SABRE Red Pepper Gel Review

by Robert Fox

If you have been reading our site for a while, you might remember a review of the SABRE 3-in-1 pepper spray. SABRE is a big name in the pepper spray business, and is generally seen as reliable by its customers.

Their slogan is "Making grown men cry since 1975", which is great news, considering the grown men in question are almost always criminals hoping to do harm to innocent people. Make 'em weep, we say!

When you are looking for a pepper spray product, blinding and severely disorienting your attacker is generally what you want. The spray previously reviewed is one of the best on the market.

So, today we are going to take a look at another one of their products - SABRE Red Pepper Gel.

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Sabre Red Pepper Gel Spray - Police Strength

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Self Defence Expert Matt DiPietro Weighs In On Pepper Spray

Self Defence Expert Matt DiPietro Weighs In On Pepper Spray
Self Defence Expert Matt DiPietro Weighs In On Pepper Spray

While pepper spray is commonly purchased these days and thought of as an effective weapon used in self-defence, not everyone is quick to recommend pepper spray. This includes many people in the field of self-defence.

As part of this post, we thought it only fair to get the opinion of someone who works in the self-defence field - Matt DiPietro, owner of MA Fitness with 4 locations in Colorado and West Central FL.

Matt DiPietro
Matt DiPietro

Matt is a certified COBRA Self Defence Instructor, Kickboxing Certified Instructor, MMA Conditioning Specialist (NASM) and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Community Health Education/Kinesiology.

When we asked him what his take was on pepper spray, we weren't sure which we he'd go, for or against.

Here is what he says:

"MA Fitness teaches a reality-based self defence system called COBRA Self Defence. It focuses in on how civilians can better protect themselves from real world threats, criminals or bad guys and bridges the gap for those individuals not looking for a traditional black belt program. Nationally certified instructors train with former law enforcement on several issues like Personal Defence, Active Shooter Response and Self Defence Weapons.

When it comes to self defence weapons like pepper spray, we encourage users to understand that it may not be enough to stop the threat. Many individuals rely on a single tactic or tool to feel safe when a more comprehensive option is best. There is no harm in arming yourself with pepper spray but you must know how it works, have it easily accessible, and be able to deploy it effectively like any other weapon.

In our experience, pepper spray is a substance that many criminals have already come in contact with through being in the criminal justice system. Even police officers must get sprayed with pepper spray and then complete a gauntlet of tasks so fighting and accomplishing a mission for a bad guy is not out of the question even if you deploy the canister correctly. As with any weapon, there are certain movements you must practice to be effective in close quarters combat so we encourage individuals to practice drawing from an accessible place and visualizing use. Also, check the expiration date of your pepper spray! They do expire."

Thanks Matt!

This is important information to keep in mind when deciding on what type of, and even if at all, you want to be arming yourself with pepper spray.
That said, let's continue with our analysis of the SABRE Red Pepper Spray.

SABRE Red Pepper Gel vs. Pepper Spray

When you use pepper spray one of the things you need to be concerned about is that if you're not well trained, or it's windy, you could end up spraying yourself in the process of trying to effectively use the spray.

This is, of course, a huge concern when you are being attacked. If you end up getting it on yourself, this is not only going to make things worse, it might reverse your chances of getting free of a situation.

With pepper spray, you want to hit your target, and then get out of there.

SABRE Red Pepper Gel helps remove your chance of the product spraying back at you. The formula disperses from the canister as a gel instead of a misting spray.

Sabre Red Pepper Gel
Sabre Red Pepper Gel

It still sprays out of an aerosol canister but is much thicker. Some users have described it as similar to spraying out silly string from a can.

When it hits your attacker it is going to stick to their skin and clothing, disorienting and partially immobilizing them, so you can get away.

Spraying distance

While SABRE 3-in-1 Pepper Spray has a spraying distance of 10 feet, SABRE Red Pepper Gel can spray up to 18 feet. This can be a big advantage in many ways, allowing you those precious seconds to deploy the spray and get ready to use it.

