ZOSI Security Camera Review

ZOSI Security Camera Review
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Two of my neighbors’ homes have just recently been broken into (2 months ago), and so I felt it was time to go out and get myself a security camera just in case. 

Little did I know what I was getting myself into when shopping for a security camera!  I will do my best to bring you up to speed about how it took me a long time to find the right camera, with everything that goes along with it, and not spend a ton of money.

Basically, what I found was that with the Zosi camera, is that you are basically getting a great deal overall due to the fact that most security cameras that offer quality like this come at a much higher price. 

This Zosi camera is reasonably priced, in my humble opinion, so I would say can’t really go wrong in that regard by purchasing this security camera.  Of course, having a camera that records a grainy image, or gets damaged by weather, makes spending any amount of money a waste, but I’m just saying that with this camera I was actually surprised at how well it records considering what I spent on the camera itself.

Wider Field Of View

zosi security camera review

When comparing this home security camera to my neighbors’ camera, it was clear that the field of view on my camera, in addition to being surprisingly clear, was also quite wide.  For what I was pointing the camera at, this is exactly what I needed.

With its 4.6mm lens, this Zosi Security Camera captures everything very well and maybe is even a little bit too wide for some people, but personally I had no problem with the view it took.

This was my first security camera, so take that into consideration in this zosi camera review, but I’ve since bought several others and this is still the one I use the most prominently as I like the way it captures things.

Color Accurate

color accurate zosi security cameraMaybe “accurate” isn’t the right word exactly, but I just mean to say that the color looks fairly real.  I know with a lot of camera-snobs out there, they will tell me that saying this zosi camera has great color isn’t true, and I guess compared to some devices (other than security cameras) the color could be better.

I think, if something did happen and this camera caught someone on a recording, I could easily hand this footage over to the police and they’d know exactly who they were looking for.  That’s pretty great, considering one of my neighbors managed to catch the guy on his camera and the police couldn’t do anything with that footage he gave them because it was crap.

Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera

zosi security

If you’re on the market for a good security camera, one thing you’ll want to make sure that get is a camera that has decent night vision footage.

The way this Zosi security camera is designed, with its 42 infrared LEDs, it is capable of capturing a clear picture for up to 110 feet at night.

It also comes with AGC (Auto-Gain Control) and BLC (Back Light Compensation), to make its image quality that much better.  I don’t really understand how this security camera came so cheap with all the functionality it has, but it is a great deal and I’m not complaining.

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Weatherproof, Vandal Proof, Kid Proof

zosi security camera review

This camera has been up at my house for about 1 and a half months, and during that time, you know what they say, “no news is good news”.

There was another break in down the street – this time into a car parked out on my neighbors driveway, but they seem to have avoided my house so I don’t know whether to credit that to the camera or just luck.

Also, I live in Portland and it rained for a week straight since I’ve installed the camera and that didn’t affect it at all.

One time a kid from down the street actually saw my camera and decided to throw a baseball *at* the camera.  Nice, thanks Joey!  Anyway, it made a bit of a ding in the camera but on the other hand, the camera still worked fine afterward and even caught the little beggar walking onto my driveway and doing the deed with a smirk on his face.  I would show you the picture but I feel like his mother would take me to court just for that!

Sturdy camera in any case!

Everything You Need All In One Box?

videosecu dvr

I wasn’t sure at first, but my suspicions were confirmed as soon as I bought the camera that I would need more than just what came in the box, plus the DVR which I knew was going to cost me a fair amount of money to begin with.

As for a DVR, I went with the VideoSecu 8 Channel DVR (pictured left).  Its a solid machine, but I’ll have to save that for another review.  I even bought it online and it saved me some time.

zosi security camera system review

What I wasn’t sure about was the power source, which didn’t come with it.  I picked up a power supply as well (again, I went with Videosecu and you can buy it here on Amazon for a good price).  In the end, getting the whole system set up took long than I thought but I really should have expected as much, since I was going from having no home security system to actually having one and that’s no small accomplishment I don’t think.

However, if you want to get everything you need with just one package and have your entire home surveilled, you should go with the Zosi Security System which includes 8 Zosi cameras and everything else you need to completely secure your home.

Overall Impressions

zosi outdoor night vision security camera reviewBuying a home security camera is definitely anticlimactic when they work well, because I really have nothing much to say about it other than it seems to be doing its job. 

On the nights were I’m extra paranoid, thinking I heard something, I have actually gone and watched the footage just to see, and the only thing I’ve seen is a dog and a racoon one time. 

So nothing exciting, but that’s I guess the only proof I need that this Zosi security camera is doing its job. 

It makes me want to get myself a job as say a mall security guard, because now I can really imagine how boring that job would be one a good night where there’s no trouble.

I shall conclude by saying that I would recommend this Zosi outdoor security camera, as well as the whole Zosi camera system, as I went in with somewhat low expectations in terms of the quality it would provide, and was pleasantly surprised. 

I knew the whole set-up was going to cost me, and it did cost a fair bit to take care of everything, but now I must say I feel a lot more secure than I did before, and you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Check the price of the Zosi Security Camera on Amazon

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