How Are Gun Safes Made? What Kind of Gun Safe is Strongest?

by Robert Fox

Almost all the meticulous gun owners know the risks of owning some deadly weapon and the obligation and responsibility to keep it safe and secure. It is a matter of common sense to avoid any accidents, theft, robbery, and various unfortunate situations a weapon or a gun must be inaccessible to everyone which means that a gun safe is required to store firearms.

The gun safes gave you a sense of security that the weapon is stored somewhere safe out of the reach of everyone to avoid any kind of risks. Tragedies related to gunfire are not rare and on the report of the Children's Defence Fund, the possibility of incidental death by a home gun is 4 times much more than a house without a gun. Since many people don't lock up their weapons around children which is the cause of many teenager suicides and other mishaps.

A safe for securing your gun is not much different from every other kind of safes and like every lockbox, it can be broken down. Nevertheless, storing weapons out of the reach of children and robbers will heighten the security of human beings and property.

How Are Gun Safes Made? What Kind of Gun Safe is Strongest?
How Are Gun Safes Made? What Kind of Gun Safe is Strongest?

The Manufacturing of Gun Safes

The Manufacturing of Gun Safes
The Manufacturing of Gun Safes

The manufacturing of gun safes involves advanced technology machines and plants that use oiled and pickled steel for making safes. After the selection of the steel, it goes inside the roll form technology to create all types of safes like two-piece, three-piece, and five-piece safes. Different brands have specific features that they use on their safes like some use military design locking bars to provide high security.

The Manufacturing of Gun Safes
The Manufacturing of Gun Safes

The Types of Construction of Gun Safes

There is a huge range of, safe manufacturers, in the market and each one of them has some unique quality and approach for building their safes. But not all design safe has an equal sense of security and manufacturing.

The Types of Construction of Gun Safes
The Types of Construction of Gun Safes

The factors that determine the robustness of a safe

There is no safe that has a one-piece body and that is the first important that you have to understand and keep in mind. Suppose if there is a one-piece safe present then it would be known as a security cube or rectangular prism. Anyhow, each safe is manufactured from various pieces of metal or steel that are then welded together.

This welding and number of the welds is the determining factor of the robustness of a safe. If the number of welds is fewer that it is better for the strength of a safe. The quality of the welds is also a factor that determines the robustness of a safe.

There are three leading types of construction bodies of safes that are:

  • Five-piece body.
  • Three-piece body.
  • Two-piece-body.

Five-piece safe construction

Five-piece safe construction
Five-piece safe construction

This construction is comprised of fully individual pieces that include the right, side, lift side, bottom, top, front, and back of the safe. Each piece is separate that is then welded together. There is a huge amount of welding involved which is not good for the security of a safe because robbers can hammer or pry the welds aside easily.

The reason behind this type of safe manufacturing by some companies is resources. The type of safe bodies needs little assistance from machinery. Various brands make this kind of safe body by hand.

Three-piece safe construction

Three-piece safe construction
Three-piece safe construction

To create three-piece safe construction manufacture utilize machine power for bending a single sheet of steel on three sides. So the welding is only done on two sides of a safes' body. This type of body and construction is safer than the five-piece one. But it could be pretty vulnerable to stripping attacks in some situations. But this depends upon the welding strength and quality.

Some super-strong high-end three-piece safes are manufactured by using MIG welders to produce highly strong welds.

Three-piece safe construction
Three-piece safe construction

Two-piece safe construction

A two-piece safe construction is the closest try manufacturers made to create a safe by utilizing a single sheet of steel and this is generally achieved by the bending of a single steel sheet from sides, top, and bottom. Then the separate steels' piece is welded in the back of a two-piece safe.

Commonly, every two-piece safe construction goes through various automated processes like robotic precision welding which provides a great amount of strength and robustness to the safes' body ensuring it to withstand an enormous number of attacks and punishments. The possibility of peeling or stripping attacks on the safe becomes nearly impossible with this type of construction.

The Different Sorts of Gun Safes

Some of the home safes have various features in common like they are very heavy, they are drill-resistant and they lock. But some models of safes are different from one another based on the number of firearms they can hold. Some of those varieties are:

Safes for Handguns

The safes for handguns are mostly small and portable like a briefcase. These safes are especially for people who carry firearms everywhere. Safes for large handguns can take multiple numbers of guns because it has multiple shelves within a unit in it which has the same size as a crate of milk. These types of safes can be designed for vehicle use to place them inside a cars' console.

Safes for Long-gun

For guns like shotguns and rifles that are pretty long, they require a tall safe to store them. A safe with an inside height is about sixty inches is ideal for such guns. The width of the safe depends upon the number of weapons it could store properly. The capacity of a safe varies from one weapon to dozens of guns and it is up to your preferences which one you need.

Safes for Multi-usage guns

There are some safes for guns that can hold both long guns, documents, shotguns, jewelry, handguns, and other valuable things. They might be big or small, stationary or portable and they might come equipped with multiple compartments like drawers, shelves, and hooks to securely hold a huge number of things.

The Best and Strongest Gun Safe

If you possess a license to keep a gun for hunting or personal security then you have to be super careful about storing it and for that purpose, you need a safe that can easily secure your weapons from children and thieves to avoid any difficult situation.

Here are some of the best and strongest gun safes that you might like.

1. Liberty Safe Centurion 12 Gun Safe - Link

This safe by Liberty Centurion has the best quality with great storage capacity for valuable items and weapons. It has a three-piece construction and it is impenetrable and strong. This safe is pretty durable and versatile and it has a 3 combination lock for extra security. This Liberty safe has a refined design and clean body.

This Liberty safe cannot store 12 guns and the locking pins tend to get loose quickly.

2. AmazonBasics Security Safe Box - Link

This Amazon safe has a top-notch security level with high quality and it is a great standalone safe for weapons and other valuables. It has an adjustable shelf and many other interesting features that provide effective security. This safe nicely fits inside a cabinet. It is two inches thick and has four bolts and has an electronic lock.

The only drawback of this outstanding gun safe is that it is not waterproof or fireproof.

3. American Security Gun Safe TF Series - Link

This brand is the best security-safe manufacturing company known as Amsec. This safe can store valuables and firearms effortlessly and it has the capacity of eleven guns which is a pretty amazing feature of this safe. It has multiple features that make it one of the best gun safe in the world. It is durable and strong and its material is fire insulating that makes this safe as fireproof.

The only drawback of this safe is that sometimes it handles fall off but it has a lifetime warranty that covers this problem.

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