem if you have large door openings or want to use the gate in a different area of your home, like a hallway.

The gate fits openings from 38.1″ to 42.5″ as it is.

However, this gate can work with up to 4 extensions (purchased separately) that will allow this gate to work on openings as large as 198.5″.

One Hand Operation – Baby gates can be tricky to maneuver when you are holding a baby, but this Dreambaby gate has an easy to open one hand operation.

The gate also opens in both directions, which makes it easy for you to step right through.

Auto Close – This is an excellent feature for busy parents that are caring for a child.

The gate easy swings open and once you are though and take your hand off the gate it automatically closes.

There is no longer the need to turn back and try to mess with a tricky to latch gate.

Installing The Gate

dreambaby security gate review

Your gate from Dreambaby will come with everything you need for a quick and easy installation.

This baby gate can be installed simply as a pressure mounted gate, eliminating the need to make holes in your wall or door frame.

No screwdriver required for a quick and easy install, you simply tighten the knobs (just by turning with your hand) until the latch is secure.

Most buyers of this gate found the pressure mounted system to work so well, they didn’t feel the need to mount the gate. 

One reviewer commented on the ease of setup:

“From the time I opened the box, until I had it installed, was 10 minutes. The only assembly was inserting the screw-type bumpers that affix the gate with pressure against the walls.”

When you receive the gate it will come complete with hardware if you would prefer to mount your gate on the wall.

This is a good idea when using the gate at the tops of stairs. There are adapters that can be purchased separately so you can use this gate in stairwells and with railings.

They make it easy to secure the gate in places that most standard baby gates cannot fit properly.

Alternative Uses

dreambaby extra wide security gate for babies

This gate is designed for use with children, but also works great with pets!

Many internet reviewers of this gate are using this product to keep their fur babies out of, or in, specific rooms in their home.

While the extra tall height is great to keep children from climbing over, it works just as well for keeping pets from jumping over.

With the bars set at 2 1/4″ apart most animals are not able to sneak in-between.


The Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall and Wide Auto Close Security Gate is a great product if you are in need of a gate for a opening that is larger than a standard door.

The extra width  lets you use this gate in many areas of your home that standard baby gates are not going to work.

The extra tall height is a real help at keeping toddlers and pets from climbing or jumping over.

With easy install and adapters to help it fit any space, this highly recommended baby gate is one you will definitely want to purchase.

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