Schlage Vs Weiser Locks

schlage vs weiser review

The demand for better security and quality residential and commercial lock hardware from consumers in an increasingly competitive market means that home security companies need to step it up now more than ever before.

The top manufacturers are constantly working to invent the best solutions for their potential customers, what with the advent of smart technology that is, in 2016, now an omnipresent part of the marketplace.

Due to this competitive landscape and the increasing number of innovations, the customer, luckily, gets to reap some of the benefits of this outstanding technology as the prices slowly come down and become more affordable.

Schlage, Weiser, Kwikset, Lockstate, Yale, Samsung are just some of the lock brands that we talk about on this website, but as many of us know, the list goes on and on.

schlage vs weiser lock review

In this article are going to compare the 2 oldest and most reputable door hardware brands currently on the market, and these are Schlage and Weiser. Although they have secured their high places in the market, they don’t stop inventing and introducing new products.

weiser vs schlage lock review

Its true enough if we say that both brands are synonymous when speaking about security, quality, durability, and style.

High-quality residential locks are what Weiser is known for, while the durable commercial door hardware is clearly pointing to Schlage, although they also make several residential models as well. 

Both of these brands offer a wide range of locks in all types of styles which offer different security levels. That said, consumers shouldn’t have any problem finding the lock that suits them best.

So when it comes to Schlage vs Weiser, the question is often asked: who makes the better lock – Schlage or Weiser?  First we will look at the industry leader…

Schlage Locks

walter schlage

First, a bit of background.  Schlage was founded by a German inventor and engineer named Walter Schlage, who started this brand in 1920 in the same place as Weiser, which is to say, California.

The first shop he opened was in San Francisco, and by the end of 1920s it already became a large business. 

Over the years, Schlage refined their technologies and now, almost a century later, Schlage is basically the biggest name in locks.

Shclage Touch Camelot Deadbolt BE375 CAM 609

Schlage locks are attractive, sturdy with heavy, metal construction and an anti-pick shield for top-notch security.

Thanks to the Schlage patented Snap and Stay TM technology, these locks are super easy to install.  Many of them have a bit of a retro look, such as their popular Schlage Connect Camelot (read our review), which seamlessly combines a classic with a more modern look.

There are many types of Schlage locks, but their Primus, Everest, and Primus XP keyways provide highest security level.

Schlage Everest Keyway

Although Schlage Everest keyways operate like regular pin-and-tumbler locks, they have additional sidebar operated by a side pin, which prevents plug rotation and has an Everest key for its operation.

One lock with this type of Everest keyway is the Schlage S210PD SAT 626 S.

Check price of Schlage S210PD on Amazon

Schlage Everest Primus Keyway

schlage primus

The Schlage Everest Primus keyway is the updated version of Everest keyway. Besides the main locking mechanism, these locks have a secondary sidebar lock operated by additional five finger pins alongside the regular six pin cuts.

schlage everest primus

Primus locks can’t be operated by different keys other than Primus, while Primus keys can operate non-Primus locks.  A newer version of the Primus is the Primus XP keyways which has tiny modified design.

Almost every locksmith who provides key-cutting services can cut and copy your regular keys. However, this is not the case with Primus or Everest keys.

These keys can’t be that easily copied by ordinary locksmiths. This is a great feature for everyone seeking higher security and without the need for multiple keys copied.

Schlage SecureKey Technology

Schlage also introduced their SecureKey technology which resembles the SmartKey of Weiser, as we will talk about.

This development was not surprising, since both brands are always striving for  the most secure solutions and great minds often think alike.

This technology is one such innovation which offers more added layer of security for the Schlage users.

The customers will be able to re-key their lock without the assistance of a locksmith and without even taking the deadbolt away of the door.  

This is one feature that most people look for when choosing a lock, and, aside from going completely keyless, this is a great option for home and business owners.

Schlage Connect & Touch

As any other market, the deadbolt lock market is ever-evolving and changing, which means these companies are constantly inventing, upgrading, and introducing new products in line with the needs of their customers.  

With the introduction of Schlage Connect and Schlage Touch electronic locks, Schlage entered the keyless era. These types of locks are operated by an individual code that needs to be pressed onto the illuminated 10-number touchpad.

In addition, Schlage Connect has built-in alarm with 3 different modes, alerting you when someone tries to enter your home.

The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is another electronic keyless deadbolt, which, in 2016, now has been once again upgraded to include new and exciting features. 

The truth is these kinds of Schlage keyless locks will save you some time and energy, and they are resistant to being picked by conventional means.

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Schlage Control

At the 2016 International CES tradeshow, Schlage showcasted their new Smart Lock called Schlage Control Smart Deadbolt

Because they are the biggest and the best in the security industry, Schlage never seems to stop inventing new products that amaze us with their ingenuity.

Weiser Locks

schlage vs weiser A European craftsman started the Weiser brand back in 1904 in California.