The further away you can stay from your attacker, whether human or animal, the better your chances are of walking away unharmed.

Police Strength Pepper Spray
Police Strength Pepper Spray

After researching further, it was found that some people say it did not reach the full 18 feet when sprayed, but then we have to take into consideration everyone's level of training with the spray.

Our recommendation is to run through a practice scenario several times until you feel comfortable using the spray. This way you can get a sense of how far you can launch it, and how good your target practice is.

How to use

As soon as you purchase pepper spray or pepper gel the first thing you want to do is familiarize yourself with how to use it. As we've said, you don't want to be fumbling around with it in a dangerous situation.

This product has a flip top lock to help eliminate accidentally spraying it. When you are ready to use the product your thumb simply flips up the top to rest on the button.

It can easily be done in one swift movement quickly when you need to use the product.

Here's a video to give you some visuals on how this pepper spray can and should be used, courtesy of SABRE Red.

This video basically gives you a working demo as to how this spray can be used. As your attacker is coming towards you, aim the canister at their face and spray in a side-to-side motion across their face.

Ideally, you want to hit them all the way from one ear to the other, crossing their eyes. However, even if you aren't able to do all this they will still be affected.

If the attacker is wearing glasses they will still be affected as it will burn on their skin and possibly be able to run down into their eyes.

A study by the University of Utah found that other pepper sprays have a 30% failure rate. SABRE works hard to eliminate a failure rate with their product.

They develop and test their formula with each product at their in-house high-performance liquid chromatography lab, before shipping it out.

SABRE products are strong and reliable. That is why they are the #1 brand trusted by police around the world.

SABRE Support

Training is key when using pepper spray. You want to be familiar with using it, even though the product is relatively easy to use.

The majority of the time if you need to use pepper spray or pepper gel it is going to be a situation where you need to use it quickly. It is not the right time to figure out how to use it for the first time.

SABRE Red Pepper Gel comes with access to training videos to show you how to use it in the most effective way. You can also check out the SABRE Red Youtube Channel.

SABRE Support
SABRE Support

Take the time to watch some videos and learn the best way to use it. Many people even recommend purchasing two so you can use one to test with and one to carry in case you need it.

Why People Use SABRE Red Pepper Gel

1. It works

There are very few complaints from purchasers about this product not being effective in either the power of the spray or the strength of the formula. There are countless videos on YouTube where you can watch what the pepper gel does when sprayed on someone.

2. Law enforcement officers use it

Part of going through the police academy is being both tased and pepper sprayed. Ask any police officer which one they would rather go through again?

From what we've seen, officers said they would rather go through tasing any time over sprayed with pepper spray. SABRE is one of the brands chosen by police officers and military personnel. If they can trust it, you know you can trust it.

Of course, there are always caveats, and you must be aware of those as well.

3. It's inexpensive

It is inexpensive enough that you really don't have an excuse not to carry it.

4. It helps you protect yourself

Hopefully, you will never need to use it, but if you do you will be thankful you have it.

You can use it if you are being attacked by a person or animal. This formula is as strong as the low end of bear spray lines. Bear spray is commonly 10x as strong as regular pepper spray.

Just like the SABRE 3-in-1 Pepper Spray, SABRE Red Pepper Gel is an effective product that will help you protect yourself. For other Pepper Spray reviews check out this article.

Sabre Advanced Pepper Spray For Runners With Adjustable Hand Strap - 3-In-1
SABRE Red Pepper Gel Review
SABRE Red Pepper Gel Review

Sabre Red Pepper Gel - Police Strength With Flip Top For Safe
SABRE Red Pepper Gel Review
SABRE Red Pepper Gel Review

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Rob Fox is a former hydro worker who used to teach self defence in Miami for 10 years. He's currently enjoying his retirement, playing cribbage and golf with his buddies, locksmithing and home security in his spare time. Rob is an avid reader, and has even written a few books on the subject of self defence.

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