LaView IP Camera PoE NVR Home Security System Review

by Robert Fox

In this review, we are going to check out an IP security system which comes from one of the more well-respected home security brand names - Laview.

This product is currently enjoying some popularity among users, so in this Laview review we are to take a closer look.

LaView is an innovative tech company that sells complete surveillance systems, as well as surveillance security cameras, security NVRs, DVRs, security alarm systems for both home and business purposes etc. and they are masters of their craft.

2MP IP Security Camera System, Laview 8 Channel Video NVR Recorder with 2TB Hard Drive, 4 Bullet and 2 Dome 1080p Waterproof IP66 CCTV Indoor/Outdoor Home Surveillance System with 100ft Night Vision
2MP IP Security Camera System, Laview 8 Channel Video NVR Recorder with 2TB Hard Drive, 4 Bullet and 2 Dome 1080p Waterproof IP66 CCTV Indoor/Outdoor Home Surveillance System with 100ft Night Vision

To gain a better insight into this particular 8 camera / 16 channel security system, we've checked into public reaction to this system, and the bottom line that this system has mainly positive feedback from customers and users of the system.

Purchasing such an extensive system such as this one by LaView can truly add a great deal of security to your home or business, but read on to find out the nitty gritty details of the system to see if its entirely right for you.

Laview Ip Camera Security System
Laview Ip Camera Security System

Main Features

  • 8 indoor/outdoor security cameras providing Full HD 1080P image
  • Remote and live view in high resolution via your smartphone, tablet
  • Playback
  • 16 channel network video recording (NVR) and Ethernet ports
  • Included 3TB surveillance hard drive that can be extended up to 24TB
  • Night vision up to 100 feet
  • Free LaView app
  • 3D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) provides clearer image and playback
  • Weatherproof cameras with IP66 rating
  • 4 SATA interfaces available
  • Dual systems that offer high stability and reliability
  • Supports the latest version of Internet Protocol (IPv6)

Mix & Match

LaView 8 1080P IP Camera Security System Review
LaView 8 1080P IP Camera Security System Review

This system comes with 8 cameras, and can easily provide remote-controlled monitoring of your entire property.

This particular system by LaView consists of 4 bullet and 4 dome cameras, but there are other configurations to choose from, like choosing a system of 8 bullet cameras, or a system with 10 cameras (6 bullet and 4 dome cameras) or 12 cameras (6 bullet and 6 dome, or 12 bullet cameras).

LaView has made this system very customizable to the user, so this is a plus if you want to mix and match different camera combinations.

Simple Installation and Setup

LaView 8 camera security system comes with everything you need to install and mount the cameras, including 8 cables, each long 100 feet.

Customers report that this initial process is quite straightforward and simple as it is a plug and play system, so you shouldn't have any problems with it.

This easy installation makes it a great choice if you are choosing your first home security system.

Laview Security System Installation Setup
Laview Security System Installation Setup

The set-up itself is made easy by being almost totally automatic, so once you connect the cameras the IP addresses will be automatically assigned to each camera.

You will only need the on screen menu for the basic and most important setting, although there are many additional features and customizations that you can access by logging into the individual cameras through the internet using your default IP address.

User Gripes

We must say, a few customers have pointed out some potential disadvantages here which are in the form of the tiny set of screws that comes with the package.

These are designed for securing the camera to the stud which mounts to the base.

Some customers on the Amazon review page for this system say that they might not provide a solid-enough mounting, so the best thing to do here is to use a tiny Phillips screwdriver to tighten up the small screws as much as you can to ensure their stability.

Laview Ip Camera Cord
Laview Ip Camera Cord

Another thing worth noting is that all of the 8 cables are long 100 feet, but it might have been better if they had different lengths- for example 6 with 100 feet, 1 with 50 and one with 200 feet length.

This is a minor complaint, if you can consider it that.


These cameras featured as part of this LaView system have an IP66 weatherproof rating, meaning they are "dust tight" and protected against powerful jets of water.

The temperature range they can work perfectly is from -22 ° F to 140 ° F. Therefore, they can be used for both, indoor and outdoor purposes.

Laview NVR Review

Plug N Play Nvr
Plug N Play Nvr

This security system includes NVR as opposed to DVR.

For those not clear on the terminology, NVR is a device for recording digitized video IP streams, and it's considered to be more reliable and overall superior to DVR (digital video recorder) for the several reasons.

For example, NVR produces more detailed images, it is more flexible in terms of its application, higher availability, reduced time to repair, and it's also less expensive than DVR.

High Resolution Video

Laview Bullet Ip Cam
Laview Bullet Ip Cam

All 8 cameras provide full HD 1920 x 1080P resolution, which makes it one of the best security systems that offer excellent video quality.

They provide clear and crisp images, even when zoomed completely.

Clear Night Vision

The daytime vision is outstanding, but thanks to the 30 Infrared lights you won't miss any detail even in total darkness.

You will get clear images at distances up to 100 feet.

What's more, you will be able to see clearly even in environments with contrasting lighting conditions, thanks to the Wide Dynamic Range and the 3D Dynamic Noise Reduction.

Also keep in mind that the noise reduction might be turned off by default, so you can turn it on and tweak the noise reduction filter by logging into each camera via Internet Explorer.

Remote/Live View

You can always check the situation around your home even when you're not there, using only your smartphone or tablet.

All you need to do is download and install the free LaView Net app, and you will gain access to all of your cameras.

The app doesn't require monthly subscription fee. You can even watch at multiple cameras at once.

The quality of the video is equally clear for both local and remote view.

Motion Detection & Playback

A modern security system can't be without a motion detection feature.

As you may already know, this feature enables receiving notifications on your mobile device/tablet, whenever the cameras detect motion in view of the camera.

Not only that this LaView security system includes this feature, but it offers selecting specific areas of the camera's grid and informing you about movements that occurred only in the selected areas.

Not only that, but you can also select areas that you wish the cameras to ignore. For example, you can omit the tree in your yard to avoid receiving alerts about the movement of its leaves.

In this way, you will save more space for recording. Very innovative!

The excellent playback feature will save you time by automatically skipping the unimportant events until it finds a significant one.

In this way, you will find what you're looking for much quickly, instead of wasting hours and hours looking at footage until you check for some event.

The smart search makes looking for some event much less frustrating and time-consuming. Customers praise this feature, as do we.


The system has built-in 3 TB surveillance hard drive, but you can add more hard drives to expand the storage up to 24 TB.

Overall Thoughts

Across the board, the LaView security system has proved itself to be a very dynamic and dependable home / business security solution.

It can't be described as "inexpensive", but the features and quality it offers are ones which should be included in every modern security system nowadays and so we think it's definitely worth the money.

We hope our Laview security system review helped you learn more about this product. We highly recommend it and give it a solid 4.5 STARS!



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