How to Use a Kubotan Keychain Stick and Self-Defence Spike

Have you been looking for a new self-defense weapon? If so, you may want to take a look at a Kubotan keychain. The Kubotan keychain is similar to a tactical pen, but it actually derives from the Japenese Yawara stick and is sometimes called a self-defence spike.

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The Kubotan can be a very effective means of self-defence if you know how to use it the right way. Let’s break down what you need to know when buying and using a Kubotan keychain.

How to Use a Kubotan Keychain

If you don’t know how to use a Kubotan keychain you are simply just holding a small metal stick. While that could still be useful knowing how to use it correctly will make all the difference. This is not a self-defence weapon that you just purchase and effectively use immediately. You need to familiarize yourself with the tactics to use it and practice.

how to use a kubotan keychain for self defence

Stances to Use

The stance that you are able to use when using the Kubotan is going to be dependent on where your attacker is. Your stance will also help determine how you are going to be able to use the self-defense weapon and what grip will be best. Here are the two stances you will use:

  1. Low Concealment = This is when the Kubotan is in your hand and held down at your side. When you are in the low concealment stance you are able to hide the Kubotan in your hand. Your other hand is also free to use as you need to in the situation.
  2.  High Concealment = When your attacker is close to you, within hitting range, you can use this stance to have your arms up to use either to block or hit with. Keep your free arm in front of the hand that you are holding the Kubotan in. This will help you conceal the weapon while putting your hands in a position that allows you to react quickly.

How to Hold a Kubotan Keychain

The first step of knowing how to use a kubotan keychain is knowing how to hold it. There are several different grips you can use to use this weapon effectively.

  1. Hammer Grip – Just like it sounds you hold the Kubaton like you would a hammer.
  2. Ice Pick Grip – Similar to if you were holding an ice pick.
  3. Center Point Grip – Hold the Kubotan in the middle allowing a little to stick out on either side of your hand.

There are also slight variations of these grips that you can use. For example, the first is the Reinforced Ice Pick. You do the typical ice pick grip and then place your alternate hand flat on top of the hand holding the Kubaton.

Your grip strength matters when you are using a Kubotan. You need to be able to securely keep a firm grip because there is always the risk of losing hold of the Kubotan. If this happens it can be used against you by your attacker.

It is easiest to keep hold of the Kubotan when gripping it in your fist instead of holding it in a position that allows you to jab with it. When you hold it in your fist it also allows you the option to use your fist to punch as well.

Areas to Target

The good news is a Kubotan can hurt anywhere you use it, however, knowing the key areas to target will make a big difference. A Kubotan does not need to be used on a pressure point to be effective. But, if you do use it on a pressure point you can have faster results in stopping your attacker.

Hitting a pressure point can cause a stunning effect, extreme pain, disrupt balance, and cause the attacker motor dysfunction. It can even result in immediate loss of consciousness.

Other than pressure points, you want to look for areas where the bone is closest to the skin. These areas will be more sensitive to the hit from the Kubotan. Other areas to look for will be areas that will force the attacker to take their mind of attacking you for a moment. Here are the areas you want to target if you can:

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Throat
  • Base of skull
  • Collar bone
  • Sternum
  • Solar plexus
  • Groin
  • Spine
  • Elbows
  • Hands

how to use a kubotan keychain stick

Best Kubotan Keychains on the Market

Kubotans are one of the most affordable self-defense weapons that are available. There are not a lot of bells and whistles that come with a Kubotan, but you do want to make sure that you are buying one that is good quality. Here are some of the highest reviewed Kubotans on the market:

FURY Tactical Self Defence Keychain with Pressure Tip

This Kubotan is formed with finger grooves that will help you be able to keep a good grip on the weapon if you need to use it. And, it only weighs one ounce which makes it easy to carry on your keychain and have ready when you need it. It also has more of a pointed tip on the end, something that not all Kubotans have.

FURY Tactical SDK (Self Defense Keychain) with Pressure Tip

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This Kubotan is slightly thicker and more solid than the previous one. Some prefer the slightly thicker design over the finger grip version.

SPHTOEO Keyring aluminum Blunt Force

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Street Smart Self Defense Spike Keychain

This Kubotan adds the option of metal prongs that will stick out between your fingers. This gives you an added benefit when using the weapon with both a jabbing and punching movement.

Street Smart Self Defense Spike Keychain Black

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Key Takeaways

If you are interested in purchasing a Kubotan to use for your personal security and safety here are your key things to remember:

  • You need a good grib to use it effectively and not drop it.
  • You need to know how to hold it.
  • Learn what areas to target.
  • Watch videos and practice what you watch. You need to know how to use the Kubotan

If you are interested in other self-defense weapons then check out our guide here.


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