7 Yappy Dogs That Might Make Good Guard Dogs

So, you’re looking for a guard dog that can protect your home in case of an intruder?  

Well, there are two ways you can go on this one.  One is to get yourself a big aggressive dog and train it well.  

yappiest dogs in the world

Another option is to get a yappy dog.  If you train one of these little yappers properly, they won’t bark at you or your family members, but if someone is trying to break in, one of these dogs might just be the best possible alarm system you can get.  They sure know how to bark, and most of these breeds do not like strangers and will let everyone know it.

We have put together a list of 7 of the yappiest dogs out there that you can consider as potential guard dogs if you are willing to train it properly, as well as deal with some of these little dogs’ shall we say “big” personalities…


#1 – Lhasa Apso

  • Breed originating in Tibet that used to guard temples
  • Ancient guard dog that takes its job very seriously
  • Napoleon complex
  • Intelligent and can be trained to obey (sit, beg, heel) with persistence
  • Can be very loyal once it gets used to you
  • Can be very standoffish with strangers and surprisingly nippy with kids
  • Looks like a Shih Tzu
  • High energy dog
  • Bite really hurts
  • Loud disruptive bark

#2 – Jack Russell Terrier

  • AKA Jack Russell Terrorist
  • Described as “energetic”
  • The breed originated as farm dogs with jobs to do
  • Always moving / never sits still / needs lots of exercise to spend all that energy
  • Loves to chew on things
  • Notoriously hard to train
  • Gets restless and irritable often
  • High drive to catch prey
  • Will take on dogs much bigger than itself, loves to get into dog fights
  • Always acting like the alpha dog in any group
  • Acts kind of like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas
  • Not a lot of patience for kids
  • Start training early
  • LOVES to bark at things

#3 – Beagle

  • Known at the definitive hunting dog
  • Used for many policing purposes from drug and weapons sniffing to all purpose airport security dogs
  • Naturally trained to catch scents and seek out the source of it
  • Owners need to be patient when training a beagle
  • Hard to take for walks (smells everything)
  • High prey drive chasing smaller animals
  • Can be aggressive towards strangers if not trained well early on
  • Can be very good with kids if trained well
  • Owners and members of family need to put beagles in their place so they don’t question authority
  • Hard to ignore howling, yowling, and barking

#4 – Chihuahua

  • One of the smallest dogs that can also be very aggressive
  • Lightweight pooch – most are under 10 pounds
  • Napoleon complex – sees itself as an alpha
  • Coddling your chihuahua will only make things worse in terms of its behavior
  • Will challenge bigger dogs, and humans too
  • Owners must assert leadership early and socialize this breed of dog
  • Can become extremely protective of their owner (who they think they own)
  • Can be aggressive towards everyone but their owner
  • Loves to bark at strangers and in general

#5 – Shiba

  • Small but strong for its size, with powerful jaws
  • Breed originates from Japan where it was used to hunt in mountain regions
  • Always has a lot of energy
  • Self-cleaning and can even house train themselves
  • Very independent and can be on their own, like cats
  • Known for taking on bigger dogs and winning
  • Loves a good belly rub
  • When they want attention, they get it
  • They don’t particularly like other breeds of dog
  • Strong prey drive
  • If they’re concerned about a visitor, they’ll let you know
  • Have their well known “Shiba scream”

#6 – Boston Terrier

  • Small bundle of muscles with long tongues and buggy eyes
  • Known for territorial behavior
  • Purebreds subject to a range of health problems, including breathing issues due to their smushed in face
  • Breathing difficulties lead to panting, mucus build up
  • Easy to train
  • Eager to please their owner, which they think means barking at everyone who comes by
  • At one point their breed was used to hunt vermin, and so when they see small things their instinct is to chase and catch it

#7 – Pomeranian

  • Little balls of fur that have always been loved by royalty like Queen Victoria (who helped popularize the breed globally)
  • Very popular in the U.S.A.
  • Need to be trained early on to break bad habits like barking and whining
  • Considered a “toy” dog
  • Loves the attention of people
  • Mischievous – will play tricks like hide or play dead for attention
  • Will play with your emotions
  • Known barker that will bark non-stop for a long time to the annoyance of many




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