He was first crafting fancy locks that were well ahead of their time for Hollywood, and once the Weiser company was beginning to attract more and more attention, it started making locks for local residences, thus making it more popular in the California area by 1950s.

After the company opened up another factory in Burnaby, BC, it quickly became Canada’s industry leader by 1954.

weiser locks brillianceIn 1995, Weiser introduced their Brilliance anti-tarnish finish, which was an innovation specifically aimed at the Canadian market.

brilliance by weiser locks

While not a step forward in the technology of the locks themselves, clearly Weiser were thinking unilaterally in terms of anything they could do to improve their product. 

Needless to say, where ever there were residences with locks afflicted by Winter woes, those residents became instant fans of the Weiser Brilliance.

And so, the great minds at Weiser found a solution for the harsh Canadian weather which can be pretty much detrimental for the ordinary door hardware.

This finish prevents the material of the door hardware from dis-coloration and corrosion.

This qualified, at the time, as a big step forward for Weiser as they had the equivalent of a “hit” on their hands.

As it happens, the Brilliance finish is a lifetime anti-tarnish finish that protects Weiser locks from harsh weather conditions such as harmful UV rays, extreme cold, high humidity.

One such lock is the Weiser 9471 Elements Single Cylinder Deadbolt US3.

Weiser SmartKey Locks

smartkey schlage vs weiser bumpguard

As the demands of customers for much higher security locks increased, the standard pin-and-tumbler locks were improved upon by another innovation by Weiser in 2006 – SmartKey locks.

One year later this innovative product was also introduced in USA by Kwikset, which is Weiser’s sister company.

SmartKey locks have a new side locking bar technology that provides loads more security than regular pin-and-tumbler locks.

As an addition, they also have BumpGuard giving protection against lock bumping, unlike the standard pin-and-tumbler locks which are not immune to certain types of brute force attacks.

Weiser SmartKey Re-Keying Technology

rekeying schlage vs weiser

Another advantage of the SmartKey is the ability to do re-keying of the lock yourself.

You’ll get a SmartKey tool that comes with this type of locks, which will enable you to do this re-keying as many times you need within couple of seconds.

This feature is nice to have when moving in, upon lost or stolen keys, and even if your keys were used by some home renovation workers.

You can even re-key all of your Weiser locks to one key, and thus avoid carrying many keys.

So, you will be able to lock and unlock all of your doors, such as the front, back, garage, or any other door in your home with just one key, thus making life a bit easier.

kevo kwikset schlage vs weiser

For even higher security and added convenience, Weiser introduced an electronic deadbolt with a touchpad – the Weiser PowerBolt.

It opeartes on 4 AA bateries and doesn’t require any wiring.

These PowerBolt deadbolts are easy to install, and similar to all electronic locks out there are operated by a personal code which can be easily changed at any time.

One such lock is the Weiser GED1460X 3BR SMT MS RLR2 Powerbolt.

Check the price of the Weiser Powerbolt on Amazon

Weiser Smartcode 10 Review

screenshot_3The sleek metal design and resistant interior cover offer enhanced quality of this small, yet strong Weiser single-cylinder deadbolt.

Its unique design allows misaligned doors lock without pushing or pulling your door shut. The interior part is unobtrusive, and can easily fit any home interior.

The Weiser Smartcode 10 has a capacitive touchscreen display, which means it can be controlled with light touches of a finger, and not with gloved hand or mechanical stylus.

This adds to the security of the deadbolt, as possible intruders won’t be able to use the display if wearing gloves or something similar to avoid leaving their fingerprints.

You can use up to 16 different access codes, which is quite convenient if you have big family, or many close friends that you like to give access to your home.

This deadbolt has patent pending security feature – SecureScreen™ thanks to which user codes can’t be revealed by analyzing fingerprints on screen.

It also has SmartKey® re-key technology with BumpGuard™ protection. 

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Weiser Kwikset Kevo

One final Weiser innovation we will share with you today is the Kwikset Kevo, a lock operating on wireless technology for highest security and convenience. 

The one thing you’ll need to have to use this lock is a smartphone and the Kevo app available for both Android and Apple devices, or a wireless fob that goes with each Kevo lock.

This lock requires no keys or code making it super easy to use as well as super secure.

Summary of Schlage vs Weiser – Weiser vs Schlage

Over the past couple of years, both Schlage and Weiser have been busy inventing and giving their customers top-notch quality and secure door locks. 

Their constant innovations contributed a lot for the overall safety of their customers’ homes, thus easing their everyday lives.

Being at the very top of door lock brands, you can take both Schlage and Weiser locks in consideration when choosing a lock for your purposes. 

Just don’t forget that you are probably not going to succeed in re-keying Schlage with Weiser keys and vice versa, since their keyways are different.

This said, you can feel secure in using either one of these brands, depending on what you need.

After all, choosing the right residential or commercial lock means things will be easier for your home or business, so be sure to do your research!

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